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May 24, 2005


But for now, we hope you enjoy the trailer.


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That's a great movie idea, but I doubt it'll every happen.

Am I first?

Ever, that is. It's national typo day, in case you guys didn't know.

That was a delicious-looking hot dog.

Oh, was there an underlying message to the movie? Whad'I miss?

King Wingbipeekaboo approves! What more do you need?

I didn't see a trailer, or a trailer park, so I don't know what he's talking bout.

But that short movie looked kinda good.

What is this "Download plug-in" stuff? Is a "plug-in" like a "strap-on"???

Lynn, you're headed into some dangerous territory around here with that kind of remark.


Eleanor agrees with D'Artagnan that King Wingbipeekaboo sounds pompous by always referring to himself in the third person.....

Lynn, I think it means that you have to download a plug-in to watch the movie, but I'm not sure. But I never heard of downloading a strap-on before, whatever that is.

I'll check to make sure with President Bush, since he's been visiting my blog, like Jay Leno! But who is this T. Cruise guy?

Fed, It is definately national typo day.

did somebody say strap on?

Lynn did

I don't have a particular need for strap-ons, cause i'm a guy...
But i sense i've gone too far.


Oh, by the way, i can't wait to see the movie.

I enjoyed the book.

I enjoy many books.

Dave Barry is my hero.


Hey RC! A strap-on is a belt to hold up your pants.

We cowboys know these tings.

I know what strap-ons are.

I know what plug-ins are.

Odd that they have nothing to do with each other, since their names make them sound like they do the same things...

That's the first time I've ever heard Dave speak. You have a nice voice, Dave. Can't wait to see the whole thing. Loved the book.

Btw, were you actually in Big Trouble Dave? You're credited on imdb.com as being one of the lawyers, but when I watched it, I couldn't spot you. Perhaps Client from Hell was blocking you. Or maybe I just wasn't looking carefully.

You know Dubya, you're a bold man.
I could not have answered such an amazing question.
"What is a strap-on?"
Holy crap.
That's a big answer.
Usually many questions follow.
That's only because you then have to destribe the uses for a strap-on.
And the bigger question:
"Why do we have strap-ons?"
Now that, my good president, is a HARD question.
(But i digress)

I'm sorry, I know I went too far about strap-ons.
I just can't help it.
They're a rediculous invention.
Utterly insane.

*Jumps up and does the happy dance*

Where can we buy the Dave Barry Blue Shirt Uniform?

Lou Bricant?
That name sounds like something.


Social Lubricant?

Hooray Beer!!!

Thank you.

Psycho Joe says: "Here's to inflating the numbers"


When i'm holding a beer, i can think of many things to toast.

"Here's to trailer parks!"
"Here's to forest fires!"
"Here's to Dave Barry!"
"Here's to Beer!"
"And the list goes on."


First this: YAAAAAAY!!

Bumble - First time I heard Dave speak was when he appeared on Dave's World and said (and this is an exact quote), "Yuppies."

I'm TOTALLY excited to see this movie! I'm just giddy.

*does happy dance*

Finally someone spoke.

I, too, am overjoyed about the movie.
I haven't words for how much i want to see it.

I think everyone just needs to burp already. Next topic, please!

S.M. - It's in Dave's Guide to Guys, and is one of the funniest and truest pieces ever written, IMO!

Dave - I see you hiding in the background of the trailer's "Relationships" segment. I was stunned by the color of your shirt!

Stunned huh?
I thought blue was his color.

Also, Jello Brainy.
Thanks for the beer and the recognition.

Dave...great clip...I get "the look" all the time...and like cave hubby, I too have made the mistake of referring to my wife's "lunar cycle" as a reason for "eccentric" (psychotic) behavior

P Joe - Okay. You got me. By "stunned" I really meant "not stunned in any way, shape or form."

*ponders the rudundancy of way, shape and form.*

I'm so stupid, I didn't read the credits!Congratulations Dave! I'm gona be the first in line to see your movie!

I'm sorry if I said something stupid, could you please unban me. I really think you are cool, or you wouldn't be on my blogroll.

President Bush, I had to delete your comment on my blog. My mom says you should eat more Pretzels.

philintexas, my mom has lunar cycle, but she hasn't rode it in a while.

When is Dave's movie suppose to come out?

Ah, a couple of you guys beat me to it.

I'm usually the one who points out that Dave is, as always, wearing a blue shirt.

At least this time it had a design on it. {sigh}

Years ago, my then-tailor told me that blue was the most popular color for men's suits. I guess it might hold true for shirts as well. Perhaps it's a "guy thing" . . . as in "Guide to Guys."

Off Topic

Dave, you have alot of spam in your blogs archives, and it's really bad! Look at some of your posts from the beginning of this month, or the months before!

Are you using Movable Type for your blog? If you are, then maybe you should get the Movable Type Blacklist Plugin, or remove the archive list, and the Category list from your blogs main page.

But if you think the Herald does not mind the spam that everybody can read, then I guess it's ok, I think. I just thought you should know.

Eleanor, tnx for responding! No one (not [not knot, naught, gnawed or gnaw it] noone) else responded. Tnx again!

One of my kids sent me an interestig "request for support" email, regarding the uniform needs of the Canadian Army ... I can't link it, but I'll forwaed it to any who want it ...

[WARNING! Rampart Alert! --- MKJ? D'art'? Anyone?]

Personally, I'm really waiting for:
Dave Barry's Guide to 24:
How do Shoot People Indiscriminately In The Thigh For Power, Influence and Fun

We all would have been happy to clue you in, S.M. Eleanor just beat us to it. :-) The passage of which you speak is at the start of chapter four. Pg. 77 in my mass market paperback.

Now, can anyone clue ME in as to my above question regarding Big Trouble? Make it my birthday present. I'm 21 today.


I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm sure someone else on this blog can. By the way, Happy Birthday! You must be one of the youngest fans of the Davester. Oh, to be 21 again...sigh...

*rethinks...maybe I don't want to go there again...*

Please note:
According to IMDb, Complete Guide to Guys was released on February 2, 2005.
So, my frantic search for theaters that would show it in my area was in vain? Well, now at least I can stop thinking it went straight to DVD.

Brainy Jello,

You're forgetting part of Dave's appearance on the show. He actually had several lines, including "I want to buy and Air Conditioner". He and Dave Barry (as played by Harry Anderson) got into a bidding war over the last remaining unit. or something like that.

I could really get behind this movie and enjoy the hell out of it if I didn't have such a short span of he really does always wear a blue shirt, doesn't he? I bet someone told him it brings out the color of his eyes or something.

Aw, Dave, that was an awesome trailer, man!
If you were here in LA I'd give you my last beer...

mike w. - didn't they mean 'soon to hit Blockbuster'?

mike w. - didn't they mean 'soon to hit Blockbuster'?

mike & insomniac...not even Blockbuster worthy.

I didn't have the appropriate strap-on to watch the trailer, but from looking at the poster, I can see that there will be chicks in the movie. That's probably a good idea, since more guys will come to see the movie if it has hot babes.


Thank you. Yes, I probably am one of the youngest Dave fans. I used to read his books in High School. Everyone gave me weird looks when I laughed because they didn't understand how a BOOK could possibly be funny. My generation doesn't understand me. *whimper* And, no, you don't want to be 21 again. :-) I'm not sure I want to be 21 now.

My friends and I are all 15, and we form the Garden Spot High School Dave Barry Fan Club. My copy of "Dave Barry Slept Here" has been read by almost everyone in my math class. It's kinda beat up now.

Good for you Sam G. You've restored my faith in teen's good taste. Keep reading the good stuff.

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