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May 30, 2005


Please explain this.


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It's Babu's Banter, Dave - duh! - what more do you really need to know? :)

Let's ask Babu what it means.

I can try. Obviously a 'photoshopped' image, the lady in the photograph is apparently blessing the man who is trying to accomplish some major task. The lady is Sonia Gandhi, the Italian wife of the late Rajiv Gandhi, who was Indira Gandhi's son. She is now a major player (some would say a kingmaker) in the Indian political scene. The man is someone who needs her blessing; he is probably the chief minister of the state in which Mysore is. Ah, the intrigue of Indian politics!!

hmmm...either she's helping him lift it or she's "keepin' him down, man!"

very interesting....

(Sorry I'm not funny...but I do love reading everyone else's stuff. Unfortunately for all of you, I get that itch to comment every once in awhile...mea culpa!! Mew)

I'm not going to try to explain it. But I am reminded of Frozone from The Incredibles.

sunbomb....wow, I'm impressed! Thanks for the obviously well-informed explanation!

Melissa, yeah well, but I haven't exactly contributed to the general goofiness of the blog, for which I beg His Daveness' forgiveness.

She is obviously a telepathic telemarketer, and she's telling him....

You need an Indipod...

I think she's really Spiderwoman and she's about to capture Babu the Ugly Squatter.

All I get is a message saying "No Updates Today". Obviously, this is a lie and I've missed a crucial update.

Ditto, Peri. What was the picture, someone?

King Wingbipeekaboo has dug far and wide looking for the true meaning of Babu and has finally found two seemingly paradoxic definitions at Dictionary.com:

1. A Hindu clerk who is literate in English.

2. A native of India who has acquired some superficial education in English.

Making the world a better place,
King Wingbipeekaboo

Answer: What did every English,Math, and Home Economics teacher Dave ever had write on his test papers.

Question: Please explain this.

Aunt Nancy, you're a hoot!

Really? This is very...strange. Mysore is a wonderful place!

no, I can't explain this image, but it just became the desktop background on my pc

All I get is a message saying "No Updates Today". Obviously, this is a lie and I've missed a crucial update.

Peri & Josh - if you read it carefully you'll see it is really a more cryptic message:

no upates today

I took that to mean no one threw up. Am I wrong?

Thanks, Kurtis. I think the weightlifter is actually the late "Big Pussy" from The Sopranos.

JM: Thanks a bunch -- you just made me snort some very good India pale ale on my keyboard, because I thought the very same thing... obviously Vincent Pastore is getting more work than just the flashback scenes. Must be that he's not happy with the every-three-calendar-years production schedule that David Chase seems to like.

Being a "Sopranos" fan feels a lot like being a Boston (the rock band) fan did when I was in junior high -- "It'll be HOW long until the next album/season???"

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