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June 28, 2005


This time, they have gone too far.


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I found that yesterday but neglected to send it in. Needless to say, Doctor Ayers and the Robo-Lobsters WBAGNFARB.

Someone please pass the butter -- better yet, please pass the WD40

Robot lobster = root store blob

One man asked if a clone of the cloned cat could be possible, or if the clone could be bred.

This would seem to take care of the dead cat issue (from the Paula A. icky manicure thread).

The figure is seated on a sofa, and its face performed human actions frowning, blinking, smiling and replied to visitors' comments

Tom Cruise on Oprah? Oh wait, they didn't mention jumping on the sofa . . .

"The Android That Not Only Smiles, Frowns and Blinks But Also Recognises People and Talks Back"
WBAGNFARB. I'd watch them...

DM ~ I don't think I could even remember them.

Hey, that's me! But sorry, DM, I can't play worth a lick. Maybe some kind blogette can give me a lick, anyway?

I want one! Imagine how much fun you could have at Red Lobster. Or with your neighbor's cats! The possibilities are as many as they are twisted.


There you go, Marvin.

But how do they feel about melted butter?

Hey, no raggin' on the mad scientists in here...

Eleanor ~ Everyone loves melted butter.


Am I the only one here who thinks that Mr. Ayers and His Lifelike Prosthesis WBAGNFA Vincent Price movie? Christobol?

Jeff, yes, of course.

"I want to suck your blood."
"Get your filthy lifelike prosthesis off of me!"


I had a robot lobster talk back to me once. ONCE.

I have always wondered, is it mad(angry)scientist or mad(insane)scientist? What about mad(magazine) scientist? No, thats just silly..sorry.

Thanks for the pic, BJ, but RoboSapien could totally take out Lobserbot.

tyler - it is mad insane

Dave - if you think this is crossing the line I'm glad you don't know half of what goes on in my lab....

Thanks for checking in here, Mad Scientist, I've been waiting all day for you to set Dave straight! :)

"Robot Lobster" is my favorite B-52s song.

sorry, MC; what you fail to realize is that Robolobster has high-speed circular-saw blades concealed in his claw paddles. See, his builders spent 5 years moving up the ranks in Battle Bots. He has devices that can curl your hair! (literally)

I'm waiting for the Robosquid.

Squidward Scissorhands.

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