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June 17, 2005


We'll be announcing the winner(s) later today. If you have any more entries to send in, please just stop. We beg you. send them asap. Thanks.


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So I should stop working on my Flash movie, then?

How big?

Yeah Ted,
How big's ur AIRline

Yeah ted. Inquiring minds want to know.

I dunno Ted. You have a reputation for using airline paraphanalia to pick up women. Will you have specially designed airline vomit bags? I can definitely suggest some artwork for the passenger waiting area...

I have to second the "please just stop, we beg you" -- no offense to Ted intended but I'm getting sick of seeing his face on everything.

I have to second the "please just stop, we beg you" -- no offense to Ted intended but I'm getting sick of seeing his face on everything.

Ted rocks! All this harrassment over a physical feature that, as a guy, he probably cares next to nothing about,mullett or not, and he will still be our friend and Dave's campaign director. Awesome! If I was an available girl, I would date Ted, but I would hope that he packs some better stationary on his next flight.

"AIRline"! Bangi! *snork!*

You don't like the mullet discussion? Well, perhaps you feel somewhat lonely what with all the attention Ted is receiving due to his unfortunate choice of hairstyle. Send in a picture of yourself and we agree to mock you with equal abandon.

You know we mock you out of love, Ted.

I don't think that was Jessica's point, SN. I think Jessica was hitting on Ted. *wink* *wink*

Or at least we love to mock you. The point is, love is involved.

Hi Lab - I was actually responding to ceeg22 not to Jessica. Jessica was being very clear in her intentions. And yes, they probably involved winking among other things.

Oh ah. No offense intended, SN.

And, I can't really blame Jessica. Although I'm neither female or available, I still find Ted to be a pretty cool dude.

I second Lab's emotion.

In fact, Ted may just by the coolest mullet headed person the state of Iowa has EVER produced.

Or hosted, or whatever it is the state of Iowa did to Ted.

There is a very fine line between passion and stalking.

Oh we crossed that line when we all googled Ted to see what would come up. We're well into a felony by now.

It's all coming to a close and now we can finally say: "We kid because we care. About mullets."

Or is it? Some issues never quite die around these parts...

Dang, why didn't you remind me of the Ted airlines sooner? I would have worked that in somehow.

I don't think Iowa produced Ted. I think he's an import.

I wanna be invited to the hootenanny! Of course, I'd have to travel to La La Land.

How 'bout we have it at my place?


ROFL, Tamara!

*wipes away tears*

In(x) just has no idea how much fun we have here.


I see a future for you as a porn photoshop artist if you choose to use your immense talent that way. Too funny.

Judi, thanks for the opportunity to participate in this artistic venture (as an observer since I'm a photoshop clod).

I didn't say I didn't like the mullet discussion, I said I was tired of seeing Ted's face stuck on everything.

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