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June 29, 2005


A politician, in a horrendous mistake, expresses his actual opinion.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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First? I guess everyone else was busy hitting "reply all."

Did he send the e-mail from underneath an outhouse, by chance?

That's almost as ironic as cutting your hand open on a first aid kit.

"Pontificating Idiots" WBAGNFARB (or for a blog, for that matter).

In Betting terms: since they elected him, isn't this just a "push"?

A politician who is aware the public are mostly idiots.... This could be a whole new trend.... Now if only the public would realize they are mostly idiots and shut the heck up, we could all relax and enjoy life....

There would be a lot less reality shows, no more Jerry Springer, no more 24 hour news networks reporting on the same story 200 times a day and we'd probably achieve world peace....

Just a thought....


Actually, I think the fact that large amounts of the general public are idiots (and have spending money) is WHY we have such scintillating entertainment as reality TV. I know my I.Q. takes a serious beating each time I flip past Fear Factor.

Dear Admin Assistant,

Those stupid bloggers think they're sooooo funny with all the mullet jokes and zorro references. They will eat their shorts when Naked Zorro rides again! Streaking through the blog...hahaha.
They'll never see it coming.

Huh huh. Naked Zorro said "it."

I think it's about time this guy's constituents treated him to a little junket to Mexico.

Let me just go on record as saying that all people who blog, especially people who comment on other people's blogs, are nothing more than pontificating idiots themselves.

Solve for X

Okay, that was just cruel. That 'Dave' post was me. Have at it while I step away from my computer for the next several hours.

Okay, that was just cruel. That 'Dave' post was me. Have at it while I step away from my computer for the next several hours.


We figured it wasn't Dave because there were no snake/booger/mullet references.

*streaks out after Naked Zorro*

You know, I think I've just been insulted.

Wasn't I?


Ah, yes. My 'admittance' post was missing two crucial elements.

1) I'm sorry.

2) Booger.

Okay, NOW I'm taking a break.

Congressman: What a bunch of pontificating idiots.

Aide: But sir, those pontificating idiots elected you to be their leader.....

As a conservative (although not Republican) I feel that is it safe for me to express the following opinion: Both Poughkeepsie Assemblyman Stephens and Georgia Governor Perdue should be sent cards of the type mentioned in a previous thread. Now, maybe that's not funny, but it's true.

In my opinion.

(reply all)

RE: Whoopsy!


Please disregard that earlier message. It was a mistake to press the send button while I was drunk. Sorry 'bout that. Carry on.

Honored to be your Assemblyman,
Willis Stephens

Who's calling me a pontificator? Oh, wait, that's another word. LOL!

Didn't Dave do that once? I remember reading a column about how he posted something that was meant for one person to the entire internet. I can't remember the name of the post though.

Stephens, a Republican, represents an area north of New York City.

Wrong tense. I think they're looking for the word represented.

He mentioned in "Dave Barry in Cyberspace" that he posted a joke/dirty word-laden message to the entire internet. It included the codename "Chuckletrousers."

Shortly after a fight with her husband, my sister wrote me a long e-mail griping about him. I never got it. She had accidentally sent it to him instead.

He was not amused. But they made up.

I will bet anyone that when the real test comes in 2006 the "idiots' will step up and show that they are really are idiots and reelect the guy.


A few short years ago, I would have said, "No that would only happen in Florida."

But not any more.

"Pontificating Idiots vs. Defecation Spectators" WBAGNFA W.W.E. pay-per-view.

(Not that I enjoy that stuff; I'm just subjected to their flippin' PPV promos every fifteen minutes by my satellite "provider"... which probably means that I suffer from TV rage...)

A majority of his constituents voted for an Elephascist (excuse me, Republican). OF COURSE THEY'RE IDIOTS!!!

If the constituents are idiots, then their Representative is, well, representative.

at last. a representative who is honest. he meant to say that HE is an idiot...and he is.

I'm just surprised Dave hasn't made a similar slip-up when referring to his idiots.

Beth C - Yes, the elected official is certainly entitled to execise his first amendment rights. And his constituents may choose to exercise their electoral franchise by giving him the heave-ho next time around.

Why do I suspect you may be a denizen of NYC?

Ease up Pogo, anyone can make a mistake.

Ease up Pogo, everyone is allowed an occasional screw up.

Ease up Pogo, everyone is allowed an occasional screw up.

pogo, I live in Providence RI. Sorry about the 2x posts. That was funny Gary - I'll try not to next time

1. I think Howard Dean also accidentally said what he truly meant (but would never intentionally have said in public) a couple of nights ago on Hardball. Went something like this:

Host asks, "Were you right about Iraq?"

Dean answers, "Well, unfortunately, I probably have been, although Barry Goldwater once said, 'I'd rather be right than President.' I can't tell you how much I disagree with that Barry Goldwater."

2. Years ago, when I was part of a small consulting firm that was just taking off, we got our .com domain and mail server. The ISP dude comes to Scott, our president, and says, "We need a default e-mail address where we can forward mail that comes into your domain for a mailbox that doesn't exist." So Scott says, "Well, you can just use mine."

A couple of months later we hired a bright and energetic young man fresh out of college. His none-too-bright (and very easily liquored-up) girlfriend proceeded to send him an insouciantly vivid, enthusiastically detailed, highly pornographic e-mail at his new office e-mail address...and misspelled his name.

So it showed up the next day in the new employee's mailbox, duly forwarded from the company president...

(Scott told me later, "I knew right away that it wasn't for me; I've been married long enough that I never get e-mails like that anymore.")

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