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June 17, 2005


Gizmodo is handing out awards. They will make you proud to be part of the work force.


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I was proud to be part of the workforce before, but NOW!

*Hangs head in shame a low level of office pranks perfomed by Igloo i past.*

I like the separate-power-source-for-the-monitor trick. It's completely harmless, and if you do it to the right person you could have fun for hours...

No wonder they've outsourced our jobs.... We wouldn't have an economy at all if it wasn't for some poor sap in a developing country who does not have time to pull this stuff.

Now, where'd I put the saran wrap?

As I sit here seriously contemplating the possibility that I could hide an extension cord from my bosses office to my own, I begin to realize I'm underworked.
I think I'll keep that as my ultimate workplace prank.

I remember we once changed a coworker's keyboard layout to the Dvorak (which switches almost all the keys around), then locked the display. When he came back to log in, his username was automatically filled in by Windows, and he just had to type his password. However, since his keys were now in Dvorak layout, he was unable to do so, and couldn't figure out what he was doing wrong because he couldn't see what he was typing. It was hysterical. He locked his account like four times. We got our network admin in on it, to make the guy even more frustrated.

One time, we took our District Vice Admiral of Flatulance QA bowling.

Okay, so that wasn't a prank.

Still, everyone had fun.

love em. i work for the government. they frown on this stuff. so we cant superglue anybody's anything. bummer.

Switching the M & N keys on a keyboard seems subtle enough until someone actually tries to use it. (Assuming that it's someone who has no formal keyboarding training.)

I also like to do a PrintScreen of someone's desktop (icons and all) and then paste it into MS Paint. You then move all of the original icons around, make shortcuts of the shortcuts and move those around too, then set the (original)image you have in MS Paint as their wall paper. Should keep them busy for days.

You guys are mean!!!

Zowie caprice. How do you feel about Perdue chickens as footwear?

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