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June 17, 2005


,,,and we're feeling nostalgic.


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D*mnit I crashed my copter!

Thanks for nuthin', Dave! I was getting work done! Time to find another meeting of Copters Anonymous!

NOOOOO! not again! Damn 'copter game; so addictive.

Man, a golden oldie. Thanks, Dave

Man, a golden oldie. Thanks, Dave

I love this game!!!

I how if you slam into the 36th pillar at just the right angle you get to take the shortcut to level 9 and shoot all the aliens. They explode so nicely.

Apparently this game is as hard as flying a REAL helicopter near the East River...

Here's a dilemma, since we're in the midst of the "nostalgia decade", what are people going to look back on 2000 to 2010 for?

"Remember when we used to remember the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s?"

"Yeah man. Back in the day."

I am so good at this game I think I actually got a negative score once.

booooo. i couldnt get this stupuid thing the first time..


One of our pilots dumped his chopper in a few weeks, ago ... and the horrors we all experienced are still causing nightmares ... !!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding. Ignore all above this line.

Seriously, he did hit a wire, and trashed the aircraft, but walked away from it ... fortunately, they got the approaching train stopped in time, before it hit the wreckage and derailed. I am not making up any of this paragraph ... all is true.

(I got to 469 before I gave up, but I'm such a newbie to the 'net and stuff, I've never seen this one before ...)

nononononono...somebody linked to this couple days ago. i spent Way too much findin' out i couldn't get past 300somethin'


And not only are they aliens, Cynthia, but they are (depending on the angle you hit the block) either scantily clad women aliens that kind of look like wolfie, or muscular manly aliens that look kind of like Lifeguard Ted...

I find Sunday is more a day to find nostalgic. Becouse the nice weekend is over.

ppfftt...tnx Marvin...sadly,(?) i'll never know.

Marvin, wolfie, are...did....nah,they wouldn't do that.

1450 on a first try. Does ever get harder?

1450 on a first try. Does ever get harder?

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