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June 27, 2005


Now they're mailing hamsters.

Key Person Quoted: Wendy Barry of the British Hamster Association

Photo (of the hamster, not Wendy Barry) here.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Dave, what have you done to offend the British Post Office? When I first tried to comment, I was told my access was FORBIDDEN. Anyway, don't let my son see this website. He's been bugging me for a hamster for years.

My husband's grandmother thought she would mail him a souvenir from Florida once, so she put some hermit crabs in a envelope. The package reeked when it arrived, but it was still delivered. (neither rain nor snow, nor mighty stink shall delay us from our rounds...)

Those quirky British. Putting hampsters in posts. I can't understand why you would put a hampster in a post. A simple cage would be good enough.
Is this some sort of takeoff on a Bird House? Was the post big enough to have one of those round thingys hampsters exercise on? Was it a cedar post?

Igloo, your hamster has some pee in it.

I agree ,Jeff. The picture on the side is captioned 'Hamsters in 2004', but what do they look like now?

I find it a bit silly that the British even HAVE a Hampster Association. What's next, the Royal Cockroach Society?

Oh no wait, that's the Royal Family. My mistake.

The major deciding factor (IMHO):
Hamsters have a life span of 2 years. Will your child be ready to handle that event in 2 years?

"I find this utterly cynical. It could have ended up in the post box with no water or food."

Um, how is that cynical?


A lifespan of 2 years is unrealistic in my house; we have 2 cats and a dog. I refuse to buy a living playtoy for the cats.


When I'm oo-ing and ah-ing over birds, my friends will ask why I don't have them. My answer: That's a damned expensive lunch for my cats!

And even with the strongest cage, the poor things would have a nervous breakdown, being stared at all day, with malicious intint.

Oh, well, back to work...

*scrolling down to the second photo*

Awwww, he is that hamster's Jesus!

They could have at least used a box. Using an envelope practically guarantees a mechanical crushing.

Well, guess me mailing fish now wouldn't get quite the same press coverage now would it?

And I suppose the BHA's mascot is named Penfold?

i second your suggestion jeff. perfect. there's a british hamster association? good grief.

Hamsters are terribly twee,
As Britons and Yanks will agree.
There's no 'P' in their name,
No thanks just the same,
Next time mail them Priority!

Dave, don't you have relatives in the UK? And isn't her last name suspiciously like yours?

Hamsters are not the most rugged of the rodent species. Our hamster, Liberace, died after a bath during the blow dry portion of his makeover. Whereas, I caught a mouse in a mousetrap, who dragged himself and his trap through the kitchen all the way out the cat door.

Looks like a rat to me..
just sayin'

I once tried to mail a box of spaghetti using food stamps, but I've never done anything this stupid.

Aunt Nancy: I enjoyed your blog. Hope Carl is feeling better.

Chocolate seems to be a recurring theme...

Jeff - thank you. Carl is doing much better.


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