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June 27, 2005


Eerie Boffins and the Zombie Dogs

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and RussellMc)


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I want to be the first to point out that
Eerie Boffins and the Zombie Dogs wbagnfarb


I think that judi actually pointed it out first!

Psst! She said "pretty good". I said "good".

Look at the picture that came with the article.See how happy they are? Don't you want to go through that process, too?

I volunter NOT to be one of their human subjects.

"Boffins"? WTF? Ferris?

i dont know what a boffin is. is it somebody who boffs? is it britslang for, uh, thingy?
these peeps gotta speak english.

boffins = eggheads, esp. scientific ones

mea culpa for the zombified post; i didn't know it was posted before, nor did i realize it was from april 1st. so i guess they got me with their zombie ways.

Oooh, censoring mistakes, eh? *tastes the air* Mmmm, corporate-y!

Are we gonna have a document-shredding party later? And if so, can it be clothing optional?

Actual warnings found on the unofficial blog shredder:
- Your mother doesn't work here; empty the bin yourself.
- Speaking of your mother, she thinks you're gay, NTTAWWT.
- External use only.
- Seek professional help immediately. Just because.
- Sure! It's just like a Flow-bee!

totally off thread ... just FYI, in case anyone cares ... I'll out of the loop as of tomorrow a.m. until about Friday ... flying home three days early (but when I can only use one arm, it's gonna take me that much longer ... )

that is all

carry on ...


You can fly with only one functional arm?? Flap hard, dude!

I can't wait to try this at home. Anyone got the link to the DIY kit?

I'll be out of touch, too. Going to Guatemala City, on Wednesday, to "pull a Jordan." Having H reduced to B, Thursday morning. I'll lose 10 pounds during the surgery. I'll be home on Saturday, but not likely to be blogging for a few days.

It's easy, Brad.

First, mix up about 5-6 L of salt water. Chill overnight.

The next morning, hook up the ice-cold salt water to an IV in one arm. Slash opposite wrist.

Once the flow turns from blood to salt water, have a friend close up the slash, replace the IV with fresh blood, and zap you once or twice with a car battery.

Oh, I guess I should have mentioned about having the friend nearby before I got to the wrist slashing. Sorry 'bout that....

U.O, hope you have a safe trip. Sondra, hope you have a speedy recovery. I returned to the blog today after a 5 day absence due to attending a family reunion in N.C. where I had no computer access. I survived and returned home to find that the water line to the ice maker in the fridge had leaked, making a lake where our kitchen floor used to be. It's good to be back. God bless the speedy Mallow repairman. I wish the car repairman who has had my vehicle since December was as efficient. *sigh* I'm done griping now. Really.

Congrats, SchadeBoy! She's darling!

What is SM? I meant AM. Sorry for any confusion and inconvenience this may have caused.


Wow! Beautiful!

And Leah! That young lady is what is known as dangerously beautiful! Meaning: It's gonna be dangeraus to be near her when she begins to be interested in boys, cuz they'll be climbing over each other for an opportunity just to look at her.

Earch? EARCH

I agree. I look to her teeneage years with impending doom. Not mine, of course. The doom of all those young men climbing over each other to get a look at her.

I suspect I should be cleaning out my guns.

They are all adorable, SchadeBoy. And those blue eyes and dimples are killer. I recommend large mean dogs to go with the guns.

Shadeboy ~ Good job! You make some beautiful babies.

Leah has the biggest, bluest eyes I've ever seen. She looks like a perfect porcelain doll!

You could do what my dad did when the dates came over. Sit at the kitchen table, sharpening a machete. Scared the pants off my hubby (back before he was my hubby). Of course, that didn't stop him from trying...

Bad example. Sorry.

Schadeboy -- if you choose claymores, remember: FTE ...

(If the rest of you want an explanation, see my comment on Schadeboy's blog ...)

shadeboy...what an adorable crew...congrat's on the newbie, n give your wife a big hug for me.
somebody is sure doin' sumpin' right:)

I do appreciate everybody's comments, here. You all are too kind. Really, especially in the advice about how to scare off the boys when they come a callin'.

Congratulations, ShadeBoy! What a wonderful new addition to your beautiful family; you are very blessed!


It never occurred to me that Daddy was sharpening his machete because guys were at the front door. Daddy was always grilling and took good care of his utensils. I'll never forget how pale one guy got. He had to sit down to keep from fainting. A 17" blade could do that, if you didn't grow with it, I guess.

Sondra ~ Someone who understands! Did he teach you how to shoot when you were young? I am awesome with a 38!

And did he tell you, as you were getting ready to walk down the aisle, "It's not too late to back out..."

And my fellow Pittsburghers wonder why we're ridiculed so much.

Sondra ~ Someone who understands! Did he teach you how to shoot when you were young? I am awesome with a 38!

And did he tell you, as you were getting ready to walk down the aisle, "It's not too late to back out..."


I was THREE-years-old the first time I shot a Coke can off a fence post at 30 feet!! Just a little .22, but the guns and rifles got bigger as I did!

And YES, Word for Word!!!

Are we related?

It's very possible. I'm from Ohio, as is all of my family.

Perhaps distant relations.

Although, nine years later, Dad still doesn't like my husband.

Maybe it was just my hubby? I do love the big jerk, but sometimes he is an ass.


There are some Anderson from my family that moved north about 6 generations back. John Anderson arrived in Tennessee, in 1778, from Sweden. The ones I'm decended from moved south or west with every generation.

I don't believe there is any Anderson in my family. You never know though.

Schade, I've been thinking of your family and checking your blog daily, but didnt have time yesterday. Congrats to you and yours, what a beautiful family!

Schadey: congratulations to you & the Mrs. For some reason I thought all your earlier kids were boys. But that Leah is gorgeous! What a face. And the boys are cute too. (And the baby, of course.)

Good luck!

hey, I am an anderson and my grandparents came over from sweden.

not that anybody cares.

Schadeboy - you have adorable children! And, as a mother of two beautiful girls, I also recommend the mean dog/clean gun approach to date control. Let your daughter hold the leash.

And as far as your misspellings go: hey, you're a new father (again) and you're allowed mistakes like that. I'm sure fatigue played a large part. That was my husband's excuse.

everyone is right about your gorgeous children, schade :) many congrats!

long tall,
we do care, just get to busy to take a moment and express it sometimes:)

ah fer...n obviously toO busy to take that extra moment to express it properly!

Congrats Schadeboy! (I love the name Leah! I've had several friends by that name. Wonderful women all.)

Safe trip U.O. and safe trip and recovery Sondra!

And a happy and safe 4th to all the blogglits!

Oh, now see what happens! I offered congrats before I checked your link. I see that Leah is not the newcomer (but beautiful none the less.) I have a niece named Rebecca. Good name also!

hey you are all freaks

you dont deserve the bodies yous have if all you want to do is abuse them

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