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June 26, 2005


Does anybody else see a resemblance between...

Naked Zorro...

Naked Zorro.jpg

and the Vulgar British Crazy Frog?


No? OK, neither do we.


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Dave, it's way too early to have to look at frog (um) danglers.

Dave, did you stand in line in the sun too long at Disneyworld?

We are just doing our part for law enforcement.

You have to wonder about those British. I don't believe that's an anatomically correct frog.

Dear Dave,

I think that frog might have a tumor on its abdomen.


Naked Zoro

It's not a too-muh!

-Crazy Frog

Hey! Crazy Frog looks like me! The buggy eyes... That thing dangling between his legs. Oh, you didn't know? That's why I ran away twice on my wedding day... The reason for my no sex before marriage rule... I'm really a poorly hung dude with buggy eyes and man breasts.


Jennifer Wilbanks.

Well, from the sketch of the truly ugly Naked Zorro, we can now be sure that it is NOT our beloved Zorro!


(G'mornin' El --)

Hey, I keep thinking these people need to take a remedial course in anatomy ... the British Frog (is than an oxymoron?) does not have a p*nis there, that's actually an "outie"-type belly button ...

You know, where the umbilical cord attaches to the ... um ... some girl's name here ... um ... Fallopia? ... no ... Placenta! Yeah, that's it! Where the frog was attached to his mommy's ... um ... um ...


Besides which already, I think that the British Frog (?) is really Jennifer Wilbanks in disguise ... look at those eyes !!!

Next week on Dave's Most Wanted he'll be providing our nation's Law Enforcement Community with striking images of Big Foot and M.J. Proving, beyond a doubt, that B.F. couldn't have anything to do with Ranchgate.

uh, slow news day, eh dave?

it is not a british frog by the way it is swedish.

That frog has two different colored eyes...like David Bowie. I'll bet he plays a mean "Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud."


That's my pen*s. Really. You need to take a basic course in anatomy. Frogs don't have umbillical chords. They develop from polywogs, which hatch from eggs.

Yours Truly,

Crazy Frog

It looks as if the two were separated at birth.

I didn't realize that frogs used pens.

If police are making veiled threats to take action against people using the zorro picture for fun, does that mean Dave's in trouble? If so, maybe someone should take a trip to an African bathroom and find some protection for Dave.

M/PA -
Yeah, they gotta use pens, 'cuz with pencils they might get carbonitis from the graphite ...

C.F. - I gnu that! I just wanted to see how well you've been paying attention ...

... and if they used crayons instead of pencils, the wax might clog their ears ...

Hmmm...is there a resemblance...well, neither of them have mullets...

The first one looks like a flea market S&M costume!

actually, dave, there isn't that much of a resemblance.

the frog's equipment is so much bigger than naked zorro's.

This has been your ....uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh post of the day.

Carry on...

thanks for THE Zorro fix:)

Officer Freaky Frog is the most truly obscene thing, and i am serious here, that i have EVER seen on this blog.
that's just all wrong.

Says Anne James, a Middlesborough mother of a 4-year-old: "It's vulgar and not anatomically correct -- frogs don't have a penis."

Frogs don't have penises?

Poor frogs.

Polly - I suggest we start a support group!

Waiterr! zis frog 'as three legs!
Non monsieur.

Then 'ow do u expain zis! [pointing)

waiter: *cough*

I'm surprised no one else has yet pointed out that "The Vulgar British Crazy Frogs" WBAGNFARB.

One more thing, U.O. If you look carefully about 50 pixels up my belly from the penis-like object in question, you can see that I have a very nice, tight, inny belly button.


Crazy Frog

Jeezly, C.F. -

My Bad! I din't have my reading glasses on, so I missed that part ... I am soooooooooooooooooo sorry ...

Jeezly, C.F. -

My Bad! I din't have my reading glasses on, so I missed that part ... I am soooooooooooooooooo sorry ...

Hope I din't cause any signficant embarrassment for you ...

Ok, maybe I'm nuts, but doesn't naked Zorro look like Keanu Reeves on a bad day? Which if it is, and he fixes himself up..he can chase me around while I call him Neo..haha

*streaks through again; gives Bangi a naked-noogie*

*streaks off into the sunset with his crazy frog dangling mightily in the breeze*

It kinda looks like Dave in the header logo!

Okay, I couldn't see the first picture but I can already imagine everything. Either way, I'll have my

I use the dick in porno

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