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June 23, 2005


Practical art.

(Thanks to Denny Guge)


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I think I'll just continue to pee in the flowers the old-fashioned way!

Georgia O'Keefe has gotta love this exhibit.

Georgia O'Keefe has gotta love this exhibit.

wow, i never thought i'd say "those are gorgeous urinals"

Georgia O'Keefe has gotta love this exhibit.

Yes. She loves it three times (which, come to think of it, she might actually do). Sorry...

That hibiscus is disgusting. Am I the only person reminded of female genitalia? Am I a pervert?

Don't answer that.

Not that I find female genitalia disgusting, but the SIZE of that thing....eeewwww!

my eyes, my eyes! I feel the need to scrub my eyes with a toilet bowl brush!

casey ~ you aren't alone in that. My first thought was that some of them were awesome and we should put some in here. My second was that one of our choicer patrons would no doubt be caught violating that hibiscus. Then I wondered if violating a urinal was a crime (other than against nature and common decency) and now I need to go look for some steel wool to try and scrub that image out of my head.

Thx for the support Neener, now I don't feel quite as dirty!

I used to work with a guy that would say that he was going to "shake the dew off the lilly" when he was headed to the urinal.

There's a joke here somewhere, if only I could find it.

how confusing is it to your dog when you punish him for urinating on the garden, and then you use one of these things?

San Francisco Artist. What a shocker

I just came in here to take a wizz but now I have the urge to pollinate.

dg, that's hilarious. Well done.

If I am at the home of my date (which my husband would NOT approve of) and I see a hibiscus urinal, I would assume he bats for the other team so to speak...

Not suprising this came from San Fransisco.

Also popular is the matching calla lilly bidet (not shown).

To pee or not to pee, that is the question. For it is more noble to use the flower urinal then to waste ones self in white procelain oblivion.
Thanks to Denny & Dave for bring this to our attention.


huh...wonder if ya could teach the cat to "go" in one of these....hey, better lookin' than a litter box.

I'm supposed to stick my penis where?


hey, guys. how could you look into one of those and not think 'little shop of horrors'.

"feed me, seymore, feed me!"

judi, didn't you or the blog himself post this a few days ago? Or am I time traveling again?

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