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June 29, 2005


No, wait, never mind.


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And who says there's never a cab around when you need one?

Chianca, are you and I the only ones on time for work today?

You Ghana have a good day if you livin' in Cape Coast.

Those thievin' taxi-drivers really get my goat!

I couldn't help but notice the tabloid section. There was a headline that I found interesting. "Sex In Exchange For Taxi Fares." That's all I've got to say.

That's one baaaaad taxi driver.

"Ouch, who threw that?"

DM, we simul-posted, I guess.

And, just so I keep things straight, have we all decided that dead cats=not funny. Dead sheep or goats=funny if they are in a taxi in Ghana.

Especially if sexual misconduct is possible.

Especially if sexual misconduct is possible.

Oh, so dead cats aren't funny, but undead dogs (from a few days back) are?That's about as arbitrary as the fact that my attempts to post a link to the story in this comment failed because, according to the blog software, news dot com dot au is now questionable content. It wouldn't let me link, or even post the phrase "news dot com dot au" with periods in place.C'est la vie.Blog Response: La vie!

Why aren't dead cats funny? I think it depends entirely on the situation leading up to the cat's death. For instance, if the cat was found in an unholy alliance with a goat in the backseat of a taxi, then it is extremely funny. Throw in a couple sheep and a guy from New Zealand and we have a punch line!

well, that should teach people in NYC to complain about the foreign cabbies...

Wife to Husband: Goats and Sheep!! Goats and Sheep!!! I send you out for 3 things and all you get are Goats and Sheep??!?? Where's the Bread??!??

Perhaps he was stealing the goats from the rich to give them to the poor.

wouldnt him telling the court where they stole the goats from, kind of, i dont know, not really help with his not guilty plea?

("Now I'm a Believer")

I thought crime was only true for real, tough, guys.
Meant for Mafiosi, not for me.
Crime was out to get me
'Till I gave it a stab
It's as easy as loading up my cab!

Then I found my place!
Now I'm a goat-thiever
Not a trace
Of guilt in my mind!
I'm a crook, I'm a goat-thiever
Not a receiver of stolen goods.

I learned theft was more or less a taking thing.
But stealing 'dead'stock is really not that smart
But what's the use in crying?
Complaining's just no good
Mixing Ace Ventura
With Robin Hood!


...would be re-arraigned on June 30.

If he stole MY dead goats I'd re-arrange him too!

oh, there's an 'i' in that...

Insom: hilarious, as always.

I'm having trouble thinking that anyone's Nana would do such a thing.

I'm having trouble thinking that anyone's Nana would do such a thing.

from the Sex in Exchange for Fare article:

Some of the taxi-drivers admitted that they sometimes have no option than to fall for the offer, since they cannot let their services be in vain. And for fear of victimization by their car owners, they agreed to our reporter that their voices should not be recorded in the news bulletin.

"Oh darn, she tricked me again. I better go back tomorrow to see if she does it again."

insom - I'm a Believer is one of my favorite "catchy tune" songs and your great lyrics truly elevate it for me!
When will you be releasing your Greatest Hits album?? :)

They didn't mention if the goat was wearing boxer shorts and cowbly hat.

Nice Blog!

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