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June 08, 2005


Thanks for this item goes to a Mr. Bill Hudgins, who (perhaps unwisely, should he hold hope that he may ever be involved in any way with a woman) stated: It's nice to know it really is the woman's problem...


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I always blamed it on my JEANS....(guess I oughtta take em off first...)


How did they test how long it took women to orgasm? ...wish I could have been in on this study... (it was obvious but it had to be said.)

Eric, they measured how long each sex spent in the orgasmatron.

"Males are also quicker at 2.5 minutes, while the average time it takes for a woman to reach orgasm is 12 minutes,... "

Amazing. In a conversation, Women don't get to the Point any quicker either.

AAAaahhhh, YES!

*smokes a cig*

igloo ~ b!te me. :)
Hows that for getting to the point quickly?

Robert F.T.w.
We know you're not kidding. All of the Bloglettes have one and some have two. Just in case of Malfunction.

Your lover is spent and is gone
You lay there and wonder what's wrong
It's all in a gene
Says your doctor who's keen
To sell you an Orgasmatron

Let's not leave this out:

Between 12 to 15 percent of women don't have orgasms compared to about 2 percent of men.

Given this, will women now actually start looking for those of us in the second percentile? Or have they always been, knowingly or not?

Also, it occurs to me that 13.5 is exactly between 12 and 15 and would probalby represent a better 'average' if those are indeed the numbers...

Will there be any leather involved?
Just asking.

igloo ~ yes.

" Little research has been done because it is still a taboo subject. " Finally something I am willing to donate my body to science for ..

Amazing. In a conversation, Women don't get to the Point any quicker either.

igloo - what neener said - hmmmph! And I always thought you liked women!

*puts igloo's name on The List*

.....and another thing:

We like to enjoy the journey!!!

*also puts igloo's name in The Book*

Not mentioned in the study is some men's genetic predickposition as cause for lack of female orgasm.
Size does matter, I know cause my (very happy) wife said so.

igloo ~

...and another thing

You may get there faster, but we can make return trips long before you can.

vic,...lol and l and l!

Yeah, igloo, what neener said.....

vic - too fabulous!! and how true!!!

neener, igloo,
Are we going to have to throw cold water on you two?

re: 2.5 min vs. 12 min - i forget the comic, but:

For Men: We see the finish line; we cross the finish line.

For Women: They see the finish line; they..oh, look, a butterfly...

re: 2.5 min vs. 12 min - i forget the comic, but:

For Men: We see the finish line; we cross the finish line.

For Women: They see the finish line; they..oh, look, a butterfly....

Twice, even.

Igloo must have touched a nerve! Must be a different gene, though, since it took more than 12.5 minutes to respond!

Thank-you sct72

Neener has whips and black leather,
And a full can of foam lather.
Does Neener decide, upon whose backside
are applied those thin strips of leather.

igloo ~ keep it up and it will take much less than the 12 minutes once things get serious. I think you're starting to make me all warm and tingly.
Which do you prefer btw?

igloo,...els' possee is thinkin' `bout the bucket o' tar..;)

motw...zat you?

*@%#...x an e

I venture to guess that it takes less than 12 minutes with their B.O.B. though!

You would be correct sct72.

Ermmm.. or so I've been told. Or read about. Or something.

Move along people. Nothing to see here.
Look! Something shiny→


BTW? I only get to choose one?
I like all three.
Bondage, Thongs & Whips!

Wearing them?


There once was a bloglette named Eleanor,
Who ganged up on poor Igloo with Neener,
Igloo was aware, That they would not dare,
Since his Crime was but a miss demeanor.

There once was an igloo, a blog dude,
Who's comments help put me inna good mood,
With Eleanor she teamed
Trying not to make igloo steamed,
But mostly she tried not to be lewd.

neener, igloo - Count me in!!! Can you say threesome???

And BTW, Bravo!!!!

Good one, Neener!

Threesome! WhooHoo

Lets see now. According to the referenced article, I only need 5 minutes. Right?

And Eleanor, since your in such a good mood, Don't...I REPEAT DO NOT read the Jamacian thread.


Ty *curtsies*

And if you only need 5, we need B.O.B. Can we call you Bob?

Threesome? Wooohooo!


ooh shiny!

*zips in with cast iron frying pan*
I didn't have to read the Jamaican thread, igloo - FCDA told me all about it!
Sooooo sorry!!!!

*bashes igloo on head*
*igloo loses consciousness*

neener, is there anyone worthy of us?????
*El puts on black lace teddy that igloo will never see*

*bashes igloo one more time and zips out*

Question: How does a real man know when his woman is satisfied?

Answer: A real man don't give a sh*t!!!

*looks down at igloo n shakes head sadly*
Ya shouldn't have done dat.

*chases after Eleanor of da sexy black teddy*

So ... is this where I go to get bashed over the head with a sexy black teddy ... ?

VictoriaE, That was hilarious, except it completely locked up my browser.

"So is this where I go to get bashed over the head with a sexy black teddy ?"

I'll have what he's having.

A delusion?

You can say that again, neener!!!! For sure!!!

Women, a poll: button or g-spot?


Thatta girl, neener!

*wonders what Balanchine has going on today that he needs this info for*

*wonders if it's connected to his name change to chocolate*
If I'm remembering that thread correctly.

chocolate + button and/or g-spot = ????????

(a good time???) *snork*

chocolate + button and/or g-spot + black lace teddy = a way good time

and something half the bloglits (of both genders and sexes[NTTAWWT])would pay to see.

Neener, Eleanor: you must both report for duty at my place immediately! All options to be explored. (I'll supply the chocolate)

Exactly what kind of chocolate are we talking about here? Nestle? Godiva?
We need the important facts here.

I won't report anywhere for cheap chocolate! And I don't think neener will either!!!!

We could start with Ritter Sport, Lindt vollmilch, Valrhona 66%, Cote d'Or, Scharffen Berger white, Galler pralines, Callebaut... heck, you can even have a nestles crunch if you want one.

neener - great site! The hose adds just the right touch! And I have the same leopard top as the first chick!!!

Balanchine - would the nestle crunch be the new kind with the slippery caramel in the middle???

And don't forget a big Hershey Kiss!

Eleanor, I'll provide the candy, you bring the slippery.

Neener: I did not understand the link. Guess I'm not fixated on shoes. I prefer toes.

Watch out! Be careful! It's dripping!

Ladies, I am officially a wreck. You have defeated me. An IV of Mexican cocoa while lying on a beach, attended naturally by the two of you, is all that will help at this point.

Oh, well, and maybe a margarita or three.

(must admit I'm curious about the fixation, neener... a hint?.... something PG?)

Balanchine - The last time I got "questionable content" was when I tried to post a link from Amazon.com -

just sayin'

Shoes? What shoes?

(Watch out! Be careful! It's dripping! ... LOL! ... and my comment on that would be ... um ... no, best not go there ...)

I fall deeper into non-understanding. But at least I have some lemon cake.

the shoes were at the south end of all those legs
(i realize that, being a male, U prolly didn't make it that far)

U.O. ~ I didn't comment on that one either. It was for the best. I don't think I can clean up my train of thought that well. Just follow the lovely legs to their termination. The southern end of them I mean. Yeah. That's the ticket.

Cake? You have cake Balanchine? And no offer to share?
*hairflip* Harsh.

I mentioned the cake only as consolation for my continued befuddlement. Of course I will share it!

Then you can have your cake and eat it too?

There are many things I could eat, and cake is one.

Feel free to elaborate on that...
*lascivious look*

I'm still waiting for my hint.

Ah, so. Me jodhpurs are jumping. I like cake, but I love pie.

jumpin' jodpurs!...pie!...(cherry i `spose)


y'all All need a spankin'!!!

neener --

It seems as if folks are still checking this thread, so I'll post despite the lateness of my reading ...

LOL!!! At both your "hint" and "these" ... of course, after I saw the "hint" I sorta knew what was going to appear (note: I did not say "coming" ) when I opened that one ...

And then there's all the rest of these lines ... again ... it's best that I do not (not knot -- altho we could tie some knots, and see what happens) think I should explore those possiblities ... except in the privacy of my own thoughts ... hmmmm ...

I use the venerable cat, neen.

And cyn, I will if you will.

U.O ~ Awwww.. come on, share with me.

Balanchine ~ I'm more of a dog (note I did not say doggie. Great restraint on my part I think) person myself.

Well I nevah!...ok, maybe once or twice.

and, Mr.B, i think your dalliance with such Scan'lous blogettes, who shall go unnamed,
("neener",El) hardly qualifies you for an
association with a throughly upstanding and
Decent lady such as myself!

besides i prefer a paddle.~;p

*sashays off Mae West style*

Neener, yes, that was a great restraint you linked to.

and Cyn - I'll take all, um, comers.

(hey, are we flirting with the first, poking stirrings of a new MOAT here?)

Flirting and poking... where ever shall we go from here?
*innocent look*

I say, flirt first, poke second. Heck, I'm fit to be tied over here.


balanchine said "tied"


*wandering around* what's that noise coming from that thread? Sounds like bedsprings or something

*pokes head in (hehheh)* This looks like my kinda place!

I believe the order I usually go in is flirt, poke, apologize profusely and promise I'll do better next time

Shall I tie you down then?

Joshkr!! You're d*mn straight you'll do better next time. Or you won't be invited back. Maybe I'll get out the special punishment toys.

Ooooh...the very special ones with all the straps?

It's becoming a group grope! Damn.... haven't had one of those since the 70s.

Straps and paddles and oils.. oh my.

Feel free to join right in then Balanchine if you're feeling nostalgic.

oils?....flavored?...*interest renewed*

can we invite Zorro?

(the Only Zorro...he of the Spanish accent...
but only if he's stopped hoiking up hairballs)


(musical thingy)
blurking, blurking, alone on the dead thread...
(musical thingy)

hmm...*goes off to watch Zorro for the upteeth time*

umpteenth time...sorry, get a little shakey when
i think of TOZ

Oh, go get a chat room...... sorry had to say it.

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