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June 17, 2005


If this does not lessen America's dependence on oil and cars, then this blog frankly does not know what will.

(Thanks to Ted Mullet-Mullet)


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For some reason the lyrics to "The Streak" spring to mind.

"as they whizzed past"

Something about this phrase in a story about nude bicyclers made me laugh. TGIF.

No law against nekkidity in Vermont? Well, being one of our chillier states, it probably isn't much of an issue.

There does seem to have been a common sense breakdown here.

I was highly impressed by the local PD. Think of the chafing and danger they saved this man! Really, I have always had a great deal of respect for the "men in blue" but never such a humbling sense of their commitment to humanity.

he gave`em the shirt off his back and they fined him 100 bucks. what's this world coming to?

Ha! No one was arrested here in the U.S.

I actually witnessed the ride in Burlington, VT--completely randomly, mind you. My vehicle was the first one in line at a stoplight when the riders came by and made a left turn in front of us. (Incidentally, one "rider" was actually being pulled on Rollerblades behind a bike, like a skier.) We had no idea it was part of a worldwide thing until we saw a sign on a parked bike later.

I was driving a van full of college jazz band members at the time, and, needless to say, the bike ride was the talk of the trip. It was almost like the poster in the Queen album come to life...except they weren't all women, and some of the women who were women didn't look like women, if you know what I mean.

And yeah, somebody in our group overheard a cop at Starbucks telling someone that public nudity was OK in "certain parts of town."

She had an intuition that he was going to get pinched


Intuition hell, if you ride naked on a bicycle seat you WILL get pinched.

he borrowed the bike from a friend - does the friend want it back. . .

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