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June 20, 2005



(Thanks to nigh on everybody)


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UGH! I'll stick to lye and a wire brush, THANK YOU!

"People with spare cash don't know where to put their money"

Well, heck, let me help out here. I'll be placing a tip jar at the end of my desk. Please feel free to place your spare cash in the jar.

I quite the humanitarian. Always willing to lend a hand to those with the cash to spare.

By the way: FIRST!!

Cash to throw away
Is it fat or is it soap?
My griddle is clean

Looks like the bidder got his ass handed to him... no wait.... he got SOMEONE's ass handed to him.

I wonder what scent the soap bar smells like.

I must say, this article does leave me with unanswered questions. What area was liposuctioned? Was the fat taken from the buttcheeks, stomach, flappy growths dangling from underneath arms, double chin, where? Does the soap have a pleasing fragrance that will invigorate me and leave me feeling oh so fresh? Is it lunch time yet?

I found a pretzel that looks like an angel. I want to sell it on eBay, but it needs publicity. Anyone able to get a story about it on CNN or in the Herald (hint hint)? I was an English major, so I can come up with some great details about it and how I found it.
I want to get on this "art" craze while I can. I miss the dot com boom, I don't wanna be left out in the cold for this one too.


She said Art, not D'Art.


Hey Lou, great minds think alike!

Thanks, judi. I just saved money on lunch.

So I guess franchised "Fight Clubs" are going to be the new "Curves"?

Guess I'm not old yet - this stuff still has the ability to amaze me...

There also is a musical being commisioned about this ...Its going to be a Soap Opera ...

Agreed Casey.

I'm a decorative artist. Therefore, my professional opinion of this work is...


BTW Sean - *snork*

Oh, man, I just ate lunch. I didn't need to come back to that.

"Art is probably at the moment in a bubble"

Then let him out!

*runs away*

Oddly enough, for some strange reason, this doesn't gross me out. Gotta admit, I didn't read the entire article. However, at least this art is clean.

Okay, bad joke. but considering that lately, Dave's been linking to poop-in-a-can-type art, this is somewhat decent.

Say...I need to lose a few pounds...and this just might be my ticket out of debt. The name Eau de Schadeboy has a nice ring to it...

lines from commercials that occur to me...

"Manly, yes, but I like it too."

"You're soaking in it (or him)."

If Clinton got lipo, you'd see
His commercial on late-night TV
"Watch me stain this blue dress
Then my soap cleans the mess.
To define the word 'clean' you need me!"

Gross me out!

This is why I only use bottled body wash....you just never know where that bar of soap has been (or been IN)

And may I just have this written into the record :


OWWWie. got soap in my eye.

judi, Thanks to nigh on everybody)

Nigh on? Did you hang out with the cousins from the country this weekend? And just thought I'd let you know, grammatically speaking, "Purtneer" goes before "nigh on".

Oops pardon me. My Kentucky roots are showing.

I am feeling much better about myself now that I realize my ass is an undiscovered masterpiece.

Crabby Appleton- LOL!

Casey, I'm with you. People who have that much money to spare need to give it to me. Perhaps I should take out a "pay my college tuition" add on e-bay like that other guy did.

dratted typo. Ad, I meant.

insom, The Clinton poem was funny enough to allow me to forgive you for beating me to the "Manly, yes..." line.

A fine example of when a winner is also a loser.

BTW shadeboy, the phrase is 'poop-on-a-stick'

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