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June 27, 2005



(Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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Well, I was heading to Oregon...

Much better, Judi.
Now where did I put those brownies.

It's OK to burn drugs, just don't inhale.

- 13 tons of opium
- 9 tons of hashish
- 2 tons of heroin
- 6 tons of other drugs

Mix well, refrigerate for 8 hours. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Serves 10-12.

take DEEEEP breaths... oh wow.

"It said the stockpile was made up of:

13 tons of opium
9 tons of hashish
2 tons of heroin
6 tons of other drugs."

That represents about a week's supply for Keith Richards.

Sheen: “Drugs?”
Jeanie: “Thank you, no, I'm straight.”
Sheen: “I meant, are you in here for drugs?”
Jeanie: “Why are you here?”
Sheen: “Drugs.”

Why, Why, Why?????
Save the environment! Fires cause pollution!

*sends memo to Afghan govt offering to open distribution center*

Says they're making efforts to 'curb drugs trafficking.' Does this mean that the drugs have figured out how to eliminate the middle-man?

And afterwards, the entire nation went out for cheeseburgers.

"Meanwhile in Pakistan officials set light to a stockpile of seized hashish, opium poppies and heroin on Karachi beach."

They do that here in miami too.

Unfortunately within that 6 ton(ne)s of "other drugs" they found it included the country's yearly supply of Extra Strength PMS Excedrin®.

Not only are a lot of women extremely pissed off! But the men aren't dealing with it too well either.

kibby & dm, ROFL....

I'm thinkin' "...these drugs will never be injected into the arms of children on our streets..." -- isn't it a tad difficult to inject hashish? Other than that, a noble speech indeed. Unheard was Karzai muttering, "OK, now when the cameras are focused on the burn pile, get the good stuff on the plane, FAST!"

"Drugs Will Get You Thru Times of No Money Better Than Money Will Get You Thru Times of No Drugs"
(from a poster in Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comics)

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