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June 17, 2005



(Thanks to Mikey Weasel)

Also, we have:

Cheerleader Ted, by Joel Lindstrom

Proof that there's more to Ted than anyone dreamed (with my personal thanks to Mighty Thor)

And an entry by Quiggy that left Ted out of the picture entirely


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be I first? love the cheerleader. but the bathingsuit man is a hottie. hmmm. teacher ted looks a bit like bill maher.
i still wish ted would buy a vowel.

Aw, man! Quiggy's is the best one yet!

Mighty Thor... Keep them coming please. And as for the comparisons to Michael Jackson and then subsequently a picture of Ted with a young boy, that is just wrong. On many levels.

Hunk Ted! who knew??
Very nice - yum!

Enough with the hot boy Teds. They are starting to turn me on. If I start finding myself attracted to mulletts it might be cause for legal action against this blog. Or Ted HabrGrabr. Or the oracles. I must be able to sue someone to pay for the therapy anyway.

Quiggy!! Love it!!

The animation on the cheerleader was a nice touch. I'm glad he/she didn't have a pizza.

Was that a mullet on a Mullet?

Why wasn't that mullet wearing a seer sucker suit? And where were the golf shoes?

Cheerleader Ted was especially frightening. But Lifeguard Ted was delicious, I might keep him.

My God, what am I saying?

Is it awful of me to want to print out lifeguard Ted?

mmmmmm, abs.

Then there was that whole vowel thing - I've got a worse vowel/consonant ratio that Ted does.

First Name
Ted: 1/3
Scott: 1/5

Last Name
Habt-Gabr: 2/8 = 1/4
GrantSmith: 2/10 = 1/5

Although I do lack the ever-coveted yet much-maligned hyphen, Ted and I seem to have many things in common. I was born in Iowa (though I live in SoCal, now) and lived in Iowa City when my dad was doing his doctorate work. I, too, am a youth advisor. For those of you on the geezer bus, my name was a constant source of mirth to my friends who watched the Howdy Doody show (think secret password). Most importantly, though, with Mighty Thor's help, I could look just as good as Ted in a swimming suit!

Scott (or Ted) why do Iowans have to have so many last names? Is it to identify which cousins were involved so you don't accidentally marry your sister? Identity crisis? To much time spent in the snow? Inquiring minds want to know.

With apologies to Bob Seger.
To the tune of Her Strut

He's totally committed
To major mulletheadness
Blogits giving him the screw
So there's a photo battle
All that Dave can handle
He'll choose some, he'll dump some, too

But oh, we love to watch Ted strut
Though, we don't respect his cut
We love to watch him strut

Ted makes a great cheerleader
But do guys want to meet "her"?
No, they will never play that scene
But once Ted starts a-cheerin'
Blogits will be jeerin'
The comments sometimes border on obscene

But oh, we love to watch Ted strut
Though, we don't respect his cut
We love to watch Ted strut

SN: I came into my double-namedness...

(wait for it)

... in California! I was born a simple Smith and my partner's name was Grant. We married (18 yrs ago next Monday!) and figured our kids could go to work for a university or non-profit and have a name that was also a job description!

Of course, the best story is that one of my family stories is that, long ago, everybody was named Smith but if they did something bad they had to change their name.

Ah California. That really does sum it all up. But why the lack of hyphen? Do you have to earn your hyphen?

I'm amazed mine got posted. I didn't think it was that good compared to most of them. Still, I did do it all in MS Paint. (and finally, MS Photo Editor just to convert it from bmp to jpg)

SN: I think your first two sentences answer your first question!

We just didn't like the hyphen and the names fit well enough together not to need one. As for the captial "S" in the middle, well, we figured that if McDonald can have a capital "D" in the middle then we could have a capital "S" in ours.

What we didn't take into account is that every bit of software in the world that deals with names has specific exceptions for names like McDonald and kindly "corrects" our name to "Grantsmith" muttering under it's Vader-like breath, "Stupid (l)user can't even spell his own name!"

I'm going to go pretend to drown so lifeguard Ted can save me. Mmm-mmm good.

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