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June 19, 2005


My son gave me a remote-controlled submarine. It is excellent



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I suggest loading the thing with a pile of firecrackers and seeing what happens.

And is it equipped with a submersible video camera? I'm kind of wondering how you have fun with something you CAN'T SEE. And where'd he get it? I love playing with things I can't see! Saves on the electric bill too.

My cats gave their grandpaw a submersible dog. Lost the remote control. The dog's still under there somewhere. Lost and confused. Wondering if maybe he should have stayed in the toy store. Hungry. Cold. Unsure of his place in this world of ours.

This is getting ridiculous.

*feels all warm & fuzzy inside* That's sweet.

Happy Father's Day, Dave!

dave, when in the tub with your new bath toy, be careful where you aim it.

Dave, you're blushing! Is it because your shirt only has highlights of blue?

The sub is cool. Sadly, it doesn't look big enough to sit in. Maybe for Barbie. Hey, Sophie can have Barbie shoot a series...say Underwater Adventure Girl? Ya gotta make 'em a proud geek while they're young, otherwise bad evil influences will convince her she's supposed to like dumbass things like...shoes, or starving herself. *sigh* If she wants to grow up to be a Princess, you've completely failed...

Happy Father's Day! :D

Way to go, Rob!

Happy Father's Day, Dave! :)

As my Dad once said, "If [you'd] adopted better, [you'd] have gotten a house on the beach in Florida for the Father's Day after he was done with college."

Point of reference... Rob doesn't have a mullet, but I know I've seen him shopping in Home Depot.

:-) Look's like you're having one already, but I'll wish it anyway; Happy Father's Day, Dave!

My dad didn't like his Father's Day post I stayed up late writing for him. He probably would have preferred a yellow submarine. And since no one else has the balls to say it, here we go: Dave? Your son is HOT. Clearly takes after his father. Minus all that blue.

Make way for us single gals then, Marie. What's Rob's e-mail address? Not that he'd be likely to give it out to crazed fans going under crazy names like "Bumble," but it's worth a shot...

Now there's a kid who knows what Dad wants for Father's day.

(aside to Robert: He could also use some shirts that aren't blue ;).)

and a YELLOW submarine. No blue meanies here!! happy father's day.


How can it be that no one has said this yet??

Dave is NOT wearing a blue shirt!!!!

Let's hear it for our Dave
Let's give our Dave a hand

Father's Day toy, yes!
Fill up tub, get fins and mask
Hungry...please pass Rob


Bro. Who does your hair? Still using the Flowbee?


Eleanor, as I poined out earlier, it has blue hightlights. The text and squiggles are clearly blue. Still, it was bold try, for Dave.

Although, he may be like many guys and will grab a t-shirt at random without even looking at it. You know the old thing about quizzing a guy on what you're wearing? I don't think most guys could answer on what is on their *own* body, without looking down to confirm they did pull on something over their underwear.

Dave, I agree with marlodianne. That submarine is not big enough for even your foot, unless your shrink shrinks you, then maybe it might work.

Your son does look kinda cool, but I'm not gay!

Dave -

Good lookin' kid ... and ... he's nice to his Dad ... (I've usually gotta get grandsons toys like that, so I get a chance to "test them out" before the youngun's can use them ...)

Has anyone noticed how large Dave's nostrils are getting? It must be an age thing, since hunky son Rob seems to have normal sized nostrils.


Now see, Dave, if only Jack Bauer had one of those... nah, scratch that, it wouldn't have done much good when the missile was launched from Iowa.

Never mind.

Carry on.

I think the reason why Dave's nostrils look so big is because they are moving, like when something makes you feel sad or happy and you bout to cry, or when your mad because you got another toy submarine, but I think Dave is happy, I hope!

A remote control sub and a pool. Wicked awesome.!
Have fun.

Gift: One Submarine
CrapCam pic of Dad & Son:
WELL beyond priceless!

Happy Father's Day again, Dave!

Das Boot.

Happy Dadda's Day, Dave.

Life is good.

I'm still waiting for the baking soda sub I ordered from Battle Creek, Michigan in 1964.

It will be used to research Dave's next book, "Journey to the Bottom of the Bathtub" or "20000 Boogers Under The Sea".

insom - good one!

Dave, I have to know--what did Sophie get you? A My Little Pony tie? A non-blue shirt? Inquiring minds want to know!

One more thing: folks, leave Dave alone about his nostrils. There's hardly any noticeable hair coming out of his nose OR ears, so he's not ready for geezerhood yet!

As the blog's unofficial master researcher, I am compelled to relate to the ladies of the blog that: Rob is taken.

Oh, and not by me.

But Mullet Boy is still free. Big surprise.

JUST KIDDING, TED! Oh, I crack myself up...

Don't fall to pieces on us now, Tamara!

Master what Tamara? Your cell is breaking up and I didn't hear you clearly.

Dave - just don't get into the tub and create your own mines....

You hardly look old enough to be his father. How do you do it?

Btw, Happy Father's Day to all.

Happy Father's Day, Dave!

I gotcha some pictures of urinals. Enjoy!

PS: Wow! He's even cuter today than he was on graduation day!

Hey Balanchine! I had one of those Battle Creek baking soda subs! It was awesome! Or, at least, it was when I was 5.

And who is that guy that looks like Dave, but not in a blue hawaiian shirt?

Wow, I finally get to see the Rob I have read about! I am a simi newbie on the blog so I have missed all past Rob photos posted. He is a good looking guy!!

Happy Dad's Day to Dave and all the other Dad's out there!!

I rescued one of those from the bottom of the pool at the Flamingo in Vegas for Doodles Weaver when he was with Spike Jones and the City Slickers.

Dave, you must remember Doodles.

Punkin ... that was disgusting! LOL!!!!!

Sondra --

Just what I needed ... a chance to perform micturitional duties into a daffodil ...

I have enuf trouble with the Big White Telephone ... (especially the ultra-low-flow in the room in which I'm staying right now)

aaaah submarines: long, hard and full of seamen.

happy father's day, dave!

You can't use my barbie, no way.

Dave, I have a good idea for next Father's Day, or Halloween, or any holiday, really. Are you ready for this? It's brilliant!

Here's the idea: You set up an auction on eBay in which the winning bidder gets to be your honorary son for one day. Nothing legal, no name changes, of course; you wouldn't be ADOPTING anybody, unless you are willing take me.

And let's assume that I, King Wingbipeekaboo, were to win this hypothetical auction, at a price of, I don't know, $10,000, let's say.

There are basically two options at this point: OPTION ONE is to go ahead and let me be Dave's Honorary Son for one random day to be determined at a later time, forgiving the $10,000 I'd bid in a weak moment; OPTION TWO is to let me be your Honorary Son and also pay ME the $10,000 for filling such a vital role in society, so that for my senior year of college, I can afford a car with round tires.

How about it? Think of the press! It's a win-win situation for both parties! And neither of us are even Chinese!

What do you say? You have a lot of friends. I'm sure you can claim the $10,000 as a tax-writeoff.

Do they have to be round tires, ex-Doug?

Marvin | Paranoid Android, I think it would have to be round tires, or the car wont go anywhere, I think.

Hope you all had a Happy Fathers Day! My dad wasn't happy, I sat on his remote control by accident, and he got so mad! So I ran for my life as he chased me, then when he saw mom, he ran for his life, but mom caught him, because she has big feet. Maybe dad is gona lose weight now since he has to get up from the couch to change the channel.

Dave's shirt was blue, way back in 1999 when it was new. I imagine it was washed a couple of times since then.

Dave's son: Think about a new t-shirt for him...maybe for christmas.

Maybe next time you'll get a fast truck . . .

Alan, I bask in your glory!

Wow Dave - that's a big improvement over your "normal" crap-cam. Soft focus crap-cam.

Or was the lens just fuzzy with some kind of growing substance, like a fungus.

Wow Dave - that's a big improvement over your "normal" crap-cam. Soft focus crap-cam.

Or was the lens just fuzzy with some kind of growing substance, like a fungus.

Wow Dave - that's a big improvement over your "normal" crap-cam. Soft focus crap-cam.

Or was the lens just fuzzy with some kind of growing substance, like a fungus.

Oops ... did I just have a multi in public?


Better than having a mullet in public.

Could batman maybe borrow that submarine on his next excapade to gotham and get rid of all the rats?

Could batman maybe borrow that submarine on his next excapade to gotham and get rid of all the rats?

Could batman maybe borrow that submarine on his next excapade at gotham and get rid of all the rats?

Are things different in Australia, because I don't think it's Fathers Day any time soon here. Unless I'm just a terrible daughter. I assume it's the latter.
That's a great Sydney Olympics t-shirt, Dave! Were you here for them?

Couple of things:
Nice sub.
Nice shirt.
Nice son next to nice shirt and sub.
Way nice looking son.
Oh my.
Does sub come with hot son?
If so, is sub for sale?
Purely theoretical question.

I totally agree with what you're saying. I wish more people felt this way and took the time to express themselves. Keep up the great work.

Jared Bruskin

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