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June 29, 2005


Help is at hand. So to speak.

(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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We females will still know exactly how long once things get going...

You can only hide so long....

It's a wonder all right...we'll wonder where it went once the undies come off...

Ooh, I do not like the theme we are working on today.

No, wait-- yes I do!

Men: please do not purchase these. Thank you.

So, being a guy, I went straight to the part where they reported 'too tight' or 'watch out for the wdgie'. You know, the important stuff....

Sorry. You can eave these off the Christmas list..

"Is thateth a codpiece in your pantalones, or be thee just happy to see me?"

"I am secureth in my size and need no codpiece, wench!"

"pssst. he weareths the pushup briefs."

"Quiet knave! It is merely to supporteth my girth whilst foxing!"

*foxes run by, snickering*

It's going to be one of those old-songs-I-didn't-even-like-stuck-in-my-head days, I guess. For some reason, at the moment it's:

Why do you build me up, build me up, buttercup baby, just to let me down . . .

Now if they'd just sew a fake nipple on the front, the effect would be complete.

How it feels: "Like wearing your mother's underwear."


Always attracted to a man who looks like he carries his lunch in his pants.

"Like wearing your mother's underwear."



"Snugger Cuts and the Demanding Undies" could bagnfa(all girl)rb

I read the phrase "lift and separate" and cannot stop laughing.

Kilmeny ~ Sounds painful.

The lift and separate bit startled me. I unfortunately got a mental image of something like a guy I saw on TV once who'd had his tongue split, only in this case, not the tongue. Then I realized what was being separated was the twins. I'm still puzzled, tho. I myself do not possess these appendages, but judging by how sensitive some persons I have known have been about theirs, I do not think they would want them lifted, much less separated, by their briefs.

Oh, put a sock in it!

I am buying several pairs, and giving them out for Christmas this year. Just so I can hear people say "what the hell...?"

I prefer the foil-wrapped cucumber (zucchini?) as featured by Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap.

Victoria, you're right, it was. But it reminded me of guys in high school whose pants were really really tight (and I realize I'm dating myself by admitting that). There was lifting and separating going on, all right, mostly the guys from their dignity.

"lift and separate"

"LIFT AND SEPARATE?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!"

"Photographs by Damien Donck for Newsweek"

Maybe it was only me,
but I found this, right under the photo, particularly hilarious.

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