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June 29, 2005


Not us.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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And here I thought the Japanese had that weird food category cornered!!!!

What other country has a love song about a cockaroach?

What other country has a love song about a cockaroach?

At first I thought that eating caterpillars sounded disgusting, but then I read that they "taste a little like grasshoppers". Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Oh, come on, Dave - you were the one who came up with the "Eat Bugs For Money" concept. Even if this isn't exactly what you meant.

So the over-used phrase "Tastes like chicken" will now be replaced with the more original "Tastes like grasshoppers"?

C'mon, everyone, sing along!

Green caterpillar!
Green caterpillar!
I am going to eat you
Because you're crunchy
Because you're tasty
And because you're filled with goo

La la la la la la la la.....


Oh, so it tastes like grasshoppers? Thanks for putting it in terms I can relate to. That's very helpful.

If I must consume bug-containing products from Mexico, it dang well better be TEQUILA.

You can have the worm.

"They taste a little like grasshoppers" reminds of when people say things like "This is the worst burrito I've ever tasted! Here, try some."

"You put the lime in the caterpillar,
Boil 'em both together!
Put the lime in the caterpillar,
Then you feel better!"

Slimy, yet satisfying.

Come on guys, Hakuna Matata!


ewwww. yuck. bleah!

Good one, Fed.

I prefer mine with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Holey guacamole!

Holey guacamole!

Although they are an excellent source of many nutrients that many poor can't afford. And hey, who knows? We have sushi bars now... perhaps insect bars aren't too far off.

Qetzal! *snork!* again!!

For everyone's information, Mexico's bug cuisine was not "Lost"....the brilliant ancient Mayans took the old papyrus recipe books and buried them inside a thousand foot well.....unfortunately, some idiot was out exploding rabbits, when up flew the book, which was mistaken for a lost treasure, instead of the gross mistake our Mayan fathers recognized it to be....

"...maguey worms...wrinkly, red-and-white worm...."

MmmmmmMMMMmmmmmm, what's not to love?

Great. I just finished Nachos Grande for lunch. Had little green thinks sprinkled on top. I THOUGHT they were chives. Now I'm not so sure.

In Aztec times, pest control was achieved mostly by eating bugs rather than spraying them.

Aztec Pesticides wbagnfarb

Fried Green Caterpillars wbagnfarb.

And yummy to boot!

Wow! Two Tamara snorks in one day. That's rare form for me.


*does the Malcolm In The Middle Happy Dance*

*would prefer to do the Ren & Stimpy Happy Happy Joy Joy dance, but has been asked by management to stop butt-bumping his coworkers*

Butt-Bumping Co-Workers wbagnfarb

Butt-Bumping Co-Workers sounds more like a poorly marketed adult film.

"wrinkly red-and-white worm" must have snuck over here from the 'Certain Men' post...

(Guy is dating a senorita from across the border)
*Kiss, smooch, kiss, grope*
"Hey, baby, guess what I've got for you, it's about two inches long, and it's red and wrinkly..."
"Ay, que bueno!" CHOMP!!!

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