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June 20, 2005


Apparently this is viewed as a bad thing.


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Well, that Michael Campbell chap raised a whole symphony of farts down in Kiwiland.

May I be the first to say, Symphony of Farts would be an excellent NFARB! Or grunge, or punk, or something.



Vinny: Your honor, these farmers have traveled all the way here in cars and utes.

Judge: Utes?

Vinny: Yeah, Utes.

Judge: What are "utes"?

Vinny: To tellya the truth, I haven't the foggiest idea what a ute is down here. I thought that was odd myself. Kiwis, go figure.

"Yesterday's demonstration was led by 'Myrtle', the Ferguson tractor that hit international headlines in 2003 when Taranaki-King Country Shane Ardern drove it up the steps of Parliament at the end of the protest march."

Not in these parts, apparently. Unless Dave or Judi can remember a citation in the Miami Herald that I missed.

Farting sheep? What do you have to pull on them to cause that?

A Ute is a 4 Wheel Drive "Utility" Vehicle.

Those Kiwis! You would never see a headline like that in our "liberal" media.

Alan, unfortunately that's true.

We staged a protest once that actually did raise a fart, but we think it was Bob and his stupid chili-cheese dogs again.

Of course, there were a few years there when the phrase "oral sex" turned up a lot.

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