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June 28, 2005


A fine idea from Malaysia.


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I personally would hesitate to call any legislator a "man of the people" until he's sucked venom out of a constituent's tuchus.

Legislators catching snakes. Sort of like setting a thief to catch a thief.

Wait. Aren't the legislators usually the snakes? Maybe this is kind of a whistle blower idea?

"Elected representatives must pass the acid test of being able to help people in distress, including knowing how to catch snakes, perform first aid and carry out rescue missions," Syed Razak was quoted.

Why they want to perform first aid on snakes is beyond me.

Hey! Those politicians have new pick-up lines:

Hey, baby, wanna come over and help me catch a snake?

I'll suck out your venom if you suck out mine.

Zaphod, maybe they figure politicians are the only ones snakes would let get close enough. You know, kindred spirits and all.

igloo is right: if we had this policy here nothing would ever get done because Ted Kennedy would be wrestling Orrin Hatch to the ground (NTTAWWT) and vice versa.

That would be a pay-for-view match I would watch.
A Senate Death Match. No holds Barred. No Time Limit.

Good! Because when I'm drowning, I want my elected officials to run out and catch a snake!!

Maybe it's a scheme to entertain the snakes and get rid of the legislators at the same time.

Another practical use for legislators would be as Crash Test Dummies. One main advantage is when you need to dispose of them, they are bio-degradeable.
I think.

Dave - could we try to teach Tom DeLay to catch Mr Grin?

I think that a lot more qualified people would run for public office here in America if we paid for this kind of training for them. I want fewer lawyers in government. Think about it. You get elected, go to Washington, learn a trade, go back home when your term is expired and become a useful member of the community that elected you, AND we don't have to pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars because you RETIRED from Congress!

In Malaysia, the men who write laws
Can help voters escape from snake's jaws
But here they're more skilled
Their spare hours are filled
Helping interns escape from their bras!

i like em with a little chianti and some fava beans.

queensbee: was that snakes or legislators?

Cool! Can we sign up presidential candidates too? Because I would much rather see them suck out snake venom from a potential voter than kissing babies and shaking hands.

Legislators being forced to do actual work...a dream come true.

Seems kind of unfair to the snakes though. Snakes only bite one person at a time. They're good that way. Politicians can poison everyone with one bad decision (not that there are ever any good ones...)


you should never use the term "drowning" in the same thread that "ted kennedy" is mentioned.


because you will be labeled a vast right-wing, white-bread, intolerant, christian bigot.

I have adapted the following lawyer joke to this particular thread (although many politicians are already lawyers):

Q: What's the difference between a catfish and a politician?

A: One is a scum sucking bottom dweller and the other is a fish...

Feel free to spew coffee on your monitor now

Labels are so much fun, aren't they? I am going to label random people from now on. Right wing bigot is a good one followed closely by sheep molesting frenchman and then the runner up is thong and too tight jeans skirt wearing possibly kinky crispy creme eating fatty.

I'm sorry to remind you all, but I cannot get that vision out of my head...

You know darn well they meant "carry out first aid" on someone who was bitten by a snake...

Somewhere North, neither can I. Just the mental image alone makes me want to put on a vast T-shirt and granny panties and hop on the treadmill.
Or vomit up breakfast.

vast right-wing, white-bread, intolerant, christian bigot,

I'm not That vast. Only half vast.

Kilmeny, thanks for the image. Now I don't have to take my appetite depressant (to borrow from a geezer-age film).

Sondra...*snork* *spew*

renee,..coooooold fish;)

At least as trained paramedics they can treat the snake bites from their latest forced skill. Ah the symetry!

I think we should nominate Daryl Sprout to position of U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia

Allow me to continue on this comment by Somewhere North:

' "Elected representatives must pass the acid test of being able to help people in distress, including knowing how to catch snakes, perform first aid and carry out rescue missions," Syed Razak was quoted.

Why they want to perform first aid on snakes is beyond me. '

Why the want to catch the freakin' snakes, perform first aid on it, and carry out the rescue mission - after catching it in the first place?

By the way, I am from Malaysia.

I just read a story (in an actual magazine made of paper) about a Nigerian law maker who, facitiously, suggested the death penalty for legislators caught taking bribes or commiting other forms of corruption. A disturbing number of fellow lawmakers took him seriously and agreed.

Actually, it doesn't sound like a bad idea.

"The Snake-Hunting Legislators" WBAGNFARB.

Of course they won't get bit.... Professional courtesy… that’s sharks. but snakes would be on the same level.

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