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May 25, 2005


I miss Marwan.


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I missed Marwan FIRST.

dave, check home depot

did something happen to Marwin?
i missed the last monday thread.

i'd miss Arnold Vosloo(sp?)though.
best lookin' Mummy i ever saw.


Just sayin' ~ Agreed.

Imho-hot, zow ;)

Ever notice Marwan backward is Nawram?

Coincidence? I think so.


Marwan is never really gone, because he lives on in the hearts of everyone who ever lobotomized themselves on a Tuesday evening. The little Marwan in each slack jawed, drool soaked man, woman, and yes, even child, when collectively considered, is greater than even a Marwan show with Marwan commercials.

Okay, maybe not greater.

Ah, I miss him too. Shopping at Home Depot Will never be the same...

Wait. I just got this email, and it's really weird.

Count every "F" in the following text:


If anyone gets it right, then they're a genius.

freakin groovy...i got the day wrong too.

By custom, his funeral would be tomorrow. Hopefully, they will make him look nice for the viewing. Slamming into the cement like that had to bruise a little.

Sam, I counted 6. Feed the Deisel.


Ooh, good. Everyone else I asked got 3. Usually, the brain doesn't process "of". Well, I guess your a genius, Shaq.

but no one hugged marwan

no one hugged marwan. why he dead?

homeybeef...he Dead!?!...awwwww.

If you miss Marwan, just go and scrape him off the pavement, CTU has been too busy with Jack's fake death to bother putting the home depot terrorist in a body bag.

Look, anyone missing Marwan can head to LA, find that parking garage and look for the cement imprint of Marwan's face.

Marwan...He's one acrobatic dude... Fell back first, landed face first.

Any thoughts on how Jack is gonna get pulled into the next 24?

My guess is he's gonna stumble onto some home-grown terrorists, and contact CTU when it gets out of hand.

Any other guesses?

Damn...it's not even been 48 hours since 24 ended...I'd expect withdrawl symptoms to begin next week Monday...not this early.

In the interests of preserving Dave's (in)sanity, I present the following options to begin blogging live updates to during the same timeslot (9pm EST Mondays) (in no particular order) (really):
Hells Kitchen - Fox
Stargate SG1 - SciFi
The West Wing - Bravo
Cops - FX
Full House - Nikelodean
The Abrams Report - MSNBC
Headline News - Headline News
Weather: Evening Edition - The Weather Channel

Y'all pick. I'm going back to sleep.

Yes Steve, He will be executive producer.

Seems Jack was heading into Mexico, I guess next season the show will be called

If anyone gets it right, then they're a genius.

... ahem ...

I vote for The Weather Channel. It would be useful, since everytime I try to get a forecast, "Storm Stories" is on.

I miss Behrooz more than Marwan...

Did anyone else notice that Marwan played the evil terrorist and celebrity event-planner, "Colin Cowie" on Rob & Amber's Wedding last night?

Just Kidding. He actually played Bebe Wynan.

Dave misses Marwan.

Jack Bauer, on the other hand, hits him repeatedly in the thigh.

I do NOT, however, miss Audrey.

And also, in my head, I know it's fiction, but I'm enjoying the thought that Chloe and Edgar might be "getting it on", as the kids say these days.

I respectfully submit for your consideration:

The New Gilligan's Island Reality Game TV show on TBS.

If this is not a mockable, updatable, half-nakedable, blog worthy show, then I will ask to be shot in the thigh!

Brad, wouldn't that be productive executioner?

U.O.: Happy healing.

Tropichunt.com guy - you forgot Battlestar Galactica...

Dave, if you get to miss MARWAN, King Wingbipeekaboo and similar fans get to miss YOU. It's only fair.

SchadeBoy: Huh? It's on at 9pm Eastern? What channel?

However, I think the show has just too much quality and not enough gratuitous thigh shooting to really peak Dave's/our interest.

The hell with Marwan.
I miss the Hot Terrorist Chick.
She could strap my gun to her thigh

I think Chloe works at Sherwin Williams here in town
I have not seen Edgar
I wonder if you have to be fluent in whispering to work at CTU

I miss Mandy the HTC.

Oh. DougDoots already said that. Damn!

rinkworks is a Great site...translates
stuff into redneck, jive, etc,

I love marwan and he loves me.

I love marwan and he loves me.

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