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June 21, 2005


Elected officials are taking care of business.


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Low-flow toilets could have an advantage here.

Plunger power WBAGNFARB

Are these toilets on wheels? I think we need some pictures of past races.

um....What are they gonna be plungin'???

i sent this to you yesterday.... but i totally think these pols should take the plunge... sorry.

What they don't mention are the prizes.

Runner up: Free round trip to Ct. Cloud Minn!

Winner: TWO Free round trips to Waite Park Minn!

Loser: A Swirly

The toilet bowl race will happen at 12:30 Saturday on 13th Avenue in front of Community Park. Other events include the Grande Day Parade and a free outdoor concert.

The outdoor concert will include a performance by the Hanover Toilet Trappers. Toilets are filled with varying amounts of water, giving each a different pitch. These are laid out according to scale and played by striking the rim with a plunger, creating various tonal qualities. They will play "Skip to the Loo, My Darlin'."

I don't think I understand. Are they running with them? Pushing them? Taking the fastest crap? I understand it's plunger powered, I just don't understand what that means...

That turned out way classier than it seemed like it was going to.

Dave, this seems like EXACTLY the kind of event a celebrity such as yourself could just show up and be invited to participate in.

In fact, with a little coaching, I bet you all could ride those toilets in formation and put on a pretty crappy little parade.

I don't think that's it, Idle.

The toilets are propelled only by manual plunger power.

Those have motors. But they are pretty cool.

Would taking Exlax be considered "Doping?"

Would taking Exlax be considered "Doping?"

"Spass Tag Festival?"

Oh, great. I've already double-posted here.


By the way, *snork @ insom's chap schtick".

A blonde, brunette and a redhead walk into a bar. The blonde says to the redhead, "Oh, look. It's the horse you rode in on."

OK, that could have been better, but I'm in a hurry 'cause 2 1/2 Men are on.

*Bellyflops into fresh MOAT (not to be confused with fresh meat) from the 10-meter platform to wish DDi a grand and spectacular time in her <12 days*

*Refills MOAT*

Neo walks into a bar and orders a beer.

Wait. I never was good with jokes. Let me try again.

Neo walks into a bar and says, "Gimme a beer."

(Except I'm really in the mood for a margarita.)

Still, she orders a beer.

The bartender says, "What kind?"


Neo walks into a... MOAT. Yeah. Neo walks into a moat and says, ".........."

So. Um.

Gas is up to $3.20 a gallon and the weather here is warmish and rainy.

*runs and hides*

*under the bar*

And did anybody else notice that AnnieWBH is trying to steal my schtik?

Posted by: «LabSpecimen» | 04:18 PM on November 12, 2007

A. Nope

*is glad he's DVR recorded 2 1/2 Men*

*goes to czech FF results!*

Snake Plissken was Kurt Russell's character in Escape from LA.

/random movie trivia.

*cuts neo off, as she's apparently had enough*

Neo walks into a wall ....

Are we here yet???

kibby's all moved in. bookmarked and everything.

*takes inventory*
KibEl Detective Agency business cards
Office stapler
Huey Howitzer
Slip(e) 'n Slide
LN2 canister
penguin thong
wolfies whip - HOW'D THAT GET HERE!?
a few dead parrots
beanie cap
html merit badge


WOW! Moving's getting more and more difficult!

*ties boat
to slip*

SLY! See their asking price for that!?

*kibby considers early retirement*

Kibby, at your age, is it early?


Nice, Kibby!

Did I tell you, since Meghan graduated in May, my child support stopped. A month later, my ex bought a 30' sloop.


*aims Huey at DDi*

You can run, but you can't hide!

WOW! That's quite a child support payment. Suppose you couldn't get Meghan to continue in school for, say, another 5 years?

*fires hearts at a fleeing DDi*

... because it's World Kindness Day ...

Did someone grab Fluffy and Pliskin?

Hahahahaha DDi.

uhhh.....wait. Wrong impression.

The payments weren't equal to the boat. I think he's just taking what he paid me and using that to go towards payments for the boat.

*zips in*

Good morning, New MOAT.

kibby, the older we get the more stuff we accumulate and have to carry everywhere we go. ;) Thanks for bringing the stapler.

Is that the boat you want to get for your transceoa crossing the Atlantic? Nice. :)

*likes kibby's impression more*


I was dreaming about it Eleanor. But upon further investigation I think something with a seperate sleeping cabin's better. I don't like making the bed all the time....

OH! Wait!

Found another photo which shows a forward "V" berth ("V" because it's shaped like a V from the front of the boat.) that has a door.

Ok, Eleanor! It'll do for the transoceanic travel!

20k, thats not a terrible price.

That's almost a steal!

*kibby might go for an upgrade*

Crash, want to run over and czech it out for me?

I know that boats are compact, but that berth is literally a bedroom, and not much more. It's a good thing I like snuggling, I guess.

I always thought a houseboat would be fun.

Can you go bass fishin' off of that thing? I don't see any spinny chairs or astroturf.

blurk they have the deluxe bas boat where the back of the spinny chairs snap shut!

*tries to imagine Kaf snuggling with a house boat*

blurk, the astroturf's optional.

*now tries not to imagine Kaf snuggling with a house boat*

That's a beautiful boat, kibby!

Keep the faith!

Nice, kibby. Unfortunately for me, I get seasick too easily and would not consider a trans-Atlantic journey on anything smaller than the Queen Mary II, which we saw docked in Brooklyn on Saturday.

FF Update for week 10:
*1. Steel Eager Beavers 9-1-0
2. horny toads 6-4-0
3. kibby's kruisers 6-4-0
4. Trillian's Tooligans 5-5-0
5. Sly's Guys 5-5-0
6. Area 51 Visitors 5-5-0
7. Ted 5-5-0
8. Godless Communists 5-5-0
9. The Smegheads 4-6-0
10. Higgy's Hidden Huns 4-6-0
11. El's Flying Eagles 3-7-0
12. Mad Lab Weasels 3-7-0

That asterisk up there is not a typo - it's to congratulate Mr Fisher on clinching a playoff berth ALREADY in week 10! Even with his Patriots on bye, he pulled together a win over Trillian 68-48. That's the same Trillian that scored 144 last week!

El's Eagles clawed their way out of last place with an inpressive week over the Godless Communists 101-35. Sly's Guys had a nice win over the Smegheads 82-36. Lab's Visitors pulled one out over the horny toads 75-67 and Ted fended off Mad and Mike Weasel 57-43. Your Commish didn't get any miracles in Monday night football and fell to kibby's krhuisers 66-78.

Next week's lineup:
Godless Communists fight for a playoff spot against Higgy's Hidden Huns
kibby's kruisers look to stay in the chase against The Smegheads
Sly's Guys battle Ted
Mad Lab Weasels hope for a similar week against Trillian's Tooligans
Steel Eager Beavers can bench all their players against Area 51 Visitors and the horny toads try to keep down El's Flying Eagles.

Good luck all - playoffs start week 15!

Way to go, Fish!

There was a scary moment when we were out. At the subway stop just outside the library, a woman had collapsed on the stairs and was suffering from apparent breathing problems. Another hysterical woman said she'd told the token booth clerk who had done nothing.

Everyone was standing around so Jackie called 911 and eventually we got: one police car, two fire trucks and an emergency services van.

The security guard in the library said she's a known heroin addict and refused help.


Gotta love that one gal's plan of action: When there is a medical emergency, alert the token booth operator. The only one known to go help was Sandra Bullock, and then she tried to marry the guy.

*looks around new MOAT*

where's the bar?

Over there to the left, Siouxie.

What'll it be (as if I have to ask)?

Gorgeous weather this afternoon, by the way. Once the rain moved out it was 60 and sunny.

Jeff, already helped myself to the finest boxed wine there is.

Miami Weather Update - Sunny and cool (70's). Perfect.

*Makes a toast*

To the new MOAT!! Cheers!

*toasts Siouxie* Cheers!

You know the welcome committee has been slacking on the new moaters.

*fits Siouxie with a coconut bra*
*Fits Blurk with a penguin thong* (Please don't hurt me Annie)

*crowns both with a propeller beanie*
*leaves at magic welcome Blog Butter (TM thingy) for all to enjoy*

There now everyone is official.

Well done, Mad! We need some of the old spirit. :)

El- the old spirits live on the geezer bus! ;-)

*adds fresh jello to the slip-n-slide*
*tosses coconut bra and slides away into the night*

Speaking of old spirits, has anyone seen Lab today?

*ba dum bum*

Thank you. Thankyouvery much. Try the veal and don't forget to tip your wait staff.

Oh, Isaaaaac. Moatarita, please!

Kibby, have you seen the "Squab" episode of Two and a Half Men?

My favorite.

So two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff. Ba-dum chh

John Kerry walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Why the long face?"

A pony walks into a bar and coughs, "Hey, COUGH. Gimme a bu COUGH a beer COUGH. The bartender serves him and says, "What's with your voice?" The pony says, "Nothing, I'm just .....





a little hoarse."

A termite walks into a bar and asks, "Is the bartender here?"

Lab walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Thank God it's you. I was getting tired of those jokes. What can I get you?"

Lab says, "I'm looking for the man that shot my paw."
I may have forgotten to mention his hand was in a bandage.

Kibby, have you seen the "Squab" episode of Two and a Half Men?

Don't think so, but don't recall episode titles, nor any references to "Squab".

I love boobies
I love boobies
Because I'm all grown up!

Decided I had to save Monday's episode - it was that good!

oh, you'd remember squab. It was from a couple of sesons ago. Reruns of the show air everynight on the CW channel, and that one was on last night.

Ah, couple seasons ago I didn't have much US tv exposure. I'll have to increase the DVRs recording to include CW. Right now it's set to First Runs only.

Lab, Jeff, and Blogchik walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, "What is this, a joke?"

Blogchik says, "I'm a frayed knot."

Happy Brithday Insolent Wench!

*realizes 2nd mistake on MOAT calander*

I've US Thanksgiving listed on the 29th, please observe it on the 22nd.

... that is all ...

kibby will be with F2 for Thanksgiving - he's cooking the turkey!

The 29th is the Orthodox Thanksgiving. I was wondering if turkey was easily available in other coutries,not really having heard it as an ingredient if foreign dishes. Then I heard that the #1 world wide consumer of turkey is Israel.

Seriously? No. 1?? Maybe that's "per capita".

Turkey's popular in Ireland and Czech Republic too. I can get fresh ones from a farm just outside Prague. I've had them before in Dublin.

I think that's right, sly - Israel is the #1 per capita consumer of turkey, which surprised the heck out of me too.

Since we're (probably) staying home for Thanksgiving for the first time in 4 years we might just make the side dishes and have chicken instead of turkey. We usually get a Little Butterb@ll (™) but it seems so much trouble for two.

But we'll see. Jackie could change her mind for the (let's see, carry the 4...) umpteenth time and we might go out.

Sure, you can get fresh turkey in other countries, but can you get fresh produce?

Not in Kourou.

I figured turkey would be available in other countries...just not as popular as here. But seriously, have you ever heard of recipes from other countries that use turkey?

And here's a thing about the bad press tryptophan(sp) gets at this time of year --- you know that chemical in turkeys that is blamed for putting everyone to sleep after Thanksgiving dinner.

IT'S NOT THE TRYPTOPHAN (sp)!!! Tryptophan used as a sleep inducer works best on an empty stomach. Thanksgiving dinner? Empty stomach? Um, notsomuch.

Do you get sleepy any other time of year after eating a turkey sandwich? NO. What puts you to sleep is the carbo-loading; mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, bread, stuffing.

UNLESS the turkey sandwich that put you to sleep is the Moat-version, and that just goes without saying.


I agree, I (heart) turkey all year.

As I've mentioned, Meghan is getting married in April. Her cousin, Stacey, is getting married the week before her. We found out yesterday that they chose the same bridesmaids' dresses, just in different shades of blue.

Calamity? Nah. Only our family will see both dresses and we all think it's not too surprising that they chose the same dress. But their wedding dresses are totally different -- and that's what counts.

Jeff, remember it was just a couple of years ago that they were with me and Carol in New York? *sniff* they grow so fast.

What puts ME to sleep is my relatives.

kibby LOVES MOAT turkey samwich all year too!

*understands Sly's reasoning NOT to have the fillers and concentrate on the Turkey*


But...I'm the only one in my house that likes it. I'll get a small turkey rampart and cook it Sunday, with the green beans...dressing...the silly little sweet potato patties my mother loves...all the good stuff. Thursday, I'll get a ham slice for my daughter (who is insisting on ham, not turkey), and make mac and cheese. (from scratch, of course. Although, I may not feel like cooking, and will let my mother make it.)

Her eye surgery, btw, went well. She can see with her left eye again. Yay!

I'm worn out though...Monday got up at 3:30am (6:15 appointment), and up at 5:30 yesterday. I almost feel like I'm getting sick. I'd better not. Teeth to be pulled next Wednesday. Augh! That soon?

we will turkey it up on dankfest with another family, whose two daughters will be home from college and are both vegetarians (lots of side dishes), that weekend, we will have ham with the mrs.' son (up from georgia) and daughter (from ky.) , so with insomniac, jr. her three children will be in the same place at the same time.
(we will have kylie some of the time, as well, but i won't be surprised if we don't see her on 'the day' itself.)
some pictures to tide you over...

We're not having turkey. No, I don't understand why, so don't ask me. We're having a prime rib roast which I like and I'll make Yorkshire pudding and it will all be great, but it won't be turkey, will it? No.

I love me some yorkshire pudding.
I'd take the prime rib over turkey. provided stuffing was still made available.

I've never had Yorkshire pudding...or a prime rib roast for that matter.

I just got the rampart...still frozen.

I forgot, I may also make cranberry jello (tm thingie) on Thursday. I like it better than the sauce. Since I've seen recipes for the sauce that include orange juice, I may just throw in some mandarin oranges.

Of course, I may not feel like eating anything...

Aaaaaahhhh!!! Insom...how did Kylie get even cuter???


Kylie is so adorable and getting so big!

Yes, sly. And congratulations again to all.

Jackie really [hearts] Yorkshire pudding. She was known to go to restaurants in England for nothing else. (Don't tell her I told you that.)

Really, there were places (yes, mostly in Yorkshire) that served something called a "giant Yorkshire pudding" where they'd serve some meat & gravy in a huge one.

Susan, we may go for the turkey rampart as well.

Now I need a snack.

I shouldn't have come here. Now I want Yorkshire pudding and it takes too long to make it (and I may leave it out in the rain, and I'll never have the recipe again...) BAH! Stoopud earworms.

Meanwhile, I'm not planning to have any turkey for Thanksgiving. Mostly because there is no Thanksgiving for me. But that's beside the point.

Tomorrow, however, is a public holiday. So I get the day off work, which I appreciate. No idea what I'm going to do with it, though.

Insom, it's all been said before, but it's worth repeating - Kylie is adorable!

Kaf: Sleep in, have an adult beverage, ready a dirty book, relax!

{Jackie has started the J.D. Robb and says it's a nasty serial killer book. NTTAWWT, I guess.)

It's very mild here - 59 this morning - but will be dropping to the 30s tonight and only in the 40s the next few days, with as much as an inch or more of rain later.

I wish I could send you some, Susan.

/end weather

Rain, Jeff? We have that going on now...with temps falling through the afternoon. Down in the low 30s tonight.

And it's another frustrating day here. Piles of things to do, and can't do any of them. Phone interviews I need and can't do because someone has the phone tied up.


Can I go ahead and fling my pants now?

Over 90 degrees yesterday and another hottie today. The only reason for my weather report is to lisp announce I'm sportin' strappy sequinned sandals.
Kylie is a cutie! And a lego-gal - you go, girl!

*snork* @ jeffy's "serve some meat & gravy in a huge one." I had no idea you were open to that kind of Yorkin' in yer puddin'. NTTAWWT. And bonus kudos to Jackie for being so understanding.

I just hope the return of the 90 degree weather does not bring the return of the wild fires.

No pictures, Annie?

sly-I saw on the main blog a comment about Apple not having right click. That is not true. If you buy a non-apple mouse with a right button it works just like on a PC. If you don't want to add a mouse to your notebook you can set your track pad so that if you use two fingers instead of 1 finger this will equal a right click. You can set this up in system preferences. Email if you need more info.

Jeff (by my standards) I've done two of those things already. You pick which ones. And yay!! for nasty serial killers! I'm currently reading Jennifer Crusie's Faking It, which is closer to Janet Evanovich Lite* than JD Robb, but still really enjoyable.



*You didn't think there was a Lite version, did you?

Mad! thank you soooooooooo much! I love my coconut bra. Now I've got some real knockers!

Annie, I'm wearing strappy flip flops. It's nice & cool in Miami. Perfect winter weather.

El, I don't know what Yorkshire pudding is, but I'm sure yours ROCKS!

I agree, Siouxie. I'm sure El's pudding is quite tasteful. Quality, not quantity.

Just finished a two-hour meeting that sucked every last bit o' funny out of my body. Give me some time to recharge.

Siouxie - Yorkshire pudding.

We were once in a restaurant in London sitting next to an older Southern [U.S.] couple. Jackie showed her the Yorkshire puddings and she exclaimed to her hubby, "Look, Daddy - they're popovers!"

K - Jackie has read most of Jennifer Cruisie's books and even got an e-mail from her once! She'd written to tell her she made a mistake in her NYC geography (she had Harlem in The Bronx instead of Manhattan) and got a gracious thank you.

Ok..we call those empanadas in la Cuba.

Popevers - yes! Empanadas - si! Why the Brits call it 'pudding' makes no sense. It's bread, for pete's sake. The Irish bake bread daily. The brits, maybe once a week, so....ick. Pass on brit bread, unless you don't visit the dentist and prefer to clean the plaque off your teeth by eating that stuff.

I thought jeffy was finally out of the closet with his metrosexual inclinations- yorkin' in his puddin'. Oopsie.

Why would someone make fun of someone calling it popovers? That's what it is except made with prime rib drippings.

Oh. Empanadas.

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