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May 29, 2005


Now the bastards are scaring the hell out of local fish.

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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Great idea...let's recruit drunks into the priesthood...that should reduce altar boy molestations...NOT!


Looks like an invasion of privacy to me - photographing crabs mating!!!!

Well, what are you waiting for??? Start melting some butter!!!

Mmmm, crabcakes...

Can the fish sue for emotional distress?

Are spider-crabs good to eat? Seems to me some fishermen might have missed out on the motherload of all catches...

"...it was likely related to breeding."

Someone call Guniess. That's gotta be a record for Largest Orgy. Ever.

was Crab Invasion a rock band or a CBS TV Movie?

I thought it was a personal hygiene problem myself.

Let me grab my crab mallet

In other news, certain fundamentalist species of fish were said to be "enraged" by the crabs' filthy display of sexual depravity. Fundie representative Rev. Gil Finson, a parrotfish, said in a speech not far from the crab orgy that "the crabs would be cast into Hades by Poseidon Himself for their immoral public show." The Temple of Poseidon itself could not be reached for comment.

Little known factoid: the "marine scientists" mentioned got their Associate from Melbourne Community College. Next year they study "Acting Weird in Search of Food" and realize that would fit for this activity too.

It's obvious why the crabs were gathered: It was a rugby match, and that was the scrum.

dats is a load o bllshit

I can't believe noone has said...

"Breeding Crabs" wbagnfarb!

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