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June 24, 2005


Now they're trampling on our precious Human Right to sell frog spawn on the Internet. In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room.


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I don't think any frog spawn would last long in the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room.

Why are the Northumbria Police wasting taxpayers time and money searching e-bay for frog spawn.

My favorite was always:
Now it the time, Now it the best time, Now is the best time of your life. There's so much to cheer for be glad your here for it's the best time of your life. Life is a prize, live every minute, open your eyes and watch how you live it. Yesterdays memories may sparkle and gleam, tomorrow is still but a dream. Right here and now, you've got it made, the World's forward marching and your in the parade....

Illegal Frog Spawn WBAGNFAC&WB(Country&Western)(UGH!)

"The woman, who is from Gateshead..."
I Knew that something was going on with the founder of M$, but I just couldn't quite figure it out. People are coming out of his head! Sheesh, all Medusa had was snakes and all Ted Had-A-Doo has is fish.

Frog Spawn WBAGNFA CBS made for TV movie.

Good idea, Aunt Nancy. Perhaps they'll be humanity's savior from The Locusts.

Just how does one obtain this, um, substance in the first place? There is a part of this story about which we should rather not know anything more.

So much for my plan to clone Gatesheadian frogs.

Exactly how long have you been in the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki room Dave? That long?? And just as long trapped in the Small World ride?

Time for an intervention bloggers.... Get the man BEER.

Incidentally, I didn't realize the frog spawn was in such demand and now I may be forced to develop an extensive black market for it. Fed - stop eating my frog spawn!

Key Quote
You could give it away or put it in another pond but you must not sell or trade it, even if you hold it lawfully.

Funny, that's what my HS boyfriend used to tell me! *snork*

Lawfully Held Frog Spawn?

Lawfully Held Frog Spawn

P.S. Whoever is using my name, stop now under penalty of nut-squishing!

"Frog spawn might seem unimportant when you consider how much is around during the spring"
What the stink? What kind of frog activities are occuring that would make a large amount of it just lying around in the spring?

"Oh, I stepped in something, here in Gateshead."
"What is it, the traditional dog poo?"
"No, it's even worse! Frog spawn!"
"Aw, that's too bad. Hey, since there's so much lying around, why don't you sell it on eBay? I'm sure no one will mind if you get rid of some of this crap."
"Maybe the government will."
"Oh, that was a good one. I'm going to go set up my online store."

Why do I keep reading this "frawn spog?"

Why do I keep reading this "frawn spog?"

If the title of this section is supposed to be "Creeping Fascism", then either it is misspelled, or alphabet terrorists from another blog have stolen it! The bastards! Will they stop at nothing?

have you been sampling the cannabiscuits?

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