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May 26, 2005


Is this Monica?

CROP clinton dinner 006 (3).jpg


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with a combover, no less.

She appears to be in position, whoever she is.

... for what, though, I don't know.

with a combover, no less.

Maybe Ted can clarify - he was there, after all...

With his MULLET!

Brain - Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Pinky - I think so, Brain, but what if the hippopotamus won't wear the beach thong?

from The Pinky P.O.V.

No, that's Veronica . . .

Bill, Monica, Ted and Mullet.

Coming to a theatre near you.

It's either Monica, or a chunky Jennifer Garner, the jury's still out, unlike the jury on Ted's hair which rendered a verdict in record time.

Yeah, but I did not get a good look at her face.

Or maybe a harmonica . . .

Jennifer Garner with cheek implants and half her face mysteriously missing. I don't see a cigar.

Using the latest facial recognition software, Edgar has determined the referenced photo NOT to be Monica. Jack has reported in that he will return from Mexico to shoot her in the thigh, if needed.

Monica was not at that dinner. March of '03, I believe, in Iowa City. And neither was Jennifer Garner. I do remember Bill was late as he wanted to make a pit stop at the Hamburg Inn No2, to get a milkshake. The Hamburg Inn was made famous by Reagan on one of his campaign stops, and since has turned into a must stop on the campaign for POTUS. They named a booth for Reagan and have a plaque above it; have one for Clinton, and the engraver is patiently waiting for the Dave Barry Presidential booth to be made official when the candidate visits the Hawkeye state for '08.

It depends on what you mean by "Is", "that", and "Monica".

This is all just a clever diversion to my real intentions!!!

Oh yeah, I miss you too, Dave...

No Ted, that hairstyle doesn't look good on you either. You look vaguely like Monica Lewinsky. I notice you got contact lenses too - how's that working out?

Hmmmm...she is partially obscured by Clinton's torso, so that would be a check...but she's looking up, which seems wrong.

On the other hand, she's staring at Ted's mullet, and how can you not?

she's thinking "nice dork, Mullet"

Okay, I stand corrected. This photo taken seconds later when she stood up clearly indicates that Monica was there, and that Bill and Ted have mullets.

Ted, please do not continue this insane line of denial regarding the hair and Monica. It's sad.

M'sM: so it was "Star Wars: Episode III--Revenge of the ZZZZZZTTTT!,"

M'sM: so it was "Star Wars: Episode III--Revenge of the ZZZZZZTTTT!,"

MM - that's great - you should send it to DB!!!

Oh who cares,
Let's have the answer to the question most ladies are thinking here 2nite (it's nite here)


and judging by the mullet ( sorry Ted), I'm guessing not.

Eleanor - I sent it to DB....he seems to prefer catfish.

The Field Coodinator is available.

The Field Coodinator is available.

Ted -
Mullet: bad

Double post with misspelling: very bad

I am the Coodinator - and I'll be back with my mullet!

Oh look Monica had the hollandaise.

Hmmm, Ted, you're single? Get a Dave Barry haircut and we might be able to put something together. Kidding; I'm married; but you just might be the next Mahir Cagri. I kiss you!!!!!!!! Who want to come TURKEY I can invitate?


Hubby: Nanc, why is there Pepsi all over the computer and the desk?

Me: Well, I took a big swig, read Stupendous Man's comment, and *snork*

Hubby: Oh, good grief. Please go get the Windex and some paper towels, will you?

Me: Yes, dear.

*snickers her way down the hall*

*spontaneously combusts*


I find it hard to believe you are single. You are the hottest thing since sliced bread.


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