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June 25, 2005


We don't want your kind in Upper Hutt.

(Thanks to Ross Marks)


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How does she meet people?
"Hi, I'm an artist."
"Wow, cool. What do you do, oil or watercolor?"
"No, neither. I do risque needlepoint."
"Huh. Those are two words I didn't see together."
"Yeah, and I've been censored!"
"Huh. I feel conflicted."
"Me too."

Is it just me, or does that carefully placed censoring hand miss an awful lot? one of her ramparts is showing, as well as a portion of her nether regions.

Does anybody see a new use for their old Etch-A-Sketches?

Jsut wait until you see what she can do with construction paper, popsicle sticks, and glue...

And don't get me started on her crocheting.

go_fish --

Watchu mean new use for Etch-A-Sketches ... ???

boom-schwacka uh uh
ooh baby
boom boom schwacket
baby do you wanna see my etchings?
uh huh schwacka oh yeah
boom boom
baby I wanna see all your etchings
doo-doot, doot- doo doo schwacket
givem to me givem to me ohhhhhh!
yeah baby, I'm gonna give you all my etchings
hey, the hell is this? What are these?

Umm... etchings?

Now you know why Carol Brady was so attached to that mangy piece of needlework she was always doing throughout the entire series of The Brady Bunch.

This was in Christchurch and I missed it??

Boom schwackett.

That is all.

Angela Meyer (to herself):Knit two, purl one...

Husband: Honey!!

AM(irritated): What??

Husband: Where's the remote?

AM: How should I know? Look at what you made me do!! This one will have to be Jewish ,too!!

There are some funny people around here. I have absolutely nothing to add. Not even a quick burp.

Although the other end is starting to twitch.

Oh, the sheer bliss of life in suburbia...next week, we are working with clay...so don't miss out on a very large and in charge time...

A most righteous Upper Hut fellow
And smutty crochet made him bellow
But the erotic stitching
Soon had him itching
For a handcrafted, x-rated pillow

Ha! Nice one slowlayne!

Personally, I don't like to view porn when I go to art shows. That is what computers are for!

I miss New Zealand...

I spent a semester there. It's quite lovely. Certainly better than where I am now...

You would think that, if they didn't have a problem with it in Christchurch, they wouldn't have a problem with it anywhere.

Alan.. Christchurch is in the South Island, and Upper Hutt (Wellington) is in the North Island. We're far more relaxed in general. About some stuff anyway.


Monty just got edged out for the Last post!

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