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June 30, 2005


Get out now.


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"They're 100 per cent pre-dator," said Jim Cosgrove, who has a hard time with compound words.

"Humboldt Squid and the Red Devils" wbagnfarb

whooohoo my first first!!!

Tom Cruise won't save you from the killer squid.

What made you think that I thought he would try?

If you were attacked by a number of them, you could most certainly get injured.

Well, DUH!!!

"Their 10 tentacles, covered with suction cups full of teeth, can reach out three metres, dragging hapless prey toward razor-sharp, parrot-like mouth-beaks."

all I can think of is YUM!

Tom Cruise views all of this as a pseudo-science.

"If you were attacked by a number of them, you could most certainly get injured."

as opposed to what?

okay class, name one thing that "if you were attacked by a number of them" you would NOT get injured.

If attached by a number of giant squid, all you need is some vitamins, that'll fix ya right up.

vitamins are also good if you are ATTACKED

Nerf balls? I guess nerf balls can't attack, you can be attacked with nerf balls, but not by nerf balls.

I'm not going to take advice from Tom Cruise. That dude doesn't even like water.

Hmmm... Maybe that's why he's afraid of the squid... Because they're surrounded by the stuff. And maybe that's the connection the author was going for, but if so it took me twenty minutes to figure out. Nothing should ever take twenty minutes to figure out.

If anyone happens to find a picture of these killer squid I would enjoy it.

dandelion puffs?

We are peaceful

Their 10 tentacles, covered with suction cups full of teeth, can reach out three metres, dragging hapless prey toward razor-sharp, parrot-like mouth-beaks.

I felt the same way entering my ex-mother-in-law's house.

Dandelion puffs could trigger status asthmaticus in susceptible individuals.

*snorts self-importantly*

Thanks brainy (after some thought I decided not to call you BJ)

They don't look all that intimidating. Maybe the people that got eaten had squid food in their pockets.

Yes c8, maybe they had Soylent Green in their pockets.

Squid love Soylent Green and as you know, Soylent Green is people!

So, nobody thinks the concept of "resurfacing again" is redundant?

So, nobody thinks the concept of "resurfacing again" is redundant? Like a double post?

all your sinus are belong to us!

LTT- Your challenge is a tough one. However, if I were attacked by a number of half-naked pillow-fighting sorority girls, I would not get hurt, or even care if I did get hurt.

you could be attacked by a number of tree frogs and not be injured. you could also be attached to a number of tree frogs. their suction cups have no teeth

Since it goes without saying, I'm going to say that The Razor-Sharp, Parrot-Like Mouth-Beaks wbagnfapunkb.

Also, Giant Squid and the Ten Tentacles.

...woe betide the boater who goes overboard in darkness.

"Woe betide!" Who,wrote this article? Charles Dickens?

Can we get some pictures that show the squid next to a dollar bill or something, so we can judge the size?

Dunno, Victoria, but apparently the buggers can get pretty big.

That squid is nearly as giant as Beth C's vagina.


That, Targetgirl, I refuse to dig up a picture of. ;-p

brainy, that last photo IS a squid and not the aforementioned kootchie? right?!

This entire blog appears to be lost in Beth C's vagina. If you all help me find my keys, we can drive my truck out of here.

tyler, I think you may have swallowed them in an effort to prank yourself. Well now the joke's on all of us!

I say yuk! to the suckers and woe betide the blogger who shows them again!

Good one, iggy! *hee, hee, I said one*

igloo - Vancouver is just a ferry ride from very British-centric Victoria, British Columbia. So it's almost expected that anything written there would sound like Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare or some other limey écrivain.

MC, you are right, this has gone to far.
Exactly 2.3765(5.988cm)inches to far and 1.239(3.453cm)inches to thick.

Geez, Brainy, I needed a warning before I opened those pictures. I almost choked when I saw the suckers. And again when I saw crossgirl's comment.

Maybe we need an acronym for frightening gross things? Especially if they are comparable to other frightening gross things.

Limey ecrivain rhymes with
Blimey, i'm in pain

ur welcome

How about NNOBPU (Not Necessarily Offensive, But Probably Upsetting)

Tyler, I found your keys! Now let's all pile into your truckbed and get the hell outta BC's Kootchy McSquidville.

*narrowly averts random suckers/beaks as she navigates path to Tyler's truck*

I think I missed a thread or two. Who is Beth C and why do we hate her?

Seems Tom Cruise battled Squidward in vain
Not a trace of him soon will remain
He tried Dianetics
But squid dietetics
Left a Scientological stain!

Do you think these squid had anything to do with why a Vancouver, B.C. ferry missed the dock today? (Sorry, I tried to find the story online and was unsuccessful, but I don't know how to post a link anyway.)

Squid lures are orange, just like a life vest, because that color pisses them off and they attack it. The regular sized ones anyway.

I just had an eerie moment when I realized, first, how far off-topic bits of this thread have gotten, and second, that the subject heading of this thread contains the phrase 'B.C. waters', i.e. Beth Crowley, et al...

I probably shouldn't have mentioned it.

MC-Nice call, the thread title and even dave's comment has many more meanings now. It is somehow (here comes one of my favorite words)-serendipitous.

serendipitous implies good luck and fortune!?!
this is just saaaauuud.

I had to look it up myself to be sure I used it correctly-serendipity: The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. I agree it is sad, but I still like that word so neener.

it's a wondermous word...a magic carpet of a word. can we all sail off on it to new adventures?

Is that really true Victoria? I'm afraid to go there in case there's a web cam or a worm or a virus or some other contagious disease.....

Serious. I put a comment in the newer threads, in case anyone isn't looking at these comments anymore.

Serious. I put a comment in the newer threads, in case anyone isn't looking at these comments anymore.

I was going to post a tart reply to Miss Vagina Monologue but after rereading her blog, I got just too freakin' scared. That chick ain't right-the word that pops to mind is inappropriate. And that goes for Tom Cruise, too. WHAT"S UP with him, lately? You would think rich, cute and famous would be enough for him, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, he's just got to be arrogant, pompus and WRONG all over the place. No wonder nobody goes to movies anymore. Those film people are just getting too odd for us normal folk. (snork)

Don't we lose a lot of photographers if they wear chain mail when in the presence of these squid?

Tom Cruise won't save us from the squid? Big deal! I'm hoping the squid will save us from Tommy Boy and the Scientologists, the Moonies, the Republicans, and other weird cults that have no grasp of reality!

Would "Tommy Boy and the Scientologists" BAGNFARB?

Cleaning this mess up before we all end up in jail, Kid Charlemagne


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