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June 17, 2005


(Thanks to Kendall Avery)


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So THAT'S why Tyson was looking at Jackson's chest on Christobol's blog...


Man nipples are kinda useless anyway.

Not farst!

McBride failed to mention that he was lactating beer throughout the fight.

Or was it whiskey? He is Irish...

I used to farst a lot, but I now use beano. Cleared the air, that's for sure.

Ol' Mike liked to bite on the nipple
His job, after all, was to cripple
But if instead he were nice
And his style concise
Front page headlines would less likely triple

D'Art - you remind me of a saying I like: "As useless as nipples on a breastplate."

Useless? USELESS???? Did you read Christobol's post right below yours? Lactating alcohol!Can't say my wife has ever done THAT. I've already e-mail McBride my wedding proposal.

OK. So this is the disturbing quote from the item uttered by the bitee:

". . . good job he wasn't a midget, otherwise he would have bitten something else."


1) This is what this guy actually was thinking about as his nipple was nibbled?!?!

2) He said it to the reporter?!?!

3) He used the word "job"?!?!?


Time for a cat-scan.

"I'm not going to embareass this sport anymore"
smidgen of a brain there?

Now I am sad. I sent this link in yesterday. I feel so unappreciated.

I like lamb nipples. Just sayin'.....

And in other news, Nicole found her kidman.

To paraphrase a crude farm expression - worthless as mammaries on a male swine.

Tyson has a tattoo on his face which is rarely a sign of someone utilizing excellent judgement or career planning strategy. I saw a man in New Orleans with a vagina tattooed on the hollow of his throat. His mother designed it for him, he said, although I pointedly didn't ask. I was just trying to be quietly sick in the alley after some ill-advised forays into the world of exotic drink mixing.

Mike, the missing link
hungry for sweaty man meat
Anger management

nibbled nipple / nibbled nipple / nibbled nipple / nibbled nipple

mmm ... tastes like ... chicken .../

(Pogo - Contrary to popular colloquial aphorisms, there is actually a use/purpose for the items to which you refer ... the longer the underline [techinal hog-breeders' term for "teats"], the more preferred is that boar hog for breeding purposes ... with the hope that this characteristic will breed true, providing gilts/sows with longer lines, which then will [it is hoped] be able to produce larger litters, with more feeding outlets for the farrows.)

(Sorry this is not funny.)

As the token out gay guy on the blog, this is NOT something I want to think about, much less see.

It is funny to think about Mike Tyson saying "I was desperate" and "I wanted to win" and all of the other sissy quotes in the article in his little girl voice. How can anyone think that this man is tough? It is just like the movie Singing in the Rain; Lena is a beautiful movie star with a grating voice. Tyson was a great boxer, but his voice just made everyone laugh.

Sort of like Dave Stewart, who pitched for the Oakland A's in the late 80s - he was this big huge dude with a blistering fastball and a look that could freeze a batter cold -- and a voice like Michael Jackson...

Sort of like Dave Stewart, who pitched for the Oakland A's in the late 80s - he was this big huge dude with a blistering fastball and a look that could freeze a batter cold -- and a voice like Michael Jackson...

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