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June 23, 2005


It's all their fault!

(Thanks to George Spiggott)


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What an odd concept. Thoughts?

That's right, because children who grow up in poverty and have to make their own toys out of sharp sticks and petrified dog poop often grow up to be the best citizens of all.

It is a plot by the toy industry to cause a backlash!

Or maybe they figure that adults trying to make up what was taken away will be better customers in the long run.

Or MAYBE it is ananova.


Tamara, thanks for the therapy!

Oh, Deon! Almost a simul-post! So close!

If only you hadn't spell-checked...

If you take away their toys when they're little, it only will make them crave those Porsches that much more when they grow up.

And Hummers.

Yeah, so not the fault of parents. It must be the toys!!

They can take away my toys, if they must, in the interests of a better society, but they're not getting my drugs and alcohol.

Well, taking away the alcohol and drugs so the children wouldn't grow up in homes with alcoholics and addicts wouldn't be better because... um... adults have rights!

What's wrong with alcohol? And didn't Drugs win the War on Drugs anyway?

It's the capitalists that do the making and marketing of Care Bears that I want to see suffer.

So, toys at school are bad because they

1. allow the child to develope motor skills
2. improve the development of hand/eye cordination
3. stimulate the imagination

Ah, I see now! ALL of these are needed when consuming alcohol and taking drugs! Ok, I can see how this would reduce future dependencies.

They'll probably end up having urges for Legos well into their 50s.

Well I for one am grateful for yet another excuse I can use to not have to take responsibility for myself. (Will someone please grammar check this sentence for me?)

The subheading should be: 'Therapists Launch Plot to Increase Revenue'.

Not to mention the fact of 'Your parents are alcoholics, addicts, or both; now we are taking away your toys too.'

Daughter: (comes home crying) Mommy, the teacher took our toys away today!
Me: Why? Did someone in the class do something bad?
Daughter: (sniffle) No. She said it would help us learn better social skills and make us more independent because we have to entertain ourselves!
Me: So she thinks sending you home traumatized is going to make you more independent? This is what I pay taxes for? To have the school teach you better social skills by turning you into authority distrusting adults? Sheesh!
Daughter: Does this mean we can go to the toy store?
Me: (sigh) We might as well, since it looks like I'm going to start home-schooling you.

Wait a minute. When they want to cut down on gangs, what do they build? Basketball courts. But they take away the 5 year old's lego and barbies?

Something tells me they will revisit this in 10 years and do an oops! our mistake. It INCREASES drug and alcohol dependancy.

They forgot to realize that guys have a toy that can only be taken away by a surgical procedure..

I don't know about toys so much, but watching the Teletubbies or Boo-Bah (sp?) feels about the same as taking a couple of Oxycontin. Not that I would know or anything.

Same with Mr. Rogers.

Sounds like a sure fire way to ensure they become drug addicts.

That will be something - 'I was prevented from the happiness & enjoyment of playing with toys as a kid, so now I try to find artifical happiness & enjoyment.'

Wait a minute - I wonder if they ever took my toys away?

mudstuffin ~ I distinctly remember Mister Rogers putting me to sleep when I was a child. As an adult I never stood a chance.

To put the kids to sleep, I use the fuzzy headed painter hippy guy on PBS.

Kibby - my Mrs. still has Lego urges at that age, but she was denied drugs and alcohol as a child

Victoria, I was a huge fan of fuzzy headed painter guy. I think his name was Bob. I'm pretty sure he left this world and passed on to the next dimension at several years ago. I quote him every chance I get....

"I think I want a squirrel to live right here in my world"
"My world has a bright, happy sky"
"Lets put some happy trees right about here"

Sounds like fuzzy headed painter guy got to his world "with a little help from his friends!"

casey ~ I think "Bob" is right. I love the quotes.

I liked watching that show. It put the kids to sleep, and watching him paint was awesome. (That show is how I learned to paint trees. Take THAT, art school, TV learned me knowing stuff better!)


I LOOOOOVE those quotes! :)

*cheerfully remembering good ol' Bob*

This news has made me rethink the whole "taking candy from a baby" thing entirely. Now I'm going to do it every chance I get! And I'll do it gladly, firm in the knowledge that I'm doing all I can to create positive change in the world. Plus, it's free candy!


1. allow the child to develope motor skills
2. improve the development of hand/eye cordination
3. stimulate the imagination

yes, without toys you can learn all those things by hitting the other kids, improving your aim by throwing dirt clods at them, and thinking up new ways to humiliate others.

it's such fun to create your own activities on the playground involving your classmates.

and girls, try gossip!

kibbs...that was too profound.


Does this mean that I should rethink my plan to donate Xboxes and copies of Grand Theft Auto 3 to my local kindergaden?

I *knew* LionHeart was holding out on me!

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