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May 30, 2005


Talk about your reality TV.


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Inka Blumensaat on a squirrel.

Sorry...not funny. How would anyone feel if their pet was killed, especially by an idiot?

Leetie, *snork*

Is "Inka Blumensaat" German for "Bridget Jones"?

You're right partypooper. It's not funny. But I still laughed out loud when I read it. Shame on me, I guess. Btw, good one Leetie.

Reminds me of a scene in the music video of Ray Stevens' "Mississippi Squirrel Revival."

we've had two of the three "sq's" today, Squirrels and Squash, now bring on the Squid!!

*zips in chortling*
*zips in snorking*
*zips in spewing*

sorry, pp....

*zips out still doing all of the above* HAHAHA!!!

*zips back in*

Ooops, I forgot one!


*zips out to see if squash is as funny as this*

Oh, the poor little cute squirrel! Poor little baby squirrel! That was so mean! Why didn't she watch where she was going, Mommy? Oh, poor little cute baby squirrel! *sniffle, sob*

Baby squirrel snuffed by reporter -
Dumplings at 11:00PM, 10:00PM Central

I wonder how Sugar Bush feels about this? Would her "mom" make her black clothes for the funeral? Should we send Inka Blumensaat to visit them?

snork. lol. sorry,poor squirrel, but that's really funny. yeah. the NKR or whatever news soivice... apologizes. haaaa.

Want to get away?

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