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June 24, 2005


(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Well, that was misleading.

I sort of expected more from the article after that headline.


How I love ambigious headlines that are more sensational than the story.


Score another 2 points for the Tennessee gene pool. We're actually de-evolving down here. We should be retreating to the oceans any day now.

"Well, we feel pretty lucky."
"We've been lucky," she said. "I think luck has a lot to do with it."
I'm so lucky I'm so lucky I'm so lucky I'm so lucky
I'm so lucky I'm so lucky I'm so lucky I'm so lucky
And they are probably glad about it, too.

Bah. That was boring. I didn't bother reading the story at first because I just assumed the headline was not misleading.

Maybe there is a light at the end of our evolutionary tunnel, but it's a furr piece over yonderways. yee haw.

My Uncle Grampa married my sister, Auntie Mom, THREE times! Wanna see my 12 webbed toes?

what passes for a joke in tennesee. in alabama, they were confused.

Something unusual here? Oh, I get it. The fact that the father wasn't married to his daughter. Haha! That was very tricky, Tennessee! Putting one over on the rest of the country like that!

Prologue: there are towns in Iowa called Manly and Fertile.

The joke: A newspaper headline that once read "Manly man marries Fertile woman.

This was funny, once.

Dear God! I think you missed the true tragedy behind this headline! There is a poor man in Tennessee who needs our prayers! He's had inlaws for over 50 years now!


Tennessee is a great place to live!
This from a guy born in New York and raised in Miami.
Dave has a similar story, but he is toughing it out down there. Poor guy.

Let's see...In WVA if you get a divorce does that also mean she's no longer your sister?

"Love me two times, I'm goin' away."

That headline probably didn't even turn heads in Tennessee.

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