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May 30, 2005


Because we find strength in zucchini.


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zucchini...the quiet vegetable...

Is that a zucchini in your pocket, or are you just happy we're at a festival?

Please; the jokes just write themselves. Too easy. Lots of lonely women find strength in zucchini. Not just in Florida. And if I'D found more strength in zucchini, I'll bet I wouldn't be expecting my fourth kid.

Duke of Zuke.

It makes me yearn for a Cucumber Festival, and the ensuing duel between the Duke of Zuke and the Duke of Cuke.

Has it been 10 - 15 days already?!?!?

Every town has to have it's own thing, I guess. My hometown has a Circus City Festival every summer to celebrate our annual amateur circus.

golfwidow - the ensuing duel between the Duke of Zuke and the Duke of Cuke

sounds like a book Dr. Seuss (RIP) never got around to writing...

He's such a kook
That Duke of Zuke
Fighting with the Duke of Cuke.

They fought with sickles
They fought with pickles
They fought with a lobster(that tickles!)

Then one day
Cuke to Zuke did say
"Try my muffins on this tray."

And Zuke to Cuke said as well
"Do you smell a glorious smell?
It's my greenest bread, it's swell."

Thus ends the tale of Zuke and Cuke
Who stopped their fighting in time to puke.

LOL, insom - and a hooray shoutout to golfwidow for giving you such a great startup line!

It's gonna be a bright, shiny day!

Garden Hint: Never grow zucchini in your garden because it will multiply like bunnies and all of your friends will stop taking your calls and answering the door because they do NOT want any more zucchini!

And you will be stuck with tons of Rotting Zucchini which wbagnfa Grunge Band!

(It was also a very long way to go for a punch line!)

Zucchini makes me burp.

Zucchini festival? In honor of the Volunteer Fire Department? Complete with military salute, children's rides and release of 20 white doves?

Good cause and all but WHAT?????

That all depends on how rich your mother is. Conversely, as a kid I hated zucchini and would have been glad to trade you. Can I retroactively sue you for never offering to take my zuchini?


Even the Burpee Burpless kind?

Oh wait. That's a cuke, not a zuke. Hope I didn't offend a duke.

"Best known for its homegrown fried zucchini"

I've gotta get me some of those seeds.

I actually grew up in this area of Florida, except in my day the festival was held in Micanopy, and the harvest it celebrated was marijuana. This is actually true. Ahh, the good old days.....

insomniac and golfwidow - has either of you ever seen the Veggie Tales DVD "Duke and the Great Pie War"? Larry the Cucumber plays Duke Duke, and he falls in love with Petunia, the Rhubarbarian princess. It's kind of cute, actually. And my kids loved it.

P.S. since I mentioned rhubarb, I better go check on my pies...

"Other places have strawberry and watermelon festivals, so we figured why not a zucchini festival,"...

Mostly because strawberry and watermelon daquiris are yummy and make a festival merry and fun. Zucchini daqiris are icky and make a festival smelly and gross.

aunt nancy - nope.

el. - another vegetable that's hard to grow a little of (and as hard to give away) is okra. I'm not going to think about okra daiquiris. *urrrp* too late!

insom - isn't okra a southern thing? I had some in soup, I think, once and it was pretty good. Zucchini I dislike in any form or substance, since my daughter grew some once.....I can't go on, memory blocked!!!

Zucchini bread is wonderful!

Wow, you're weird if you like zucchini,
I'm not trying here to be a meanie.
So many other foods,
They all taste so good,
Like pasta, I say eat linguini.

It goes great with say, a martini,
To know this, you don't need a genie.
If you disagree,
There's others, let's see,
You could always try fettuccini.

LOL, D'Artagnan!

El, clothed or in just a bikini,
When you're tanning out in Bimini,
My pasta love holds,
May I be so bold,
As to say, have the Tetrazzini!


I'd rather have tortellini.

Or an Oscar Mayer weenie.

*zips in*

I'll have the Tetrazzini
with a cappucchini
and a martini
and then I'll ride on the Zamboni!!!!

*zips out before anyone says WTF???*

WT-- oh, never mind.


Bumble, it pains me to note you have no palate for fine cuisine!

*ka-pwwiinnggss!! off with nose in air*

ick. hate zucchini. but its a good scrabble word.

Stupendous Man-

I like fine cuisine, but boiled Okra ain't it. The only way okra is edible is when it is breaded in cornmeal, fried, and hidden in a spoonful of mashed potatoes with gravy. Even then it's the proverbial pill in the jam. Come to think of it, that's the only way to eat zucchini, too.

Doesn't Okra have her own talk show, magazine, etc?

Oh, wait, that's Oprah.

"But the citizens of Windsor showed more than just pride for their zucchinis"

Pride goeth befor the fall... I

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