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June 29, 2005


Sometimes you get what you deserve(s).


(Thanks to everyone in the world, so don't tell us it's not funny.)


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"We treated him as if he were hazardous material."I suspect he'll recieve that treatment very often in the future.

Glad they hosed him off first


Still searching for a Tom Cruise joke, but it just isn't coming

No way am I gonna click on the video link.

No way am I gonna click on the video link.

With apologies to the "Late, Great Otis Redding".

Sitting in a pile of dung
I'll be sitting when my darlin comes
Watching the sh*t roll in
Then I watch 'em wipe away again, yeah


Now THAT is funny!!! Man's face peering up at me when I'm just about to pee/fart/____ on it??? GAAAAAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!


I think this guy may be punishment-proof... or the Tidy-Bol man has lost his boat and become very strange.

I can't believe no one has said this yet.


Holy crapoli! That's just sick.

Thank you , Suzy Q...

A contortionist man, named Moody
Was obsessed with other folks doody
"I'm kind of craphole-y
My meals are E.Coli
And I'm put on Dave's blog by judi."

Darn. I should have used 'Gaaaaack!'

Sounds so much better than 'Ewwwwwwwwww'

The suspect fell asleep the minute he got to his jail cell.

He was pooped.

*rim shot*

thank YOU, insom! :)

Could someone please finish this haiku...

I went for a poop
"Hey mister, whatcha doin'?"

snif - "Eating turds and spray"?

Bet his nickname is "ole sh*& head"

I think this guy deserves a punishment that fits the crime...

...whatever that might be. Ideas? Never mind. You guys will only come up with some.

Bubba: Whatcha in fer?

Gary: Porto-pot diving.

Bubba: Hmmmmmm?

Gary: Are you gonna rape me?

Bubba: Yeah I guess so, that's where I was going

Gary: Uh-Oh. Thought at least, gaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!

Talk about being knee-deep in puns.

Thanks MC...I had a brain fart moment...

snif - 'I had a brain fart' might have worked even better. ;-)

Charged with "criminal trespass"? How about charging him with "LOONEY!?

And I think "criminal trespass" is kinda stretching it. After all, was there a No Trespass sign up?

NA? Didn't think so....

"Police charged Moody with criminal trespass"
I'm with you Kibby... How about charging him for Turd Burglaring? Sorry. Just me being feceses again.


When I was an investigator, I had to attend a Homicide Investigation Conference. During the strange cases portion of a presentation, they showed the crime scene photos of an accidental death at a National Park restroom facility that was of the "outhouse" persuasion. This guy had stripped naked and jumped through the hole to play around. When he grabbed the plastic bag he had tied to help get him out, it just happened to break and he was eventually overcome by the fumes and killed. They told us what the name of the psychosis is for people who like to do that kind of stuff, but the name escapes me now. Strange coincidence with the perv in Dave's posting? I think not.

I suppose you could say he was really "shi*faced!"

I'm sure they rinsed him off with an antiSEPTIC.

I think the proper punishment would be to just leave him there and close down the outhouse.

Note to self:
Don't eat and read blog at same time again.

as if those porta pottys werent creepy enough places. now i not only have to double check the door lock and clean the sitting area but i have to actually look into that scary dark hole to see if anyone is in there. ugh!!! i think i'll swear off outdoor events

actually i'll be 'relieved' if no one sees this...

("Lean On Me")

Some times in our lives
We all have needs
We have to follow
But if are pervs
What we desire
Might be a bit nasty to swallow!

Sh*t on me
If you got time
And don't mind my watching
For it won't be long
Before I'm going to need
Some serious washing!

Please don't be so shy
I've seen 'em all
I don't really care how
If you empty your bowels
I promise not to point or stare now.

can't finish, sorry...

maybe he misheard the expression 'when the s**t hits the fan', thought it was, 'when the s**t hits the MAN', and wanted to try it out.


'Scared sh!tless I was!"

I'm thinking that before they pulled him out of there, they should have invited every guy in the vicinity to come in and take a leak. Of course, that might be what he wanted.
Maybe something involving snakes turned loose in the tank with him might be more appropriate.

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