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June 30, 2005


(Thanks to a lot of perverted weirdos alert bloglits)


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The guys can wear shorts, but it doesn't say the girls can. I guess we know who's going to be wearing the pants in that school.



Oh, good. Now their testicles won't sag as much.

Ew, MC. Ew.

Sorry, G. Just pulling from stuff I learned in >today's first blog entry.

I'm relieved that the article does not stipulate that they have to wear tops...

Well, it just wasn't fair to have to learn cartwheels in PE.
Atleast according to the last post the girls can play shirts and skins.

Judi, this story is 8 days old. And wasn't it blogged before?

"In order to give girls the same opportunities as boys for a safe, active and healthy lifestyle..."

Translation: "To give the girls the same opportunities as boys to play pocket pool."

if it was, i forgot about it. want to show me the link? or i could just delete it.

Thanks Victoria. Holy giant loser.

I left a comment on her blog entry, but I was a little pissed. I actually spelled area wrong. (Left a letter out)

I can't beleive she is posting email addresses from here onto her blog.

Maybe we should google, and see if there's a way to crash her site.

On Beth's blog, she said:

One commenter Brad (brad@---------.com) even talked about watching car parts and thinking about my vagina

This isn't true. I said that because of her completely inappropriate post in that thread of the capacity of her, egad, I'm not even gonna repeat it... I could no longer watch a friend blueprint an engine without being grossed out. Yo Beth, if you are reading this, I was trying to gently tell you that you were way overboard. Not even Christobol would post measurements. Geez. You should learn to take a polite hint.

Victoria... Check out the post on her blog (no I won't link to it) just below the one where she posts e-mail addresses... She apparently talks unflatteringly about her boss. I would never do something so mean, but I wonder if we could track down her boss and goad someone else into sending her boss a link. What do you think? That would be priceless.

Ooooooh, that sounds fun.

She made me mad when I'm already irritable. Grrrrr, get her!


Er, gang? Beth C is *wacko!* Scroll down and read how she was blotto drunk and she passed out and her son died in a swing. She writes that she had to sober up just to report it.

I say just leave her alone. Her blog is alledgedly for therapy. She needs it. She doesn't need any "help" from us. (By the way, Bethie, it's 96DecibelFreak@excite.com. The reference is from an old Mott the Hoople song. No, I didn't expect you to get it.)

I'm going to do something stupid (again) and make a statement on topic. Don't you think that making girls wear pants will hinder future recruitment in nude or topless volley ball.
Now to Beth bashing: Nuts, absolutely nuts.
Even Gary Moody stuck up for her on an earlier blog. from this morning. I mean if sh*tman sticks up for you your really in trouble. *Been at the hospital with my dad all day and had no time to review, so if this makes no sense, then please disregard.

Sorry, it was not this morning, but yesterdays "Honest politician". Blog. I've reviewed all of todays stuff. Cure some kind considerate blogger give me a quick recap and reference manual to find where (not wear) this Beth C. bashing is going on. I'd like to get in on the action

I say some IP-address blocking is in order.

I’m not trying to be a b!tch.

Getting some therapy and trying to better yourself is commendable. Trying to straighten out your life is admirable.

Harvesting email addresses from a blog, and posting them on your own blog (which, let’s face it, is just to encourage your readers to email them) is inexcusable.

Not to mention, those email addresses are going to show up on spam lists now.

On topic: Making the girls wear pants is just going to make them want to be naked/topless volleyball players with saggy bouncing breasts.

Take away our freedom to show off our legs, will you!

If we all decided to leave one mass comment-mess on Beth's blog, what would happen?

So, back to the alleged topic of this thread..."This move," she argued, "is meant to enhance all of our pupils' overall educational experience.""Well, perhaps not enhance their 'educational experience,' per say, but it would probably end up enhancing their education. Well, I guess it depends on what sort of education you're talking about..."

"This move," she argued, "is meant to enhance all of our pupils' overall educational expericence."

Clearly, nobody thought to poll the young men in those schools about this.

Nevermind, I checked out her sight and it's hella-lame. Don't bother recapping for me. I mean if I had a horse face like hers, the last thing I would do would do is put my picture on my websight. No offense, Okay offense, it looks like you stopped short and hit your mug against the windshield of the mini van a few too many times. But I bet you have a wonderful personality, are a fun conversationilist and make your own clothes. If you wish to return here you need to develop some thick skin (other than that around you snout) and learn to take it. No one is off limits and say something stupid you'll hear about it forever.

Now with all that said I
Don't mean any of it *HEEHEE
* but to lay it out for you
That's what can happen.
So come on back any time.
Just don't take yourself too
serious, or the blog will
get you horseface :)

go_fish... the men could still wear kilts, no? and if we all left a massive comment on (* CENSORED *)'s blog, then we'd all have to sign up.

Brad: Not allowing then to wear kilts would be discriminatory (Against who? The irish? Scottish? Dunno.)

Second, you can post anonymously.
Third, you can also post and leave an e-mail address (fake, perhaps) and an assumed name.

go_fish: Any disgruntled employee could volunteer his/her bosses e-mail address. Maybe an ex. Beth C.'s own address might even work

I was looking for Beth's e-mail address, but I couldn't find it on her site.

it's 'public' in her profile, go_fish: mailto:001mom@earthlink.net

it's 'public' in her profile, go_fish: 001mom@earthlink.net

Everybody on the blog: change your e-mail address to the one that DSBS posted above.

Then we can go on the offensive! (Heh, "offensive")

Chill out kids. She removed the e-mail addresses. That was the flagrant foul. She'll never get the rest it. Forget it, and maybe if we're lucky she'll forget us.

Well, now that that's resolved: Booger.

I recommend using an email address here that you won't mind spam going into; save your regular email addies for "qualified" buddies.

I recommend using your own name and e-mail address. PeeJay, why do you say I look like a horse? That sounds really mean to me. Unless it is an affectionate term you people use here. Then I am flattered.


well, here's your asshole award...

I have refrained from the Beth Controversy, but I must say, I did visit and read her site and while at first I was scared, now I just feel sort of sad. She seems articulate and educated with an odd sense of humor, and she has obviously had some major problems. She is trying to help herself. I think her personal information was way TMI, but I don't think she had been hanging out w/us for long, and lets face it, we all say dumb/innapropriate stuff sometimes. I say she is welcome to visit us, just lighten up a little, have some fun, laff and dont be too defensive. I say we all be nice as I know we all can be. Yes, email addys were way over the line, but it seems she has corrected that oversite.


You go, casey.
Lets go back to beating up on Ted-had-to-post-a-picture.


i dont think my school girl outfit would be anywhere near as cute if i have to switch to pants. i hope this isn't a trend. the repercussions for the fantasy industry in a few years may be alarming.
* oh baby, could you put on those schoolgirl trousers for me tonight?!*

A test:

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Thanks, Steven. I was already doing it that way, and it still added the Herald blog link. I went to another thread and did some testing, though, and I think I've got it worked out.

Like this (I hope...)

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