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June 20, 2005


We have bad news.


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hehe, 'falling out'

Most guys would be quite happy to see big breasts falling out of, well, anything.

Does small victory dance for reasonable breasts.

Hmmmm...this dance works better with a bunch of reasonable breasts participating.

"Jordan and the Outrageously Enhanced Chests" wbarb I would cetainly want to see.....

Dang, I knew I shouldn't have gotten that sugery.

(I'm a guy, in case you're wondering.)

Dave, say it isn't so. Please.

Oh, the humanity!!!

Too much?

"certainly" would be a better word to use..

The size of the moderners' breasts
Shall decrease on all women's chests
But who wants a boob
That can burst and leak lube?
So the truth is it's all for the best

We shall remember them fondling...err...fondly.

King Wingbipeekaboo would like to know what is up with this paradoxic conservatism trend.

Let it be known far and wide that King Wingbipeekaboo will remain liberally minded.

I never gave a damn for fashion anyway.

oh bloody hell. now my best feature isnt worth anything either.

Your best features will always be appreciated here, queensbee!

I am not discouraged. While we experienced some irrational exuberance in the highly speculative 36 DD+ sectors, and growth there has slowed, the overall direction of the breast size market remains positive and is more likely to prove sustainable going forward. Should we see a bubble, as we did in the overheated J-Lo supplemental back-end investments of previous years, we are prepared take corrective measures to ensure an orderly development of key head-to-toe assets. In short, there is no need to panic. Stay the course.

What's wrong with women keeping abreast of the latest fashions?

"Honey, does this shirt make my boobs look big?"

"Um, of course darling!"

"You barstid, small breasts are in now! You're supposed to keep up with these trends so you can lie appropriately!"

*sounds of guys everwhere whanging their heads on the wall*

"Whanging their heads"?

Yes, Dave...it's a combination of Whacking and Banging. It is only used in the most dire of situations...appropriate usage here.

The figures came from The Harley Medical Group, which has ten clinics across the country.

He said "figures"...

And Harley? I guess they're "expanding".


Oh, somebody STOP me!

Think of all those women who need to have their implants removed now! Maybe if they save them, they can get a discount when bigguns are back in style.

Fed - You speak truth.

Inasmuch as Director Louise BRAham is telling us about this, we'd best believe her.

Dave -

"Whanging their heads" is a covert euphemism for "snogging their blogs."

I hope that clears everything up.

Uh, yeah, like... will there be a 'used breast' repository somewhere?

Will McDonald's do some kind of buy-up where they renovate and replace all of their ballpits with the, um, leftovers?

I've never heard of this 'Jordan' girl until now, either.

Bra that is too small
jiggles flesh, men salivate...
Unleash my boobies!

Well, I think it's about time. What guy would want some sagging, overblown thing that quivers like Jell-o when he could have something firm, perky, and bouncy?

Silly me. I believed that - with few exceptions - breast size was predetermoned by nature.

Like penis size.

(Thank goodness I'm size "large" or I'd have to go hide.)

Do a Jordan?

Yes! Finally, I will be fashionable for once.

I've always prefered quality over quantity.

I didn't know Michael Jordan had big boobs!

To quote the classic "Weird Science":

Anything bigger than a handful and you're riskin' a sprained thumb

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