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June 19, 2005


It's your day. Go on back to bed if you want.


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Ahhh Sleep...

Thanks, but apparently, my can-go-any-minute-now pregnant wife thinks I need to take care of the kids and she gets to sleep.

If you can imagine!

Happy Father's Day, Dave!

& Congrats, SB!

One aspect I like about this day is the large amount of attention that columnists, cartoonists and other folks pay to dads, for a brief, shining moment ...

Some of it is pretty amusing, in a somewhat ironic way, but most of it hits pretty close to home ...

One aspect I do NOT like is being away from home, and the traditional "fishing outing" I used to have with one or more of my kids and grandkids ...

... snif ... feeling lonesome and homesick, 1,700 miles from home ...

Happy Father's Day, all you Dads ...

Thank you, Qetzal. To be honest, we're hoping this baby come out today. My wife is done bein' preggers!

And happy Father's Day to all you dads, potential dads, future dads, and anyone else who needs to be celebrated today.

YW, SB, happy Father's Day also. Two or three times over, from the sounds of it.

UO, happy Father's Day to you as well, & sympathies for your situation. I too am several hundred miles from my family at present. Sucks.

Happy Father's Day to all the other dads, stepdads, surrogate dads, & moms doing double duty as dads out there!

Happy Father's Day!!

Qetzal - This one will be four for us.

Sly - that was cool. Thanks!

Great card, Sly, especially the suit!

Dave, just don't roll over on the Barbies when you go back to bed.

And a special Happy Father's Day to those soon-to-be-surprised-with-paternity-test dads on the Maury Povich Show!

Happy Father's Day, Dad. I mean, Dave. What are rumors anyway, right?

Happy Father's Day, Dad. Uh...I mean, Dave. What are rumors anyway, right?

I have no children and no more dad, so the day means nothing to me.

Possible kids in Bangkok don't count, do they?

Funny, Judi! :o)

And Balanchine ... no more foreign travel. K?

Glad my dad is out of state today, since his father's day gift is still in an a mazon.com (why is that word questionable content?) warehouse somewhere. I'm being the bad daughter this year. My sisters got him gifts and cards on time and I didn't. That's the reverse of what usually happens. Oh, well.


I just got an e-mail that Jeff sent me at 7a.m., so maybe there's hope :)

Could someone please send me a test one now?

I feel so alone.....

ooops, posted on wrong thread, but still need e-mails -

it's been down for 2 days!!

*zips in*

e-mail working agin...
thanks everyone!!!

*zips out to read 1000 e-mails - snork*

Eleanor without e-mail is punch drunk.

For the love of humanity, help her out with a message!

That is all.

Happy Father's Day, Dave!

Hope you get everything you want.

*zips in*

Jeff and I have a simulpost and my e-mail starts working again!! WOO HOO!

*zips out to check e-mail for the 14th time in 5 minutes*

tnx muchly, y'all ... helped brighten a rather blah day ... (in between calls from kids)

Happy Father's Day to all dads, and all those who have or have had a dad at some point in time. *Sly, I love those Blue Mountain greetings!

Guin, who is happy to share her birthday with Father's Day, every couple of years or so.

Happy Father's Day, Dave! If only I had read your blog before the family got me up... :)

By the way, the piece you wrote years ago about being with your son in the hospital is still one of my personal favorites of yours. Keep up the excellent work. :)

Sly--much appreciated.

We have two (ages 7 and 4) and found out TODAY we're expecting #3. WooHOO!!

CONGRATS, ALDentist!!!!

I followed Dave's orders and went back to bed. Dave Rules!

Happy Father's Day all!

Hearty congrats to both Schadeboy and ALDentist and all the other blog fathers. Happy Father's Day! tropichunt.com guy, I totally agree with you. Dave's "serious" columns were few and far between, but they were all very profound and touching, that one included. Dave, you rock! As if you didn't know that already. :-)

Hey, Eleanor, do you still need that massage?

What? Oh.

Sorry. *blushes*

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