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June 20, 2005


A goat scheme has floundered.


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Poor flounder. They're not used to goats so far under the sea...

Randomly Distributed Goats - there should either be a law against them, or else they should form a band. Of course, The Band of Random Goats wbagnfa small terrorist organization.

Well, you can't get drunk on goats, can you? (Not that I've tried.)

And what type of underwear do African goats wear?

But this plan would work great in Wyoming.

Next to diamonds, goats are the preferred black market currency.

Well, next to cash. And DVD's. And autographed Dave Barry books. And bilateral gynandromorphs. But after that, it's all goats.

I just got this email from a very sincere-sounding African gentleman, who says he needs to secretly transfer 50 million goats out of the country, and he'll give me 5 million (goats) if I'll help him.

Should I go for it?

qetzal: Is he wiring the goats? Or is it being done through PayPal? ("Wiring the goats" is something I don't want to discuss.)

*zips in*

I love a good goat story as much as the next person but I don't understand what they were supposed to do with the goats?????

I'm not clear on the concept. They were supposed to be monitored by the govt (for what?)..

*waits for clarification*

El - (clarification)

The government was supposed to monitor whether the goats were rendered for their tallow (fat? suet?) or if, instead, the butter (bread spread, not billy goat) was clarified satisfactorily for sauteeing the goats.

Where they made their mistake was they didn't put cowboy hats and boxer shorts on them.

Goat scheme flounders? *puzzles* Maybe they were supposed to teach the goats astrology so they could charge people for readings. After all, Capricorn is the fish-tailed goat. Somehow, I don't think these were. I would also like to say that I have never tried to drink a goat. He'd get maaaa-d. *sorry, I just _had_ to put that in.*

Looked like he was in 3rd place, with 14% of the vote.

C'mon people, vote for Dave!

hoo yeah!

♪We're bad, We're ba.....whoops

♪Everythings coming up roses♪

Well I'm glad to see Dave's beating Babs and Moby. Otherwise, I think we'd have to just shut down.

But who's this Wil Wheaton poser? Honestly never heard of him/her/it.

and a Great picture of our Dave, huh?

Maybe there's still some hope for my flounder for liquor and/or cash scheme . . .

Goats: All your base are... Hey! Stop 'em! They're getting away!

Guin: I think the band's name should actually be George Geelboy and the Goats at Random.

that's it?....that's IT???

"selling goats in exchange for liquor and cash"
That's how I got through college. I tell ya, it's hard to fence a goat. Really, the GIN (Goat Identification Number) is really hard to remove and devalues the product by at least 75%. Ah the plight of the lone backalley goat merchant.

the article is dated 2004......sigh...phooey.

Quick, Geel-boy! To the Goatsmobile!

LOL @ "Captain Ungulate"

Great name! Don't suppose you're also a "Whose Line" fan? I can picture Colin now....


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