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June 24, 2005


But inexplicably, we are too distracted to figure it out.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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That picture would look a lot better if he wouldn't wear his girlfriend's jewelry.

Uh... that's the point, Victoria.

Oh man. After skimming the article, I no longer find that man atractive. This is why I don't read. It ruins everything!

Lab ~ I actually knew that. I just couldn't find the sarcasm button on my keyboard. It's hard to get that across in writing, isn't it.

My solution is to read every comment in the blog as though it is sarcasm.

Where's sarcasmo when you need him?

i think he'd look better without the clothes...

I read thru every comment in the blog with my mind in the gutter

i think he'd look better without the clothes...

I read thru every comment in the blog with my mind in the gutter

Don't worry, Judi. If you read the whole thing - which you might have been too distracted to do - the only real evidence for these guys being girly-men seems to be that they'll wear the color pink and wooden bracelets their girlfriends give them. But aren't we really more concerned with what's underneath the fashions? And the payoff at the end says guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger are an endangered species. They'll be celebrations all over California when that news gets around.

eh...how'd double post...and with that nick...

"work...in lingerie shops."
Kinda been my dream job.
*Sigh* Not metrodextrohermaphrodudicalsexual enough.

I watch football!

I blog wearing Groucho glasses and a lacy thong.

Funny ~ Send a picture to Judi.

Folks, the key here is that advertisers have discovered that there is a demographic of MEN WHO SHOP FOR CLOTHES WILLINGLY!!

Nearly half of males between 16 and 29 spend more than $150 a month on fashion, and nearly one in five spends more than $250. . .The student, 21, spends a quarter of his income on fashion and reckons his mates are baffled as to how he can pay $100 for a haircut.

Guys, wake up! We have to stop this! If the trend continues, women might expect us to go to the mall of our own free will! Reguarly!

I blog wearing lacy glasses and a Groucho thong.

Give me a break. If you are "The proud owner of three pink shirts, a new pink scarf, and 10 man-bags" who "insists on "a different bag for different occasions" and struggles to leave home with just a wallet and a phone" you are a queen, honey.

Who makes this s#%t up for the fashion/society pages? I mean, you KNOW it's a joke. The sit around at the editorial meeting eating cannibisquits and wondering if they can fool the public yet again.

Christobol ~ We'll need a picture of that too.

Can't stop anagramming today...

Hermaphrodude =

A morph-her-dude
He hump a red rod
A deep PHD humor
Hear me, oh pud Dr.
A redder oh-hump
Readhead ho-rump
Dr. Ed Hump-A-Hero
...or hump here, dad...

I think I'll stop on that note. :-|

Dr. Ed Hump-A-Hero


(Really. I snorked at that one.)

*pats self on back*


He/her dam proud

her damp rude ho

Pink scarf to match his pink jumper. And he's NOT gay? Riggggght.

so this guy is endangering Ah-nold and Sly?

If my choices are between Stallone and these jokers ,I'm applying for membership in another species!

And judi, on a completely, purely, metaphysically abstract level, I can see how you might be attracted this guy, but would you really want him around making fashion choices for you?

Crap! Those terrorist bastards stole one of my esses! I am utterly appalled at the levels they will sink to.

I think that metrosexuals are lame.
I personally am a very macho guy.
I may be a little sensitive, but if i EVER wore pink, my friends would kill me.
As i would ask them to.
I mean seriously, is it worth trading muscles and any hope of being even SOMEWHAT masculine, just so you can get a 100$ haircut?
I think not.
I'd rather buy beer and pot.
Maybe that's just me.

Thank you.

Her damp rude ho? HA

"Hump here dad"
That's really bad.
You should've never posted that.
That's wrong any way you look at it.
Unless you like that sort of thing.

I'm lying.
That's REALLY wrong.

Redheaded Ho-Rump WBAGNFARB.
Or a punk band mebbe.

It's alphabet soup, Joe. The letters do it on their own.

Next time I might risk my job as messenger, however, to save your righteous senses.

trystan, i thought the standard issue was 2 man bags. hmmm.

this guy needs a mullet.

No mc.
Don't spare me.
Just tell me the website that lets you do that.

*sits down on couch in boxer shorts, opens beer and sticks hand in waistband of shorts*

Hehehehehe... straight men are funny!

*looks for remote control and burps*

Apparently this is another part of the "Gay Agenda" where I was not invited to the meeting, but I dig the sense of humor behind it!

And as a side note, I like queers.
If you don't like the term queer, that's your problem.
But i really hate fake queers. Mirls?
These are the people that need severe beatings.
Leave gays alone, they don't take our women.
Well, lesbians might, but that's for a good cause, or at least a pretty one.
But these fakers... Oh gawd.
These losers need to be disfigured, or dismembered.
But i sense i've gone too far.


There, there, Psycho Joe... here's your ManBag, eyebrow waxing kit, and Prada slip ons.

I'll be on the couch scratching my private parts and eating pizza.

Damn, he's ugly. Call out the geek patrol! That's one of the _worst_ haircuts I've _ever_ seen. I agree with whomever said he should grow a mullet. Anything's better than that. . .that. . ._that_ . *shudder of disgust* What's with that strange cloth garbage sack around his waist? Doesn't he realize how tacky that so-called jewelry is? Red is _not_ his color. I don't even want to _think_ about what shoes he picked out to wear with that. . .whatever that is. He should be arrested by the fashion police. If this guy asked me out, I wouldn't be able to say no. . .because I'd be rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter at anyone who looks that ridiculous.

*hands Rose an HTML primer and a couple of free carriage returns*

i guess queer eye for the straight guy has been a success. thankfully, my guy still hates to shop, owns 14 plaid shirts and 4 prs of chinos, and a suit jacket he bought during the reagan administration. but he plays the piano. should i worry?

whats to worry? it shouldn't be better.

Trystan: good to see you back here.

I had to send this one because it was just too disturbing, and also had several GNFARB:

Boy Jewelry and the Man-Bags
Hybrid Man & the Pink-Striped Jumpers

If my husband ever bought a "man-bag" I think it would be grounds for divorce. Fortunately, my wonderful genius engineer husband wears plaid shirts and khakis (similar to queensbee's man). He also plays the trumpet and enjoys sitting on the couch, drinking beer and watching movies where bad guys get beat up and cars explode frequently. He's just a natural part of the guy universe.

And I am glad!!!


I love you and all you stand for.

I'll take one to go, please...

A black lace-up thong! For Only $7.99!

Gotta get me one of those!

... um ... did I say that out loud?

For my girlfriend! That's what I meant!

What girlfriend? shouts a very familiar voice ... and the sound of familiar footsteps, accompanied by jingle of sock full of nickels enters consciousness -- and the room --


"I just bought a pink scarf and didn't think twice about it because I thought it would go with my pink striped jumper,"

I can believe a straight man said this. Or perhaps a straight alien male. But there is no way a GUY said this.

djtonyb: you may be gay, but you are very much a guy.

Until this business came along, "man-bag" had a completely different meaning...

"Nearly half of males between 16 and 29 spend more than $150 a month on fashion, and nearly one in five spends more than $250."

I haven't spent that much on "fashion" in my whole life. Clothes, maybe....

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