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June 21, 2005



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If there were food or oil in Paris, Kofe would be right on it.

If there were food or oil in Paris, Kofe would be right on it.

shouldn't there be a third one in Paris?


Not to worry...it won't last.

Hi, I think you're cute
Wow, you're name is Paris too?
Cool, let's get married.


i love it...bettern' the original!

Key Quote: "We'll do a little bit of American [food] and a little Greek."

*wonders what they don't like about short Greeks*

I feel another haiku coming on...

Why am I famous?
I'm not sure, I do nothing
I'm a slut...that's hot!

My guess is she decided to marry this Paris guy so she wouldn't have to change her name. hehe...blonds.

Victoria, that's hot.

snif inspired haiku:

Paris and Paris,
cute name pair must we ponder,
where to get married?

Victoria... Ugh.

I don't feel so good.

I don't like soapy burgers.

if she takes his name there'll be two Paris Latsises!

Paris H. becomes Mrs. Latsis
For him she will save all her 'hotses'
For the groom it's a shame
If his party seemed tame,
I hope he's received all his shotses!

yet another profound haiku...

Hi, my name's Paris
And your name is, like, Paris
We both, like, have the same name

Who are Cheryl Tweedy and Ashley Cole?

Vici: The video was totally hilarious.

Why can't she go away now.

I like where the reporter said ANYONE related to that story "had their priorities straight." Oh please. All involved, including the reporter should be sold off to some kind of Star Trek plutonium mining slavery ring.

Does anyone else think it's weird that a)they both have the same first name, and b) they're both named after the capitol of France, but _neither_ of them is French? *puzzles* I agree with opiesgirl. I think she should just go away now. She's not even pretty, and those are _not_ her real breasts. Also, she wears enough eye makeup to paint a house.

AND not enough clothes to make a postage stamp. In fact, I think I saw her in a postage stamp once.

*laughs* That must have been during her "modest" period, Bobndoug, which I missed because I blinked.

It was while she was auditioning for a part and wanted to look "professional." Oh crap! She sucked me into talking about her! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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