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June 20, 2005


It's not too late to make it up to dad.

(Via OhGizmo!)


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Wayyyyy cooler than the submarine thing.

The Gyro is optional. Does this option come with a hula skirt?

"...its mission is to deliver fast straight lines and pleasure of the strong kind." Hhmmm. I might have to invest. I like pleasure of the strong kind. None of that weak pleasure for me, no sireebobby.

Maybe Drew, but does the submarine provide pleasure of the strong kind?

For that kind of money, I can buy a new J.D. (the green and yellow brand) lawn tractor, for which you can buy extra attachments, thus making the tractor much more versatile. (i.e. more toys) Plus, my genius engineer husband can mount a jet engine on it and make it go really fast!

I've always thought that "Zero Turning Radius" wbagnfarb

Dave, does your RC sub have a pool cleaner attachement?

Throw in a juicer attachment and I'm sold!

I was just recently in Hollywood on a case and a friend of mine bullied me into drinking wheat grass juice.

Condensed lawn.

Not good.

California is a silly place.

All your pleasure of the strong kind are belong to us.



If someone got one of these, please contact me and let me know what your stud fees would be to let it mate with my grill.

"Arrrr, arrrr, arrrrrrrrrr....."

I thought the fun part for guys was sitting high on the "ride" mower and mentally playing "king of the Hill", or the lawn as the case may be!

The "fun part" for guys is pretending that you can hear the plaintive cries of the individual blades of grass as you mow them down, shred them into mulch, and step over their dejected corpses. You can also pretend to hear some of them begging for mercy as you cruelly press forward, and hear others in far parts of the lawn sobbing, asking for help as the mower relentlessly closes in on them...Other guys do that too, right?

THis would be PERFECT for my son-in-law's birthday.

I mean the link. Heck, I'm not actually going to BUY it for him.

THis would be PERFECT for my son-in-law's birthday.

I mean the link. Heck, I'm not actually going to BUY it for him.

That's what we need: inanimate objects evolving.

$2,300 for a lawn mower ... ?!?!?!?!

That's worse than $18,000 for a bar of soap!!!!!

Just so a guy can sit in a chair and let his lard-bottomed butt get bigger, and bigger ...

Oh ... it's an invesment plan for his retirement ... build the butt, sell the soap, get rich, retire ... (and play with a remote-control lawn mower ... it sounds like a viscious circle ...)

"Sometimes pure passion serves as a motivation force to implement a gyro into a lawn mower."

This passion must lead to "pleasure of the strong kind."

Hello? Anybody out there?

That's enough heavy lifting for one night. And with that, I'm really going to bed now. Goodnight, Sarah!

all kinds of morning and breakfast-type goodies.

Whoa...this is an evil plot to confuse those of us who are doddering into our twilight years: she moved us to June 20 of LAST YEAR. I'm SO confused! However, all those breakfast goodies look like they might restore me, so I'll stick around. Maybe what I need is some Folger's from the MB; then I can spend the rest of the night batting away human(oid) sunbeams.
OK...Now that I know where my life will resume in the morning, I can go to bed. Sweet dreams (in the modern, classical, or archaic language of your choice) to all Kilties, great and small.

I am here

I've been writing tonight!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Alfred!!!

That cake looks delicious.

And the pink everywhere reminds me of the Argentine Presidential Palace. They call it Casa Rosada, but my dad never spoke Spanish to me. So I knew it as PinkHouse.
This is how I explained all the problems in Argentina. The Pink House.

It is good that you are organized and cleanly. And that you can cook like none other. Now to go talk to Beave... You know... What Wally used to call his little brother.

Onto funnier stuff. I like plain blue jello.

with fishies? My cousin made blue jello with Sweedish fish in it for Sunday dinner once. It was her turn to bring a "salad," I brought the "green salad," made with lettuce and cucumbers and tomatoes and stuff.

My roommate's boyfriend bought a ring today. She doesn't know about it though, and I'm not allowed to tell. It's really pretty.

I am Alerigic to something in Salads so I can never enjoy "The Green one"

For this same reason Shredded Carrots and Lime Green Jello are never to be eaten by me.

It amazes me to think that I got Swedish fish for the first time during my mission. It seems like I should have had some befor.

My b-day cake is dirt with those jelley worms.

Holy Crap a ring???
Room mates go so fast

It is hard to believe that in a years time I will probably be an uncle.

I usually have cheesecake or apple pie for my birthday. I don't like regular cake. It gives me the hiccups. Any time I eat dry foods without something to drink I get the hiccups, stuff like rice, bread, cake, and pancakes (those are the worst, I hiccup even with something to drink.) I only know one other person this happens to: my dad. It's kind of like plucking my eyebrows making me sneeze, except I don't know anyone else that happens to.

They're getting married in November. I have another roommate who's probably getting married next April (her LDB lives in Maryland and she's moving to DC in Sept) I had another former roommate have a baby (boy) last week. What's with my former roommates all having baby boys?! No one's had a girl yet, but 6 have had boys.

My mother can make this great Boston Brown Bread. It is steam cooked so it is very moist and sweet. She discovered it when our oven didn't work.

You must have a nerve in your eyebrows that should be in your nose.

So it seems that the room mate and her boyfriend are talking? and because of this SarahJ is sort of busy?

*is confused*

My roommate who's getting a ring is asleep. My roommate with the LDB is on the phone (like always, I never see her not on the phone) They're on the same cell phone plan (a family plan!) and have free minutes when they call each other, so they're on the phone whenever they're not at work.

I don't know how this would make me busy, though.

I did have to go to the door. Someone was checking to see if any of us CA girls had a blue honda with the lights left on. (none of us have honda's)

Well you hadn't replied for a while and I guessed.

I have no way of actually knowing what goes on in your house.

I would be afraid if you somehow knew what was going on here.

Oh great, your a member of a cult. I knew it.



I got really hyper about an hour ago and started listened to music, but now I'm listening to Editors and it's making me tired. Actually, I think I'm tired and the music is too energetic for me, it's making me feel exhausted. Time for me to go to bed.


Once again


4:30 a.m. bed check...Yep, kilties all seem to be accounted for and either sleeping peacefully or otherwise quietly occupied...couple of blankets kicked off; one pillow on floor; somebody mumbling "wow" in his sleep; one or two worrying pointlessly about something that won't seem like much of a problem in the morning.
*replaces pillow; tucks in blankets (but not too tight); supplies an emergency back-up teddy bear; tiptoes out, closing door quietly, being careful to lift it up a bit on its hinges so it doesn't give that annoying squeak; pads softly back to bed, yawning*

Mmmm..... Mornin', Kilt-by-nighters.

I'll a cup of "of", some "akf" and Sarah's pancakes, please. Thanks!

(If that "ing" lady can do that in the morning, then I refuse to believe there is mere coffee in that cup.)

Betsy, you shouldn't have turned on the nightlight. It's frightening to see Alfred when one wakes up in the middle of the night.

mornin' kilties - thanks for leavin' a trail!

*falls onto nearest couch*

*snuggles up with Betsy's emergency back-up teddy bearand pulls blanket over head*

*goes back to sleep*

somebody wake me up when the day shift shows up, ok?

*Tickles S-G's toes and runs away*

MORNIN KILTies!!!*he sez through a bit of a haze*

Great... we gotta do yard work now!

It's kind of like plucking my eyebrows making me sneeze, except I don't know anyone else that happens to.

Posted by: Sarah J | 01:47 AM on June 20, 2006

*raises hand*

Me too, Sarah.

*ponders all the possible ways to wake up southerngirl, realizes it's already hot out, passes Blue a water balloon, prepares to launch*

Kool!!! KDF is kicking off the Kiltie wet t-shirt contest early today!!

*passes wings a water balloon at Coast a water balloon*

*switches sides and hides behind sg*

NO FAIR hidin behing sleeping beauty!!!

pssst, sg, the day shift is here -- and I could use a little backup, hon

*wakes to find a feather at her toes, a wet t-shirt, and the remnants of a water balloon in her hair*

*sees KDF hidin' with a stash of balloon, and helps herself*

*aims at Coast*

*3, 2, 1...*


*grins wickedly*

sorry, Blue, it's Coast's fault - he ducked!

a stash of balloon?

sorry, KDF, didn't mean to take the last one. ;)

*Takes careful aim*

*launches improvised exploding balloon at the lovelys*

*sits up*

YAAAaaawwwwwn. Hi everybo...aaaaaccckkkkkk!!!


*is dripping and teddy (of the NOT bear variety) is soaked*

And a good morning to you, too, Coast. Thanks EVER so much!

sg, this calls for the special one.

*retrieves hidden balloon filled with remainders of Alfred's dirt and gummy worms cake instead of water*

*adds what she finds in several abandoned mojito glasses*

*loads balloon in aerial turbo charged balloon launcher*

*drops on Coast's head*

See ya latah, suckahs!

Here Sharon... lemme help you with that
*attempts to towel down Sharon... for PURELY chivalrous reasons*

Morning, Sharon! Ohhhh, no. Bright side -- saves on shower time.

Coast, you're covered with dirt, gummies, and mojito remainders. Might want to have a little rinse first.


*wipes gook off of face and watches KDF zoom away*

don't we always save on shower time around here by showering together?

Mmmm...I DO like chivalry.

*picks gummy worm from Coast's hair*

At least it wasn't the Swedish fish jello salad.


*hands Coast a towel*

*giggles cuz he doesn't see what's on it.*

that looks more like a "likah" wolfie

Cute, s-girl! And it matches the gold stars I gave him yesterday.

*shakes water out of hair and shivers*

Oooo...cold. Any more of Alfred's jumpsuits lying around?

I googled sucker. Results were... not postable. Not look-at-able even at werk.

*feels a bit starry eyed*

*mental note to google sucker at home*

*makes mental note never to gooogle sucker*

*dons waterproof biohazard suit, sits on Confused Couch and watches the water balloon hijinks*

*mental note to google sucker at home*

Posted by: CoastRaven | 09:43 AM on June 20, 2006

*snork* Using "google" as a verb sounds soooooo deliciously pervie...!

*googles Coast*


*sips coffee, listens to thumping, splashing, screams and shrieks from upstairs; concludes that Kilties are waking, stretching and rubbing the sleep from their eyes and beginning to emerge from their bunk beds in their footie pj's; prefers not to envision alternate explanations of any kind*

Meanie...I KNEW you were only pretending to be asleep during bedcheck; that's why I scared you with the maglite.

footie pjs?? Betsy - isn't that a little perverted even for US?

*googles Sharon*
won't say where I am googling though.


*chuckles and bats eyelashes at Coast*

Oh, MY!!

But then, I've always been unable to resist a man in footie pjs.

I thought you preferred the pjs on the floor Sharon


I'm here but I'm very boring today, so if it's all right with everyone, I'll just watch. :)

*grin...* He knows me so well, doesn't he??

*waves at El*

Nothin' to see here! Nope, no wet teddies or googling or footie pjs on the floor...

psst... Eleanor likes to watch - pass it on

*flashes El*
just cause

For Betsy - wanna buy this?

For KDF and S-G.

For El.

For Sharon and Coast.

For Wolfie.

For Marie.

way to go, Blue!


Meanie has been shopping!!

*is sad that our special .wav is missing*

Awwww...how thoughtful, Blue!!

You're really just a softie, aren't you?

It's working - try again, Coast.

I keep getting
"GONE The requested resource
is no longer available on this server and there is no forwarding address. Please remove all references to this resource"


Not necessarily, Sharon. Especially during certain encounters.

wasnt me!

Paste this in your browser address bar, Coast:


*gulp* Blue... THAT was yummy!!!
(even if I could only look for a quick second before someone looked over my shoulder)


That wasn't at ALL the picture I was expecting to see!

*sits down and puts head between knees*

Meet me there?

I was expectin' something more like THIS.

*bounces in to tackle everyone*

*steps on a water balloon*


*changes socks*

Morning everybody!

I need to work on my image a bit, don't I?

*hopes to win the "between knees" lottery*!!!

YAYYY - I finally got my googlymoogly!!!

Wasn't expecting to meet you there, Coast....

For Bumble.

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