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June 27, 2005


The struggle for justice continues.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, who sends in a lot of items involving naked men, not that there is anything wrong with that)


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Do you enjoy looking at pictures of naked men?


Silver cowboy boots
pedal across the country,
my shween paralyzed

Morgyn Quinn found that out in the Brisbane Magistrate's Court yesterday after he led a 30-strong troupe of scantily-clad cyclists on a ride across the city last month to protest the council's proposed North-South Bypass tunnel. It's a bypass. You've got to build bypasses.

A question and five subparts about Ted's last name...
Question 1a: When he got married, did Ted take his wife's last name and hyphenateit with his?
Question 1b: If that is the case, who wears the pants, and by inference panties in his family?
Question 1c: Anyone willing to bet that Ted has quite a collection of pictures of men wearing panties (queue the Thong Song please).
Question 1c: What would that make Ted's bachelor name? "Ted Habte" or "Ted Gabr".
Question 1d: Gabr is just one missing vowel from being a Zsa Zsa Gabor.
Question 1e: Is Ted really married? The comment about his collection of naked men pictures is perplexing to this blogger.

He thinks his "tricycle" may have been too slow to make a quick getaway.....ya think?

(Although - have you ever tried to catch a 3-year old, who doesn't want to come in for her bath, zipping down the sidewalk on her trike? Not easy.)

Chaz, Ted is not married.

For all Aussies who want to be Lance
A checklist before going to France
One, you ride on a bike
Not a three-wheeled trike
And two, don't forget pants!

The 30-year-old pleaded guilty yesterday to wilful exposure

How could you plead anthing but guilty? You can't be unintentionally willfully exposed, can you? "Yup, your honor, I was ridin' my tricycle down the road and my clothes blew off!"

That is why I didn't send this in . . . (caution on link, bare British bums)

MKJ brings up a good point: Bare British Bums WBAGNFARB.

A "somewhat eccentric" British man? How about "totally loony"?
And silver cowboy boots? Wouldn't a nice alligator pair be more tasteful in Australia?

Anyone else get the DNS failure link? Now I'm going to miss all the good "nekkid" men....

Silver cowboy boots and flowing scarf? A tricycle? Morgyn??

OK, I am not above going for the obvious:

It's no surprise this happened in Queensland. NTTAWWT.

(Also - did you see the size of his handlebars? Perhaps he's overcompensating a teeny bit?(Or maybe that should be, perhaps he's overcompensating for a teeny bit?))


*Huge Grin*

"to protest the council's proposed North-South Bypass tunnel"

Of the things I would get naked for, that is not hight on the list.

"to protest the council's proposed North-South Bypass tunnel"

Of the things I would get naked for, that is not hight on the list.

Punkin Poo ~ How about trying to catch a 3 year old that's a soaking wet escapee from the bath, running around your house laughing hysterically?

Most 3 year olds think nudity is hilarious. But then again, so do most of us in here...

Elle, my sweet kiwi of love, what sorts of things are high on the list?

*streaks around in cirlces. whaps a few bums*

ps, the Bum Whappers wbagnf something.

the sun is shining
my boots are spectacular
just don't smell the seat

Did anyone else notice that the article stated the police pulled them UP? I've heard of pulled over, but not pulled up. That must have hurt. Bet that'll teach 'em to ride a bike nekkid.

Casey, you beat me to the punch by about five minutes on that one. I too saw the "pulled them up" phrase and thought, OWWWWW!"

Does anyone else see any futility in protesting stuff that impacts the environment by getting naked? It never seems to be the right way to get the right attention.

By the way, excellent quote renevhint (I hope I spelled that right).

Mwahahaha, Kev, my evil plot to read your brain waves has worked!

I TOLD you the tinfoil hat trick does NOT work!!!

...good behaviour bond ...

Ah, is that anything like the Key to The City?

good behaviour bond...

could be James Bond's minister brother.

Why do we like picking on Ted so much?

victoria, thanks for the laugh.

we have a 4 year-old escapee, though no amber alert has been issued.......yet.

oh, and the article contains an infraction of journalism rule #2038: the alluring and seductive qualifier "scantily-clad" should NEVER be complimented by the noun "cyclists".......at least not in the morning edition.

The nekkid pictures are for Judi, who is a hobbyist and fan of nekkid men, and their pictures.

The nekkid pictures are for Judi, who is a hobbyist and fan of nekkid men, and their pictures.

The nekkid pictures are for Judi, who is a hobbyist and fan of nekkid men, and their pictures.

PS and the hyphen was arbitrarily added by my folks in the late 60's when hey first came to these united states. they thught it would help matters. But has only confused them. We shoudl have bought a vowel instead. there is the struggle trying to pronounce it; the assumptions about origin (an amazing number of guesses that I am Dutch) and worst is I can't get a damn hyphen on my airline reservations, but I can on my frequent flier card. Go figure...


Ted Jacob Jinglehabte-Gobbler, your name is my name toooo......

but, I thought hyphenated surnames were reserved for hairly-legged, men-hating, liberal women?

So, Ted, how about a reminder of what your (assumably non-Dutch) origin is again, and maybe even a pronunciation guide?

long tall texan - Watch it!

so you are south african? afrikkaners? so when you came here - does that make you african-american?

*rubs baby oil into her long, smooth, shapely, seductive legs*

*writes a letter to her congressman, full of ideas for new things to tax*

*sends $8.00 and a SASE to Christobol, requesting an 8 x 10 glossy head-shot to place on her night stand*

Long Tall Texan, you're 0 for 3.

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