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May 25, 2005


...nothing says "You're a geek" like a hand-made Princess Leia Sock Monkey.

Key Quote: Princess Leia is probably not a children's toy.

(Thanks to Claire "The Force" Martin)

Update: We don't know what that thing is next to Princess Leia's waist, and we don't want to know.


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You're a little short for a puppet.

Why does Leia have three arms?

Bryce - That's what you get when a puppet is "hand-mdae"

Next comes...


Bryce, the three hands are to reach the hard to reach areas when she's itchy, I think.

Doug, don't forget Hand Solo!

??????? ????????? ???? ????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!

Bryce- Sounds like a sex toy.

It would be so cool if they could make a Yoda Sock Monkey, I think. I just hope it doesn't stink!

Maybe it could double as one. There are no rules when making Star Wars sock puppets.

ummm...I don't think that's a third hand...looks like the monkey's tail...guess Leia has a little secret no one knew about...'til now

Although you don't want to know what that thing next to her is, I think as a bona-fide Presidential Candidate, you should not skirt the issue.
It is obviously her personal "Light Sabre". Just the thing a girl needs on those long, lonely voyages accross interstellar space. Especially if your Wookie is a Weakie.

Watch out Han! The Storm Troopers are coming!

Whatever that is on ebay- I'm buying it

Maybe it's her lipstick, or a can of hairspray.

Emkay - How do you DO it?

Looking at that Sir Adrian Boult The Planets Odd Weird SEXY Sci-Fi cov, I guess it was laundry day.

Bryce: There are no rules when making Star Wars sock puppets.

This is true, sadly . . .

Brainy J, you made Dave self-conscious about his spelling. Personally, I liked "hand-mdae" better.
"Hand m'dae, mate!"

Bryce: There are no rules when making Star Wars sock puppets.

This is true, sadly . . .

Bryce - I think you're right. Just don't tell him that "Noiw they're using plastic penises", too.

Thanks Rocks, I'll put it on my 'watch' list. I think these parents just want to have someting to show their kid's dates and mortify them when they get older . . .

Ever see the Bill Murray SNL bit as the lounge singer singing the Star Wars theme?

"Star Wars, nothing but
Star Wars..."

Doh! Er...glad to help on the Typo Committee.

Current bid is $16.07, which is $16.00 too much.
Lets act as the wonderful blog community we are and drive up the price.

Anyone remember the spoof on Leia having huge cinnamon buns stuck to the side of her head? Was that Gilda Radner?
* calling all geezers *

MOTW: That was 'Hardware Wars,' which came out after the first (fourth, whatever) movie. I screened a 16mm film of it recently, it's still pretty funny. The kids were underwhelmed, spoiled by Comedy Central I guess . . .

Newsflash for the ladies of the blog: The coconut bra has now been replaced with these . . .
That is all.

A hairy wart? I hope she doesn't have to breast feed!

ah, mahatma.

marsupial fur for your mammaries.


If that's a Leia sock monkey, then that must be her banana sabre.

Dang! That's not Princess Leia in the slave dancer outfit! This will never work with my Jabba sock monkey!

I have two of those already.

MKJ - Do they come in mink?? That would be something worth thinking about! :)

Mahatma, I just went to Victoria's Secret and got a whole new collection of Ipex Coconut Bras, and now you tell me the uniform has changed?

It's a tail.

they should have used argyle sox... and i think, in the sendup on SNL, it was actually carrie fisher, in a guest-host appearance, who did a princess leia thing - as a beach movie...???

yeah - Jeff - but i am guessing that the fare on the geezer bus is Half-price!!

ummm...in case you guys didn't read...its a sock MONKEY....they 'third arm' is her tail. Boy...thought all you inteeligent people would have known that. :-\

And there is a yoda and a chewbacca sock monkey available from the same person.

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