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June 26, 2005


You're attending a meeting for parliamentarians and their counterparts, and you have to go to the bathroom, and then suddenly you're like "Ohmyghod! Where's my GUN??"


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"We do not take incidents of firearms lightly."

He then added, "Not even when they fall into toilets and cause us to laugh hysterically and pee our pants. No we don't."

GUARD: "I demand to know if you found something I have forgotten in the toilet".
HOTEL STAFF: "Can you describe it?"
GUARD: "It was about so big and black..."
HOTEL STAFF: "That is just sick"

Did you find something I may have left in the toilet? What was it? Well, I can tell you it wasn't a gun.

That happens to me all the time. I usually find that I left it on the dresser at home.

That happens to me all the time. I usually find that I left it on the dresser at home.


At an undisclosed location the police have found the bullets that matched Sunguh's, reportedly, missing, but affectionaly called "to(i)let" gun.

When asked for a comment, the local constabulary only said, "IF Mr. Sunguh HAD decided to use his gun, he would have been shooting blanks."

When confronted with this his wife, Handa Sunguha, said, "I'd wished he'd have started that YEARS ago. Now I've 17 children to raise. AND WHAT WAS HE DOING IN THAT HOTEL ANYHOW!? There's no convention!"

I think it's really sad. Here in the US, we have effective medicines that will cure almost any case of parlimentarians. Why can't we find a way to do the same in Africa?

Jeff M. -

When I leave something in the toilet, I desperately hope that I won't find it on the dresser, at a later time ... especially for those times when I've recently dined on Asian food ...

well, good thing our parliamentarians... congress.. cant bring guns in anymore. then again, that might make it a little more interesting. you know- pass this budget or i'll ....

He was leaving it there for Michael Corleone to use later!

Hmmmm. Urinal guns?

*slaps self on forehead*

insom - Of course that's what he was doing - those Parlementarians don't know their flushas from their ganstas!

(Lame, I know. I just wanted to play with insom..)

How can you lose something that you do not have in the first place?

A date used that line on me once. I slapped his face and never saw him again.

Good for you, A.N. - what an awful thing to say, whether true or not! *snork* :)

Sounds like the Robert Blake defense to me.

I'm a Parliamentarian. When I make a ruling on parliamentary procedure, you are *well* advised to accept it and follow it... With no further questions asked.

"took the gun to the police station, which is just across the road from the hotel"
"He was told police had taken it away and he then drove with his bodyguard to Bamburi Police Station."

So, How wide is this road?

Dear Living and Snif: Your comments made me snork coffee out my nose. Thanks a LOT.

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