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June 27, 2005


("Thanks" to Claire Martin)


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Holy hell.

I wasn't eating, but I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit anyway.

"Select a picture"? I think not.

EUWWWW!! And someone actually bid on it!

Oh dear lord god above please save me.

What kind of shoes should I wear with this outfit?

Does it come with those strappy things on the side that go over top of my fatty folds?

Will it make by butt look big?


I didn't see the "Rodeo Girl Sexy Top" the first time! Now if I could just get me some purty little sparkly flip-flops, my outfit would be complete!


Winning bid: £0.99
Postage costs: £2.00

Enough said.

...glurg...* horrrrk...* ruuullllk.....

Over 13,000 views, over 13,000 GAAAAHHHs!

Dave, I saw this earlier and did not send it in. You're welcome.

What really should frighten most of us is that somewhere in this weird world of ours, there is a 40 year old geek living in his moms basement who thinks that is the sexiest thing he's ever seen.

Over 13,000 views, over 13,000 GAAAAHHHs!

Why attempt to "model" an article of clothing in which one finds it impossible to clasp the top button of said clothing?

(We are bidding on just the skirt, right?)

Dave, I saw this earlier and did not send it in. You're welcome.

New Without Tags

Riiiight. I saw her at the bar Saturday, wearing that outfit, shakin' it out on the dance floor. I mean, that girl was gettin dowwwwn, she was shakin that moneymaker for all she was worth.

Oh, yeah, it was karoke(sp?)night too.

You might be better off looking at a German steak that looks like Pope Benedict XVI's hand . . .

WARNING: Do NOT scroll down to "Larger Picture." Failure to heed this warning may result in severe mental, physical, and gastric damage.
That is all.

ARGHH...my eyes........my eyes.......

If one of those valiant yet desperate buttons lets go, it could rend the very fabric of an decent and orderly society.

The back view is even better.

I personally blame Ted Habte Gabr for this.

I personally blame Ted Habte Gabr for this.

What is that thing on her thong? (For those of you not brave enough to check out the "back view", she is indeed wearing a thong, with some sort of metal(?) decoration - although it might be some sort of device to expand the thong... I'm not sure.)

I used to see these people every day in the mall. Thank God I no longer work there.

...klaaaagh...* ruuuulllf*... ngluuuuug*...

ugh...these dry heaves are exhausting...

did you see the way that button was hanging on for dear life?

that's just nasty.

So who do I sue for intentional infliction of emotional distress? Ebay? Dave? Miami Herald?

*calls up her lawyer*

Auggh! Did anyone notice the back view with the riding up thong?! I'm going to have nightmares about this.

That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

Are the straps of a thong really supposed to reach up that high? Is she trying to be sexy? Is anybody else picturing in their minds what she had to go through to get that skirt on even that much? Why am I asking so many questions? I think my brain just exploded.

Dear Claire:

I love you. Stop. This was an evil act. Please, for the good of yourself and those in the blog around you, stop.

This particular fine item was on both fark.com and whowouldbuythat.com, which explains the high number of hits to the auction. I also saw it on another ebay blog. Certain things just seem to make the rounds.

Questions that come to mind:
Why would someone post a picture of themselves looking like that?
Why would someone post a picture of themselves looking like that?
Why would someone post a picture of themselves looking like that?

Just think, if you buy the skirt, that means she has to TAKE IT OFF!
Please do not bid.

Size 12 skirt : Size 18 body! No way in hell...

Cin: No thong made is supposed to reach like that. If it does, you gotta be having a terminal case of floss wedgie.
Who the heck would buy a skirt that her bare buttocks had been rubbing against, anyway?! I;dbe afraid of STD's, myself.

ewww. you might be a redneck if....

Eww. Eww, eww, eww!

I grew up with a girl who dressed like that (pants so tight that the pudge hangs over the top), and still does. She's grossly overweight and wears those spaghetti-strap tank tops--without a bra... *shudder*

I was going to eat dinner, but I've lost my appetite.

It's easy to see why they only posted the bottom half of this person. Don't try to imagine the Top!!! I warned you!!!! Bleeeeghh!!

*gets wire brush and bleach to scrub eyeballs with*

Damn you to Hell, Claire!

Oh the humanity!

Love handles were never so misnamed . . .

(literally feeling nauseated after that sight)

The girl's got a gut . . . I mean guts, to post such a photo.

Whatever you do, DON'T click on her feedback and then click on the item number for the 4th item down .

I don't usually post comments on these - but that is sooooooo wrong on so many levels.....

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