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June 17, 2005


Now Dad never has to stop.

Update: Apparently this has been blogged before, possibly several times. The reason I blogged it again is, um... let's see... OK, the reason I blogged it again is: Ted has a mullet.


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Never has to stop to go.

Either I'm psychic, or I'm having deja vu all over again.

I know. Is this somehow different than the other in-car toilet that was blogged?

Wow, this is the third time this has been posted! A new blogsnogging record!

Wow, this is the third time this has been posted! A new blogsnogging record!

Wow, this is the third time this has been posted! A new blogsnogging record!

*saving myself the trouble of multi-posting*

That's what I need to combat those morons who drive 45 in the left lane.

An in-car toilet launcher!

Dave, are you suggesting that we all take a road trip in a big tourbus with one of these car toilets and then give Ted a mullet-swirlee in it?


I'm in!

But keep in mind...a mullet is still a mullet...wet or not...

Congrats to Atticus for winning the Photoshop contest, and kudos as well to Marvin for placing runner up!

Dave was nice enough to give Marving wonderful parting crap...I mean gifts, too!

Thanks for the update, Dave. I think an in-car mullet would be much more valuable... perhaps one that you only sport while driving.

Wait, Ted has a mullet?

Welcome to the stage:

Ted Happy Gabber & the Distracting Mullets!

I think I made an oopsy. *cringe*

There was a post above this one that disappeared. So...um, disregard anything I may or may not have said, depending on your definition of "said" and whether or not I am a figment of your imagination.

*fades into the background in much the same way that dump trucks don't*

Now it's below this one. So, recapping:

I thought I made an oopsy, but fortunately did not.

I am now discombobulated the way only a lazy Friday afternoon can make someone.

Still, though, congrats to Atticus and Marvin.

"Mr. Barry, you have been charged with triple posting. How do you plead?"

"Your Honor, Ted has a Mullet."

"I guess you're right. Case dismissed."

Good afternoon bloggers, one and all! Have a happy weekend!

Elle...hmmm...gotta try that one

>Ms Bangi, u were speeding naked and r obviously under the influence of Coke

> But officer, Ted has a mullet

> hmmm...off u go lady...

> Can i borrow ur handcuffs?

At what point in time did mullets get so comical? I mean, I remember them coming, and then shortly thereafter, they were a joke. what keeps the mullet at the top of the comic ladder? why haven't other haircuts reached the same level of comedy, such as the bowl cut or the wave? Is MY haircut funny? Would you tell me if it was?

You know, this particular post really never outlives its usefulness. The Indipod should be standard equipment for every mountain climber in the world. They should find a way to mount it on a sled so that the climber can pull it up the hill, and when he (or she) gets to the top, they can ride the Indipod back down.

How to keep the climber from sliding while using the Indipod? Use pitons or ice screws. Unless you enjoy the mental picture of a climber (pants around his/her ankles) sliding down a mountain on a portable toilet...

Andrew - Although mullets are inherently funny (as are many other haircuts) it's okay not to get the joke, as it's all relative. Why this blog is on fire, however, is because of the obvious case of mullet denial we've all had the pleasure of witnessing over the last week or so. Ted has a mullet, but even funnier than that: he thinks he doesn't. Subjectively funny? He also thinks it looks good.

Get it yet? If not, mull it over.



sorry about blowing your chances on Wheel of Fortune.

mc said 'mull it'. over!

Sct72 - hard to resist and had to be done.

Andrew - It's a good thing I get paid to do other things that I don't do while I'm at work, because it affords me the time to find things like this. That's right. A link to a picture of you and, although you're hair isn't particularly funny, wearing sunglasses indoors is hilarious.

Never could figure out the sunglasses indoors thing.

Holy mulleted Muppets, Batman !!!

I was at a sports bar last year with my daugher. A guy was sitting at the bar wearing sunglasses and was very handsy with the gal sitting next to him. I pointed him out to my daughter and said something about the guy looked very affected wearing sunglasses in a dark bar, and said if I was that gal, his constantly touching my shoulder would drive me crazy.

Soon after, the guy got up, look the leash on his guide dog and left.


My daughter laughed hysterically at the way I just kind of slid down in my chair. Fortunately, the bar was noisy and no one heard me talking.

*hugs* to sly -

I hate it when that happens!!!

couldnt it be installed right in dear old dad's recliner??? and what the hell is an estate wagon? a brit station wagon? they need to speak English.
oh, where's dad? thought he was driving? he's in back on the pot?
yeah. this would work, with or without a mullet.

The sunglasses-indoors thing is an OSHA issue.

According to PPE restrictions posted for certain occupations and/or physical presence in certain environments [Anzi Specification 8.97.21 - Subsection B] sunglasses shall be worn at any time that said employee/space occupiers feel that their "coolness" is threatened by the presence or absence of paparazzi and/or other media representatives.

What we really need is a toilet to take mountain climbing, apparently.

Plus a way to keep track of what we've blogged.

None of which changes the fact that Ted does, to the best of scientific measurement, have a mullet.

Thank You very much...Really.


SOMEbody wants this for Fathers Day.

Daycar did a seven-day trip from John O'Groats to the southern tip of Italy without getting out of the car.

Gosh, think he missed all the good stuff. Or Italy's really that boring? Nebraska yea, Italy? (not trying to offend Nebraskan, or Oklahomian for that matter either.)

Okay. So Dad is driving...and this inflatable loo is in the BACK seat...there is no mention of funnel-and-hose attachments so Dad better have an EXTREMELY long and flexible Johnson or he's gonna hafta stop at some point...

In Australia (they say it's 'far flung')
Male drivers had better be 'hung'
'Cause they just can't be
In the front seat to pee,
Or figure out how to pass dung!

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