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May 25, 2005


This is the story of a heroic 911 operator who did not immediately hang up.

(Thanks to Travis Williams)


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"Those minutes can seem like an eternity when you're under a camel..."

How well I know...

Poon? Too funny.

I wish judi hadn't posted these two stories so close together. I'm easily confused. By tomorrow I'll remember it as a story about a woman trapped under a camel that called 911 because she couldn't get a pizza delivery.

On second thought, I kinda like it!

If Jack Bauer would have gotten there in time, I know he would have shot the camel in the leg. And the woman, too. (Lukily the 911 operator, being located remote from the scene, risks no such fate.)

However, even if he DID show up after the camel had rolled off of her, I'm convinced that Jack's actions would have been no different to the camel or its victim.

It's a good thing the woman did not try to explain her situation by uttering, "I need your help with Poon's camel toe!"

Oh, okay...what the hell...

Camel 911
Won't get his butt off of her
When he does...there's "poon".

... so ... does Poon have a sibling named Tang?

(Some people are just TFC when comes to naming petsn or kids, or zoo animals ... just sayin' ...)

What are camels doing in West Virginia anyway?

... AND ... how did the victim know the camel's name?!?!?!

Exactly where was she being bitten?????


I think not ...

I know it's probably just me, but
"Caller: He just rolled off of me. Oh, oh God. No Poon. 911 Dispatcher: What's he doing now? Caller: (inaudible) 911 Dispatcher: (name), what's he doing now? Caller: He's biting me." seems somewhat erotic.

Darn it! I almost sent this in on the same day the original camel story was posted, but didn't after seeing it was already blogged. I've learned my lesson: always send every variation of every news article, even if it's already been blogged.

**AP-wire news** LSMFT

Once revered corporate spokescamel and media darling, Joe Camel, has admitted himself into the Brown and Williamson Center for Addictive Behavior to undergo treatment for BS (Bitting and Sitting) disorder. According to his attorney, Phillip Morris of Leets, Smoke, Moore, Faggs,Toodaye, Joe Camel has had difficulty adjusting to life since his Character was no longerfeatured on bill boards accross the US. His Attorney is aware of the difficulty Joe faces in over coming his addiction, but he said that, "once Joe is over this hump,, he sees nothing but success in his future.

Interesting conclusion, Marvin. I came to the conclusion: Don't bother sending anything in because someone else will. My way seems kinda lazy compared to yours. Huh. Go figure.

From the camel's point of view:

"911 Operator, what is your emergency?"

"I've fallen, and I can't get up!"

"What is your location?"

"On top of some stupid broad who's screaming and poking me with a cell phone...if I ever get up, I'm gonna bite her in the ass!"

"Dispatcher: (name), what's he doing now? Caller: He's biting me."

(Ig, you and I zeroed in on the same quotes.)

If you are the dispatcher, at what point are you allowed to break down into a fit of laughter?

That camel is STILL sitting on that woman??

"What did you do today, Timmy?"

"I taught Poon how to sit and bite!"

"That's nice. What about G-Spot?"

"Totally untrainable."

What? A camel story and no toe?

This is a perfect example of why I would make a terrible 911 operator.

Me: You say a camel is sitting on you?

Caller: Yes! And I can barely breathe... *gasp*

Me: Come off it, a camel?

Caller: *gasp* Yes! Please help me....

Me; And the camel's name is *Poon*?

Caller; Yes. Poon. Please send help...

Me: BAHHAHAHHAHAHH.. Oops. Note to self, do not pound keys during fit of laughter or you will disconnect caller.

You da man!

If she's the one who named him, I'd say that camel had a legimate right to bite the ass that named him...

Maybe she should have one of those "On Star" buttons installed on the her camel(toe)

The transcript reads like something C'bol might have written.

Key Quote: "...those minutes can seem like an eternity when you're under a camel."

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