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June 17, 2005


It's got something for everyone, and we mean everyone.

(A quick wave of thanks on the way to the shower to Catherine Conner)


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I refuse to look!

Should this be marked 'yellow'? I'm scared too...

Naw. Just pictures of critters. Twisted. I mean the person who gathered them all, but perfectly fine other than being really really weird.


"I very love animals"?

That very makes me squeamish.

My concern is just WHO is getting the dog pregnant every Year?

Just when you think you've seen every deviation from the norm.

Ummm...yeah....uhh...did he get the animals pregnant?

Whenever you see or hear the phrase "This may seem a little bit strange.."

You can pretty well bet every word except strange is being misused.

"Thaaats m'daaad", bleets Lamby.

Judi--Which animal's baby shower were you heading off to? *Yuk*

"Thaaats m'daaad", bleets Lamby.

*not looking*

Sigh... you might just be a redneck if....

I consider myself to be one step away from being institutionalizable, but that freaks even me out. This may be the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

I did click on the 'Photos of Pregnant Primates' to see if they had that Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover.

people collect pictures of pregnant animals?
ooooooh good grief.

Yeah, okay. Before I was nervous to check the link. And now I'm... yeah. Still not checking it.

Now my resources are complete. I was just thinking the other day "Where could I find a decent photo of a pregnant chihuahua?" and lo and behold...

I have female dog named Marta, and each year she becomes pregnant, and I very like to observe her and touch her inflated belly.


There's a picture of a preggy bat in there. Ewwwww.

Did anyone else notice that small cattle = goats?

I can't stop laughing. I'm at work, so I'm doing that silent, holding-it-in, red-faced laugh, which is very uncomfortable. Lord, I hope no one asks what I'm laughing at...

Maybe if he/she/it spent more time on grammar & less time on ogling pregnant animals, well.

Please draw your attention! / now I got new mailbox / I never had so reliable free mailbox before (it's not an advertising, just my own opinion). / I very much love to look at their huge, distended bellys. / and some has made myself. / I'll be a very grateful to You! / Send more pregnant animals for me!


ple-e-e-e-ease! / please, PLEASE - send it to me!

I think I'm gonna have a cow.


sct72 --

You beat me there, but I gotta say it NEway ...

Mebbe if he'd've spent a little more time in English class listening, and a little less time looking thru Bambi and Peter Rabbit for the "exciting" pictures ...

To illustrate: Some of them I have found in the Internet, some has scanned from magazines, and some has made myself.

Three obvious errors of usage, in one rather long sentence ... No, I'd bet he was also paging thru Moby Dick, My Friend Flicka, and The Wind in the Willows ...

... oh, I forgot about Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web ... Charlotte was pregnant at the end, so I bet he saw things in those pix that Garth Williams never thought of ...

Yeah, except on the first two pages of horse pictures there was maybe one pregnant horse. I doubt some of them were even female. Very wrong on so many levels.

Favorite has to be:

and some has made myself.

Which shows my a very the high intelligence, no matter where I the he said.

The fact that he is single surprises me not in the slightest.

Or me, with the "Occupation" left ... blank ...

Or me, with the "Occupation" left ... blank ...

Wow, that's hot!

Uhm... I mean..... uh....

this is a new low, even for our time.
my my, what proud parents he must have.

all right. i'm DRIVING the geezer bus.

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