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June 23, 2005


Ponce De Leon : David Hasselhoff :: Fountain of Youth : ___________

(Thanks to Gavin Taylor for the link and the analogy)


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'kay, WHEN did he get so old? I remember having a crush on him when he did Moonlighting.


Someone alert PETA about the abused salmon.

He was on Moonlighting? Do you remember when he was 'Snapper' on The Young and the Restless?

so the video was as funny as the Klingon Macarena for about 30 seconds, but then it was 3 minutes too long.

Ponce De Leon : David Hasselhoff :: Fountain of Youth : Great Acting Career


I'm actually Gavin Taylor, and my suggestion was: "The depths of lameness."

Marvin, you need samples of that video for your movie.

hehehe, ceeg22 said "snapper"

That is 3 minutes of my life I will never get back. Thanks a lot Gavin Taylor.

btw - Was this video concept/idea/director the same guy who did The Greatest American Hero TV show?

lol, Lou.

Isn't David Hasselhoff married to Laura Ingalls?

Crap. Blocked. Wait... maybe I'm the lucky one?

Leetie - who is Bruce Boxleitner married to? someone who was on the prairie, anyway..

Fountain of Unexplainable Success?

Didn't we blog this many months ago?

Or am I just psychically linked to David Hasselhoff?

If it's the second one, please kill me now.

Laura Ingalls is married to "Manly." Not Mr. Hasselhoff, he's actually exceeded Manly's manliness, then gone way off the deep end (airborne, you know).

I'll never eat salmon (or wear a full eskimo-style-fursuit)again without thinking of DH (and getting the "ooga chaka" earworm). Thanks Dave.

Hasselhoff, Boxleitner, same thing.

Ponce De Leon : David Hasselhoff :: Fountain of Youth : Respect

Ahhh, jumping with the Masaii - good times, good times...

hrm... let's see. Ponce de Leon spent all of his life searching for the fountain of youth and never found it. So I'll have to go with 'talent'

oh dear. I just actually clicked on the link. This is what happens when you try to answer SAT qustions too rapidly without looking at ALL of the information presented. I'm changing my answer to 'sanity', if it's not too late.

It's OK, KOW. I think it's safe to say that if the bloglets were collectively taking an SAT, we'd be in the room of kids who get extra time, if you catch my drift.

I think "Bit the Salmon" will be the new "Jumped the Shark"

I think Judi posted this as a way to help us lose those 117 trillion pounds. I know it helped me.

And I think so far Higgy wins the analogy contest with "respect." I love it.

Ponce De Leon : David Hasselhoff :: Fountain of Youth : In-Kit-Car Toilet

Russell: YES.

What did I do to deserve that. I will never double-blog again...I swear it.


Pat? I'll take "Hasselhoff" for 200.

Sorry -no analogies on the "new" SAT.....

I got almost a quarter of the way through the video before the cyanide pill finally took effect.

Ponce De Leon : David Hasselhoff :: Fountain of Youth : Fetid Pool of Schtinkencrap*?

*German for "poo" G

It finally worked. I found the trigger that causes suicide and/or psychotic episodes in those who take Paxil. I've gone to jump off a building...:D.

I love that video. I watch it all the time.

Yes, you may send over the men with the straightjackets now.

I love that video. I watch it all the time.

Yes, you may send the men in the white coats to take me away now.

Oh geez, and that double posts on top of everything. Someone give me my penance ...

*hands Shannon a wet noodle*

Being a follower, I finally linked to the video - I lasted 46 seconds!!!

That is all.

Carry on.

AN...30 lashes even...

SCHTINKENCRAP!?!?....achtung baby!:D

Actually, one of my family's "favorite" collective memories is when David Hasselhoff visited the NICU where my sister spent the first three months of her life. He held her and my mom took pictures, then he sent her (my sister) a signed photo. Of course, this was during his "Knight Ridder" days, so it's okay that my mom was so excited, right?

My dad, on the other hand, uses it as an excuse to watch "Baywatch". ("Hey, remember when we met that guy? Oh, good, here comes Pamela.")

This ranks right up there with that vid from a few days ago with the Aisan guys in fig leaves.

And to think that in Germany, he's bigger than Elvis.

... as David Hasselhoff is to The Picture of Dorian Gray!

K-Fed can learn a lot from Hasselhoff. Oh, wait, he already has.

David Hasselhoff was in Knight Rider and Baywatch. Bruce Willis was in Moonlighting with Cybil Sheppard (sp?)


Yes, you're right about that!

I'm such a tv crush-whore. Yes, I loved Hasselhoff in Knight Rider and I loved Bruce Willis in Moonlighting. And I'm getting old. hehehe

David Hasselhoff = "Bernie Walters!"

(NEone who gets this quite obscure dramatic reference deserves ... um ... something really good, as an award from moi ownself ...)

(Clue: Robert Anderson, but if you gotta google it, you're cheating ...)

Hmmm....you'd have to be a REAL money-whore to be caught dead even doing something like that video.
In Canada, we have a word for that..."fromage"

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